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The Bard's Tale One man on his own. A poet and a rogue, with no friends to speak of, no one to mourn his passing shouuld it come to that. Even those beside hime are no more boon companions than bondservants, summoned by sorcery and song, as cold and indifferent to him as the light of a wanderin' star. Is a Dragon terrorising the locals? He'll take care of it for the right price. Local princess held captiver? The Bard is your man as long as she's hot. Forget the quest to save the world, our hero is interested in just two things...Coin and Cleavage. The Bard's Tale is a new generation action-RPG with wicket humour and stunning graphics. [inXile Entertainment]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1378
Genre Role-Playing, Third-Person, Western-Style
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
InXile Entertainment / InXile Entertainment
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The Bard's Tale reviews ( 4 )

ShadowRose2k, Jan 26, 2018

Our "Protagonist" The Bard is someone I both love and hate. Arrogant, weaselly and horny may best describe him. Out on adventure for coin and cleavage he finds out he is the "Chosen One". But what does that really entail? The game play felt fine, tho blocking felt tricky for me. You have the option to specialize the Bard in different fighting tactics. Are you in your face melee, ranged or sit back and let your summons do all the work? The game features a pointless but fun dialogue response options. Three different endings. I recommend playing if you like some simple combat and crude humor. I played this a few years back. Even picked up a used xbox to play it as I could not find a ps2 copy at the time.

arestotele, Nov 27, 2012

The Bard's Tale is an hack and slash adventure with basic rpg elements; it make fun of these kind of games so it's filled with humor and Wtf moments. Graphics don't excel but you will laugh a lot guaranteed. Lately for the 10°anniversary, steam version has been updated with wide screen resolution,wasd control,bug fix,performance enhancements and include the original classic games The Bard

DonnieBrasco, Jun 15, 2005

Awesome, hilarious absurd humor a'la Monty Python paired with subpar graphics, no RPG elements and "dumbed-down-to-ground" playflow make this a very mixed game. With a nice skills/char development and much more depth concerning gameplay this could have been a classic. Does the name "Anachronox" ring a bell? Not far....

mgfnfgbxfgnx, Jul 17, 2017

I couldn't stand more than 37 minutes in this game. The humor — the only thing that could save this game — is not present. Maybe I would laugh at this jokes if I was 13, but I wouldn't remember them later. At a whole this game is a torture to play. It is clumsy and slooooow. In dialogue you can read faster than voiceover, but you can't skip line, only the whole conversation. Long animation in menus, longer loadscreens, longest character animation. No friendly exit-points (game can be saved only at specific locations, they are not rare, but it is still an inhumane design). Worst dialogue system I've seen so far: in pivotal moments you must choose not between lines or paraphrases, but between two :-( and :-) buttons. Since protagonist sometimes tells truly creepy lines (he's really bad with the ladies), it is very unnerving to guess what you are choosing from. This game tells some playful-kinda-sexy jokes, but it's really not impressive since I'm not in puberty. Slowness is the worst: I just have no time for anecdote that slow. Unsympathetic character, poor visuals and gameplay are secondary problems.