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The Dark Eye: Demonicon Demonicon tells the tragic story of a brother and sister who become pawns of sinister forces in a world of cruelty and depravity. In this bleak yet magical world, their affection is both a blessing and a curse. Both are constantly threatened by mortal danger and demonic temptation, and must find a way through their tortured lives by facing serious moral decisions. Their common destiny will determine that of the entire continent, and will be decided by the choices they make. Hordes of fiends block their way to freedom and peace, and only through battle and magic they will truly become free of the darkness.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1484
Genre Role-Playing, General, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Kalypso / Noumena Productions

The Dark Eye: Demonicon reviews ( 7 )

MrCash, Nov 7, 2013

"Demonicon is a game with a lot of heart. Built on a solid well balanced combat system, the creators crafted a compelling narrative filled with interesting characters. The technical aspects do mar the vision, but the strength of the narrative and gameplay rise above these problems." - Can't say it better.

vdf, Nov 26, 2013

This game is for you if you care more about a deep and interesting story than graphics and polish: Sure, the graphics are somewhat dated, and yes, there is technical glitches (which amounts to little more than nuisances with the upgrade), but the depth of the story and rpg elements more than make up for that. The sound is all-round acceptable and the skill system is novel and well balanced (you gain experience based on how much you use which abilities, not just the usual simple XP systems). All in all: Well worth the money.

Infearno666, Oct 26, 2013

Barring a few graphical glitches I found this to be an enjoyable, immersive RPG with a gripping story and enjoyable combat. The game does feel a little rushed at times though as I get noticeable texture load lag on sudden camera angle changes epically in the cut scenes even running an oc'd I72600k with dual 7950's. That said though the story is this games main selling point, it is well paced with interesting characters and is deficiently worth a look for somebody who wants a good yarn. The gameplay on normal difficulty is a little on the easy side though so hardcore masochists may want to look elsewhere. Basically barring a slight lack of polish this is a very good game and hopefully the texture problems will be sorted out with a patch

DuskSnare, Nov 2, 2013

The game looked pretty good, but one would think it was on a tight budget when playing. I did notice a fairly high amount of graphical glitches, but I still kept playing. I did get really annoyed by the main character you played as on multiple occasions because he just always seemed to be so mad. I was also annoyed how the game kept pushing the brother-sister romance on you and the only way to deny her was to be a jerk, and even then the game still seemed to think you loved her. One other think that annoyed me was how your sister looked like she has plastic surgery and wore tons and tons of make-up, yet they're in a world with plague, demons, and death. The choices in the games were medicore and they rarely made it hard to decide out of the TWO choices (and the choices were usually something like Jerk or Super Jerk). Anyway, besides the ton of annoyances I had with the characters and story, I was impressed a bit by the fighting. It wasn't completely mindless clicking, although I was annoyed by the slow down every time on a special attack. Anyway, the ending of the game was... okay. I did like how they finally recognized that I wasn't interested in the sister, but sadly I had to be mean and cold (as she said) just to turn her down. I could go on and on about the annoyances, but I'll end my review here.

Sariden, Nov 2, 2013

The game is mediocre in just about every respect. It reminds me of NwN2 in a lot of ways, with most of the content feeling as though it was rushed in at the last minute: dialog that doesn't seem stitched together properly, odd decision trees that don't seem to make sense half the time, Gothic 1 style animations, a story that has potential but falls woefully short, and way too much back tracking reminiscent of DA2. All in all the game was disappointing. I can live with dated graphics/mechanics, but where an indie game needs to shine is the story line. Demonicon had the framework for a solid, distracting rpg, but failed to follow through. If you're desperate for any semblance of an RPG like experience, give it a shot when it hits for 80% off. Otherwise, don't bother. Go back and play the Piranha Bytes games.

RagingPanda, Nov 15, 2013

Look, I like Germany. Schnitzel, Emmanuel Kant, Wagner's Ring Cycle, Albrecht Durer, Octoberfest, the contributions of the German culture are significant. The Dark Eye: Demonicon however, makes one fact abundantly clear: German RPGs are insane. And I don't mean quirky or bogged down by nuances of culture which fail to translate, but full blown bat straight jacket crazy. I am speaking of the narrative itself, a storyline which consists of a steady stream of atrocities, delivered in narration and dialog which fluctuates between hilarious and horrendous. I am not going to warn you of spoilers, because nothing I could say could conceivably spoil this game further. A short list of the classy content you will be exposed to: incest (multiple counts), necrophilia prostitution, Cannibalism, orphan mutilation, burning children alive, using a woman as rape bait to distract a man you are framing for heretical crimes (who you've never met), and a demonic tree beneath which hookers leave their infants to be tortured by a nightmare demon because it keeps them quiet. I'm not making any of that up. In Demonicon, an RPG, you play a set character. You do not create or customize your characters appearance, choose a class, or roll for stats. You are Cairon, Demonicon's Commander Shepard inspired all-purpose, almost hero.The game starts by letting you know two things: Your sister is missing in a dark mountain dungeon and you want to have sex with your sister. Your only choice is how MUCH you want to have sex with your sister., and whether you act on this impulse. Thirty seconds in and the game is slapping you with incest. That is the kind of game Demonicon is. When most games are trying to teach you to use your dodge skill and attack by killing some rats, this game is forcing you to mentally recover from the very clear fact that you want to bone your sibling. The combat by the by, is painfully paced, and stutters and staggers in the graphic engine equivalent of epilepsy. This freak out also occurs when detecting traps, and let me assure you it is not my PC, as I have been running Battlefield 4 on Ultra high settings with no stutter whatsoever. Demonicon is not ugly, but it looks like it came out circa 2006 in terms of texture and lighting, and contains embarrassingly rough set pieces and completely static skies. And if a game is sufficiently ambitious in scope, I can forgive a lack of polish, but this is not the case. There are four locations in the game, none of which are very large: the town of Warrunk, the swamp, the mountain caves and an end game temple. None of the areas are very large, and the game feels incredibly small and confining, exacerbated by the fact that you retread the same maps multiple times, facing exactly the same enemies (I think there are about a dozen enemy types, and I may be over shooting). The skills and combat tree system are interesting, interesting enough that I finished an otherwise almost unplayable game. I am earnestly interested in The Dark Eye as an RPG system, and curious what a Skyrim or Neverwinter Nights style game set in its world would be like. Demonicon is tragically lacking in ambition, and comes across as weak storytelling, poorly executed graphics and a clunky combat system. There are shining moments of amusement when Cairon's voice actor says exactly what you are thinking, expressing incredulity, disgust and bemusement at the world around him, but whether or not that warrants playing a game this riddled with failures is up to you.

Tessara_Vejgan, Nov 3, 2013

Well for an action rpg its kinda ok. Story isn't all that interesting but the game itself has no problems runs pretty smoothly I haven't encountered any bugs or issues so why a 0? Well because I played Drakensang and the River of Time and those games were AMAZING and compared to those 2 which were true rpg's this is nothing more than a pile of s***. They dumbed it down as much as they could. Not much in the way of spells and moves and you get so little AP and GP for defeating enemies that it's not even worth it. At least it's not another Chains of Satinav or whatever that poor excuse for an adventure game was called.