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The Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut The Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut is the return of the iconic RPG series. Delve into a tactically rich combat system that rewards creativity, solve puzzles to gain treasure and advantages, and discover a beautifully crafted world.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 42
Genre Role-Playing, General, Western-Style
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
InXile Entertainment / InXile Entertainment
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The Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut reviews ( 6 )

Egres, Jul 12, 2020

Very beautiful, research-oriented and puzzling Dungeon Crawler with an original combat system and a terrific soundtrack. The best game in its genre in decades.

BeetlejuiceGr, Apr 23, 2020

Yes i am 40+ years old. I have played bard's tale 1 and 2 and 3. I never managed to finish the first. The second and third, midway i was so busy rl, it was the first game that i hexedited a save, a hobby that i kept and loved. I still remember the first phrase in one of the trilogy "As i lay down and die..." Grandpa bard's tale was gone for years, few times i did install it and tried to play again, who has time nowdays to write down maps and so on. On to Bard's Tale 4. The music, the "not so well dressed for the occasion" bard and listeners video while loading a game, the battles, the story, the reminder that many "quality of life" scripts in other games is a plus if they dont exist in this game..makes you focus to important parts.. In general Bard's tale 4 tried to bring back the pure experience of old pc-rpgs, It reminded me King's Quest and Ultima IX The best of this game are You will return on the same areas to discover more things as more abilities are unlocked. You will have to read poems and text in order to solve puzzles and riddles and unlock abilities You will have to make compromises and put your characters back and forth and change them skill sets and whole setups and armor and weapons. You will search all the game to find materials for certain food or weapons.. The chat between your characters even the mercenaries is fun! and it exists (considering so many new games dont have more than 2 lines..) You will have so many things unanswered you will play the game from scratch again.! You will realize that a game without jump or speed/jump is better for rpg, no-action rpg is a pure rpg perhaps? but yes..use your brain not a trye to cheat jump a road or obstacle. I am surprised a game like this hasn' let me stuck at all in corners or stairs etc. Did i mention the music and songs? You think the vendors will give you better gear later on? Nope! You think you can sell everything ? nope! choices matter, purchases matter, sales matter, when you fill your inventory think well if you want ot clear it or destroy items..There are not so many apples!!! That's what i thought till i played it second time.. I played 1/3 of the game and then i realized there is teleport through special areas! I played 3/4 till i figure out what those offerings were, and half of it till i understand that there are special shrines to "upgrade" certain items The bad parts. There should be an option to search an item in inventory. There should be a "auto arrange/sort" inventory. Sometimes the game will disappear. (really few occasions with the latest patches) Graphics design amazing at some parts, average or bad at others... Overall too many puzzles ,i would prefer slightly less, i dont mean they are very hard, but too many at some areas.. The plot , it is interesting, you listen names that you have played spells with their name on ("mangar's malet "? ) however it is not very intelligent. An unknown villain has other villains (cant write more or there is spoiler) to do his biding (which is unknown) but all in all is linear. I was surprised about who he was in the end, didn't expect it but the truth isyou dont get so much contact with possible suspects to get an idea who or why. I would like to have more side quests and i would like some NPCs to really have a story and sidequest . The Cabbage for example..The farmer that asks for some plants as if he sells them but not, the just like nameplaces and i would like to see a sidestory and quest..Thats why i hope for IV... If you want numbers Gameplay 8/10 (it needs some shining here and there) Sound/music/speech 10/10/10 Graphics 8/10 Immersion in RPG 10/10 Replayability 10/10 Difficulty 7/10 (i havent played hard but i am sure if i spend more time it is doable). PRiceless : The blacksmith's note about his daughter and the bag hanging on the top of his house..! Dont play the game on easy, normal is what this game should be played, dont take the "music to solve puzzles" its lame and you lose half the magic. This game brings back the "no pain no gain" and the pain is in the brain (perhaps i am not awesome puzzle solver or its becaues i play at nights as i have kids who occupy the pc) Teaches many things to players who are used in action rpgs, reminds to old players older rpgs which were not a full complete game but still had beauty Leaves you with surprises as a game should be. Weapon puzzles! Offerings!! and so on. You want to unlock healing? GOOD LUCK! :P (well it is not hard but you need to unlock it) Overall 8/10 Hope they give us Bard's Tale 5, The bar is high now InXile, i hope you are up to it, I want more NPCs more sidequests, more Humour, more music, better and more arced plot!

