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The Blackwell Deception Blackwell Deception is the fourth installment in the Blackwell adventure series.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1527
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Wadjet Eye Games / Wadjet Eye Games
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The Blackwell Deception reviews ( 3 )

overfiend87, Aug 7, 2013

One hell of a ending with this game. It opens the way up for a sequal that is currently in the making. You find that many of the stories are all linked in one way or another and learn more about the spiritual world. Another great game from Wadjet Eye Games.

AdventureGamer2, Apr 15, 2014

Good value and enjoyable. This series always pleases. The designers clearly love and are inspired by the classics. Will continue to look for games in this series.

DantheMan, Jan 31, 2012

Effective voice acting and a gripping story in a unique milieu makes for an above average game for those willing to tolerate it's 'classic' graphics and sometimes regrettable puzzles. The fourth installment (the ending makes clear there will be more) in the Blackwell series has the most comprehensive and well-plotted story so far. The biggest downfall is the sometimes obtuse puzzles that require to you to possess constructive knowledge of certain items technological capabilities from out-of-game sources. The puzzles have always been one of the weaker aspects of the series but in Deception they can real roadblocks. A walk-through is handy simply because it helps keep the pacing of the story alive. But the hallmarks of the series remain: good voice acting, unique characters, and an unconventional story make for genuine immersion and entertainment. If you haven't played the series, I suggest you start at the beginning with the Blackwell Legacy.