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The Climb The Climb brings alive the excitement and thrill of rock climbing in virtual reality. Players will scale new heights and explore environments in a new gaming experience developed exclusively for VR, using the power of CRYENGINE.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1642
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
/ Crytek

The Climb reviews ( 6 )

Anybodyelse, Aug 1, 2017

Crytek's launch title for Oculus isn't only an AAA game is a VR essential. The Climb is the Tony Hawk Pro Skater of VR. It translates the fun part of climbing into an immersive gameplay, which fits perfect the touch controllers and let you come back for more.

JonMdV, Jan 10, 2018

I played the Climb at a conference with a Xbox controller, then later bought it to use with the 3D tracked Touch controllers at home. It's safe to say that the controllers completely change the experience of the game. I would go as far as to say that the Climb showcases probably the best use case to date of full-body immersion in VR - You literally reach out and grab rocks with your hands just like you would in the real world. It's a rewarding, tiring, even hypnotic, experience as you hustle your way through utterly gorgeous environments.

Cuke, May 5, 2016

I'm a climber with moderate experience with both outdoor and indoor climbing. I can say that the game captures the feeling of the thing reasonably well. I found my palms sweating from the heights, my face from the constant (real life) leaning and crouching. The soothing immersive nature of real climbing is there, where you focus only on the wall in front of you and quickly lose track of everything else, including the ground below. Some mechanics are a bit arbitrary, like chalking/stamina, and all holds are more or less equally good - crimps and slopers exist, but the difference is mostly aesthetic. The game certainly felt familiar to me, but one of the most important aspects of climbing is missing: balance. A lot of holds in real life are untenable unless you approach them from the right angle, but here anything you can reach is fair game, and stretching up or crouching down will expand your reach. (Could be balance is introduced later, I've only played the first two levels.) All in all, $50 is a bit steep for a game that includes only one relatively shallow gameplay mechanic. It's an impressive experience, and probably something you'll want to break out for friends, but I don't see a whole lot of depth or replayability. But this really is the new generation of VR, with games built to be experienced rather than with VR support thrown in as a gimmick (I'm looking at you, Lucky's Tale).

MadGf, May 8, 2016

Cool visuals. Good sense of height. Not much depth. My neck hurt after 10 minutes of playing and totally got VR headache from too much lateral movement within the game.

xxall3nxx, Dec 13, 2017

This game is just a big disappointment among the other dozens of PSVR games out there. No talent, no love, no respect, nothing what this crytek game could give to you.

IShowUBasics, May 9, 2016

50 Dollars for 1-2 hour gameplay. After that you already saw everything and it gets repitive and boring fast. Its also much to easy, they should at least have some challenging gameplay included. Also your neck hurts very fast after some minutes gameplay. Maybe it will be better with the 3d controllers releasing in the future, but it still wont be worth 50 dollars. It looks like the "real" games wont release in the next future...