Hexen-Slayer, May 19, 2020

THE BARD'S TALE IV: DIRECTOR'S CUT is not really an improvement over BARROW'S DEEP. The game's most interesting part is the combat system, but everything else is just dull. The game looks like a mobile game and does not justify the long loading screens. Balancing is an issue too, this game is hard, but its reliance on pure luck makes it more of a trial & error than a skill-based game. Regrettably the puzzles are numerous and boring, fortunately they can be skipped by selecting that in the difficulty setting, which I ended up doing. The game world is sterlie and lifeless, not once did I feel immersed. Do yourself a favor, pick up the BARD'S TALE I-III REMASTER/REMAKE, which are far superior to this. This is barely average - like I said, some fun can be had with the good combat system and it is fairly hard. But pick it up at a deep deep sale, not the full price (currently between $30-$40).

DAMreviews, Oct 18, 2019

PS4 Pro - I finally tapped out at after 5 hours due to the balance of difficulty hindering game progress. The world looks like a mobile game, very similar to the Elder Scrolls Blades. Load times take 20 seconds-plus. So moving back and forth for some quests began to feel like a chore and caused feelings of dread about simply wanting to grind outside of the main quest.Combat is the biggest issue because of difficulty. Every meaningful quest encounter is balanced to be barely passable and often felt due to the luck of draw. I died several times on any mid-level battle and then sat through another significant load time, stunned at how punishing it is. After trying new areas, progressing the main quest out of sheer luck, only to repeat the punishing process with no direction or tips from the game, I had to stop.I want to support InExile but I’d be lying if I said this game wasn’t trash.

NerdishNerd, Oct1, 2019

There's a lot to unpack here, so buckle up. First is the history of the game. Delayed, delayed, and delayed some more. At one point it was delayed for an ill-fated attempt at a VR game which supposedly was going to tie in to this. Somehow. It was never explained how nor was it ever tied in. There were also a few early previews for which feedback was given but never used. Which culminated in the first release over a year ago. Which, like this, imploded on itself. Various errors, numerous bugs, and InXile ignoring the Kickstarter backers who tried to warn them. Then the blame-game began. Most of it was aimed at the people who backed it. Really, such blame belongs at the feet of the director of the game, one Brian Fargo. He has yet to take any responsibility for the failure of the game, for how poorly it launched, and has yet to make any sort of apology for any of it. Instead us backers got this version of the game. And maybe, eventually some DLC. None of which makes up for the fact that this isn't the game that was promised in the campaign, nor for the game-breaking bugs of the first launch, nor for the aborted attempt of a launch. It doesn't go back and undo the fact that InXile ignored the feedback early users, that they changed focus several times during the course of developing the game (through launching new Kickstarters, shuffling staff around to cover on previous projections that were not yet completed, or bringing in new hires who had no idea what this project was about), or for blaming their customers for their own shortfalls. The long and the short of it is this: No one in InXile had any idea what to make of this game. Brian Fargo didn't direct, didn't lead, and certainly didn't seem to give a care about how this game turned out. And now, with a second bite at the apple, they've continued to fall short of any expectations that they set with the Kickstarter. To know this is the case, one need only look at the dated graphics, the lack of optimization in the game, and listen to the overproduced and muddled sound & voicing. All of it adds up to a secondhand product being pushed as a top of the line nostalgia hit. The original Bard's Tales game were about exploration and fun. This is about none of those things.

bladex, Sep2, 2019

pathetic puzzle game pretending to be an rpg that's what this is. you'll soon discover early this is not an rpg game the amount of puzzles in it are insane and annoying. ranging from crappy pushing block puzzles to annoying gear puzzles. there is a cheat to skip all these puzzles but that's not what makes this bad. the rpg elements are some of the worst i've ever experienced in my life. 1st of all there are no re-spawns there are a set number of enemies on the map which makes it difficult to gain exp and gold. you will find yourself up against 100 HP enemies than can spawn up to 4 50 HP goblins when all you have is a party of four ranging from 12 to 20 HP when you only do 7-10 dmg and they each do 8-10 dmg against your party and you will be slaughtered! and because you won't have the right gear because everything in the stores is INSANELY expensive you will find yourself getting wiped out again and again! it NEVER gives you enough opportunities to grow your party before your thrown into the gauntlet against insanely hard mobs and this is just on the normal settings! spell casting sucks also it takes 1 turn to cast a spell and if your hit before the turn is up your spells are cancelled and ythe same goes with enemy spells you have to drop what your doing and do a pitiful low level attack just because it does mind dmg to stop their spells and did i mention you usually only have 2 party members that can do this? the amount of unfairness in this game is just insanely unfair! there are much much better rpg (rpg lol what a joke calling it that) out there than this polished turn. try them instead!