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The Bug Butcher A fast paced action shooter inspired by the arcade classic Super Pang. Use a wide selection of weapons and powerups to tear through increasingly challenging levels.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1635
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Awfully Nice Studios / Awfully Nice Studios
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The Bug Butcher reviews ( 6 )

Janju, Jan 27, 2016

Fast paced action game in the tradition of pang ( ). The right thing if you're into challenging arcade shooter.

KevinBeLeven, Feb 4, 2016

This game is painfully addicting! I've put in about 60 hours at this point just trying to perfect some of the early top scores. Simple and amazing game!

Memrise1973, Jan 26, 2016

After downloading this game i had to leave for a meeting. When i came home a few hours later i was surprised to find my nice beloved wife yelling swear words to someone in the „computer room“. Fortunately i found out, she was not having a fight with some visitor– no, she was having a heavy fight with a bug butcher „stage boss“. I sat down and watched my wife die and die an die and die and it was so much fun to see her getting more an more excited. Time flies by watching/playing this game. We finally made it to 31 hours of fun so far. The „simple at the first look“ 2D classic arcade game has ist very own „mechanic“. Since you can only shoot vertically while your enemies are improving theirs skills from level to level, you need the perfect timing, tactics and lots and lots of combos to collect coins for very helpful upgrades. The time limit in every level, a limited number of lives, and awful stage bosses gonna let you die a thousand deaths. But as your enemies are getting stronger and more complex every level, so do your skills and your weapons until you are a real master. For me that is the main fun in this game, seeing how your own skills improve and improve and killing bastard stage bosses, that seamed unbeatable in the beginning. I can highly recommend this game, give it a try !

JoaoRodarte, Jan 21, 2016

Ok, before you buy this one I have something to tell you: this game is pure arcade. It is not something you will cry while playing or even fall in love to, because arcade games are not suposed to do so. Now that I have made it all clear, this is one of the best arcades I have ever played, and this is something arcade lovers will enjoy a lot, mainly due to its frenetic rhythm and pace. Getting 3 stars in all levels is a hell of a challenge and very entertaining. Also, soundtrack is great and matches the game flow. But, if you don't like simplified arcade games, thats not for you.

StevePain, Jan 24, 2016

A fresh take on classic arcade action. Enemies are very varied and different tactics need to be employed to make it through the "story". An endless mode and local-coop will provide players hours and hours of great fun. Highly recommended!

Underpants158, Feb 3, 2016

This game can be a weekend of fun, blasting through 30 levels of bouncing bugs for 5 or 6 hours, or you can dedicate yourself to get the highest score. For me I had a fun a weekend with it. I completed 29 of the 30 levels in arcade mode giving up on the last one because I recognized I would never be able to beat it. But to others who are more competitive this game does offer an outlet to that and playing the game that way you can get a lot of value out of it.