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The Crew Engage in a relentless ride to infiltrate and subvert the 510s, a gang that has come to power around Detroit's illegal street racing scene. Your mission? Build up your reputation in the secret racing scene and sabotage their activities city-by-city all across an open world United States. Maneuver through the crackling streets of New York City and Los Angeles, drive through sunny Miami Beach, or trek through the grand plateaus of Monument Valley. Each location comes with its own set of surprises and driving challenges to master. On your journey you will encounter other people on the road - all potentially worthy companions to crew up with, or future rivals to compete against.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5203
Genre GT / Street, Driving, Racing, Simulation, Automobile
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft Reflections, Ivory Tower
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The Crew reviews ( 7 )

Snippe, Dec 2, 2014

Epic. It's NFS Underground 2 on Steroids ! And MORE. Beautiful on PC. Solid effort from Ivory tower, a lot of time has gone into the cars themselves. and adding or changing a part can really make all the difference in the world, the map is gigantic I mean really big, driving from city to city you can get the sense that every thing feels different depending where you are, Physics done right, Handling done Right, customization done Right, End Game Content done Right, Take My Money !

DJ_Edyo, Dec 11, 2014

This game statisfy what a good online racer game is supposed to be. most players that did not liked this game plays realistic racers such as Forza or Grand Turismo. as for the other portion of players they will really be pleased whit this game since it have a NFS: Most Wanted and Test Drive Unlimited taste, witch is pretty good for a release from ubisoft, even tho, its true that some bugs remains, as other big games had before when they got out, but we know they will get those bugs fixed, so thats not a big suprise or a big deal about it and it can happen, at least those bugs are noting major, (unless you have a crappy internet connection) For the Interested, here is the Pros/Mids/Cons of the game. PROS+ + Racing coop (up to 4 player max per mission or pvp game) + Very detailed environment (Working NPC's, a lot of Wilflife and alot of map details) + Better graphics than Test Drive Unlimited 2 + Detailed leaderboards and statistics for everything + Good car handling and controls (with a few exceptions since its a NFS styled game) + Polices Forces that can chases you almost evrywhere. (give challenge somtimes) + Open world where you can drive wherever you want (Even discover some easter eggs in the world) + Good transition between game cinématics and gamplay (So you fell like you gived control of it after mission movies.) + Posibility to send your friend do faction missions for you. (so you can save time instead of doing a 2h mission for a bit more of easy game money) + 50 Cars for first release batch (Witch is not bad for a game that features quite detailed car interiors) + Offers car customisation such as pre-fab vynils/stickers, Rims, Spoilers and some chasis mods. ( Alot more visual customisation to offer compared to TDU2) + Day and Night Cycle System MIDS~ ~ Servers are down for maintenance sometimes. (yes it can happen, its an online game) ~ Uplay Launcher (at least i can be used / merged whit steam tho) ~ Storymode is a bit short. (but is still entertaining to watch) ~ Missing Mirrors Animations for Cockpit view in some Cars. (they already working on it already for next patch ) ~ Weather conditions changes only when you go the mountains where there is snow (they might could use a bit rain but its not that bad) ~ Can have unblanced AI (depending if you and your crew have to high level gap) CONS- - No offline mode (you need a internet connection to play this game) - No possibility to add your own Music (but you can customise your playlist atleast) - Microtransactions So as so far for the rest for the game and the gamplay itself, the pleasure of free roaming those cars with friends is pretty Neat, if your one of thos players who dislike this game, just go back to driveclub or what so ever other racing sim game you were playing, otherwise if your looking for car tunning, driving everywhere from road to montains, and like fast paced races for the fun of playing it, this game i what you are looking for ! All together i would say, "The Crew" is a cool game to play for cruising around with Friends or even to play alone i would say, sure the game have some bugs and have a litle lack on MMO since its more concentrated on the NFS genre gamplay but is worth the price when we know they will comme up whit more ! (10 thumbs up) Continue the good work Ubi we know that you can do it and update this until perfection as other titles did before !! (Afterall They made Driver San Fransico witch was a great & fun game so why not the crew !)

mrdudu10, Apr 7, 2015

Nothing short of a stunning game. You can drive around the U.S. in a highly extensive, although I cannot give weather or not it's an accurate presentation since I'm not American. The story mode has a great storyline, but nothing we haven't seen before, but it still leaves you wondering what's coming next. A shortfall is repetition, where the person who gives the mission tells you to simply do one of these 3 things: 1. Race 2. "Collect" Crates (which you actually run into with your car) 3. Ram into another car to take it down Another con is that, you start with a car, which you upgrade throughout the game, but most good cars are either outrageously expensive, or require to spend real money. If you get a weak car, you must keep levelling it up and upgrading it to different specs like dirt and street which cost MORE money. Till then, they cannot be used in missions since most of them require an upgraded spec., making it a bit more tedious. Also, once story mode is finished, all you can do is replay missions, do faction PVPs, drive around the U.S. and buy more cars, or quit since there isn't much else to do. I have given it a nine since even with it's flaws it's an extremely compelling game

Leo4211, Jan 4, 2015

Well, the crew is sort of mediocre. For the good side, the map is very very big with various land forms and landscapes, which is a big plus. The cars have adequate customization options (except the Maserati I think) that you won't see random players driving the same Nissan as yours. The storyline and the main missions are fine. Unfortunately, the number of cars in the game is too less (like 40 something). Of course, the "kind" and almighty "U-not-soft" knows this problem and decided to "help" by publishing EXCLUSIVE 14 cars with the very "low" price of $24.99. Sounds cheap, isn't it? Not only that, the AI is very annoying at times. In races, AI can suddenly activate "hyper speed boost" option and pass you when you're in last 500m or so. The traffic is so awkward that sometimes you just slide the traffic cars when you hit it head to head, and sometimes they just go "f___ you!" and let your car crash. When you're doing skills, there are chances that AI are blocking you way to weave through the slalom or get through the gate, and you just get raged and restart it again. The main failure of this game is the concept of multiplaying. You can hardly invite your lobby players (if you can connect to one) to join your co-op missions, unless they want to do the exact same thing. Also, the PvP lobbies are extremely broken that you can hardly enter any faction wars. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to play "free for all" and have races with others, but you need to be ready for stupid rubber banding. These makes the game quite boring after you finished the whole story. When I was playing story missions, I find the game extremely fun. And now it's covered in dust in my computer and I rarely play it now, unless Ubisoft fixes the PvP problems.

JJthis, Aug 29, 2015

The Crew is a great concept. It's an immense, diverse environment with some great cars (though very few - with Nissan being the ONLY Asian manufacturer). The customisation is good, and honestly the best we have at the moment in a racing game. There's manual transmission which you don't find in modern NFS titles anymore. The gameplay is arcade, as you would expect, so no surprises there. Should you buy it? On sale, yes, I think it's definitely worth it. Why the low score? It's simple...Uplay. It's unstable, unreliable and will often just lose connectivity for no reason while at the same time Origin and Steam will still be running perfectly. It's also always online, which wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for Uplay. If this game used only Steam I'd have given it 8/10, because Steam actually works.

Judqment8, Jan 2, 2015

One of the biggest disappointments I've had this year. Where should I even start? What I was hoping for was a marvelous co-op open world car game where you would have fun just by racing around the world, earning money and customizing your car. The reality hit me hard when I finally started playing this game. It was pretty much nothing like I would have wanted it to be. Let's make a simple cons and pros list since those are clear and simple: Cons: - AI is atrociously bad. Opponents will catch up with you no matter how big is the car level difference between you and the bots. They IGNORE laws of "physics" that apply to your car. They can smash everything and not lose any speed at all. They can drive well on any terrain with any car spec. Police cars will be terminators with their own physics. You can't push them at all and they will catch up with your uber speeder car no matter how fast you are. - Physics. The cars feels utterly wrong not to mention the "physics" of the objects. You sometimes drive straight into a metal fence just to bounce off from it. Drive almost straight to a car or a tree? No worries the game just bumps your car to the left or right and avoid the whole crash. And the non-destroyable fence? They are a real pain in the ass. Physics just simply suck. - Car performance customization is a lie and a joke. There simply is no customization. You do missions and get a part as a reward. You choose to install it to your car and you have it on. You can't buy the parts, you just have to keep repeating the same boring "side-missions" to get better quality parts. Not to mention that Platinum parts are a gamble. They vary from level 40 to 50 and what you get as a reward is completely RNG. Have fun trying to "achieve" the level 50 parts from all categories. - Car visual customization is lacking. There are "decent" customization for the starter cars for Street, Dirt and Perf specs, but Raid and Circuit don't really have anything apart from the rims. Not to mention that NONE of the other cars have all the specs available than the starter cars. Most of the cars can be build around few specs like for example Street and Perf. - Car list is nothing as promised. Only a handful of cars are in the game and there isn't really much variety. Have fun paying for more cars in the upcoming DLC packs. So much for "lots of cars" to choose from. I don't want to pay a 10€ just to get one car from the pack and leave the rest unused. - The story is simply disappointing and bland. Characters are shallow and boring. The NPC yelling at you in races is darn annoying and I wish there was an option to mute it. All women look like whores and the men all sound way off from their appearances. - The Crew server are crap. "The crew servers are currently unavailable". You will get that message a lot. After a month of playing this game you would think that this would be fixed already, but it's not. You will get multiple disconnects per few hours of playing. And the best part of it? It will NOT save your progress when you get DC'd. So have fun replaying your crappy missions over and over again just to get the game save your progress. I shouldn't even mention how frustrating this is when you are doing a "perfect" run. A nice salt to the wound is that it will only DC you AFTER you have done your mission. So you will not get instantly thrown away, you can still continue to do your ******* long 3-part mission without even knowing of the DC. Then when you are supposed to get the "reward/statistics screen" you will be kicked out and progress flushed out of the toilet. - Graphics don't reflect the "next-gen" at all. There is not even a decent anti-aliasing option to go with it. The change of weather/time is really awkward and doesn't blend seamlessly. - The co-op aspect of the game is more hindrance than fun. The co-op works really well when you are free roaming, but when you get into missions the other guy will be just "ruining" your race. He will steal your points for being the 1st or taking the checkpoints or he can just accidentally ram you and take the "adaptive" AI with him so that you will be left to the bottom. The how scores gets distributed is just ridiculous. This game feels more like competitive racing than actual "co-op". Have fun retrying the mission over and over again just to get you both the gold medals etc. - The radio channels in the game are crap. Nothing even half decent to listen and there is NO option for "independence FM" to listen to your own music. Only way is to simply turn off the music and keep WMP or winamp etc. running in the back. Pros. + Co-op is fun when it works and free-roaming can be enjoyable. + Scenery is not so bad and the map is pretty big So all in all a really crappy experience with this game. I'm glad me and my friend didn't have to pay for this crap since we got it for free with our new GPUs. We are really disappointed with the product we got. I'm running low on writing space. NOT RECOMMENDED.

Kinngkaito, Aug 29, 2017

Bad Experience and Bad Investment in both the game and Ubisoft. Experiencing never ending errors and crashes from the day of purchase and would never be able to even experience the game as the support team in Ubisoft does not help at all. It's exactly like burning your money away. Please do not buy this game and I will not trust their second release of The Crew 2. Broken game and broken support team.