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The Detail A crime noir adventure in a modern American city.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1333
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Rival Games Ltd / Rival Games Ltd

The Detail reviews ( 4 )

bcohon, May 28, 2015

Excellent neo-noir crime game. If you enjoyed choose-your-own-adventure books as a kid you'll love this. The comic book style is also a plus, and I really did feel for the characters. You are forced to make tough choices with real consequences.

rodericrinehart, Jun 12, 2015

SCORE: 6.2/10 I thought this game had some redeeming qualities like cool artwork and some moderately interesting characters but despite some level of charm, it just was plain boring. I don't feel particularly ripped off since it was $1.50 and lasted 1 hour, but it was just boring.

tupungato, Jun 2, 2015

"The Detail" is a visual comic book style interactive novel set in noir atmosphere of an American city. You solve a crime playing as an aging old-school bald detective and an ex-gangster. Don't let other reviews convince you that it's a point-and-click game! It's an interactive story with some choices. But mostly it's just click, click, click. That's why I don't recommend the game. The graphics style is quite good (only the "perspective" style faces in dialogue box are sort of "wrong"), there is no audio, no voice acting, only some music (it's OK). The story is... well, nothing special. Not bad, but not good either. The whole game took about 90 minutes of my time, but I believe you can finish it in 45-60 minutes. Unless you get it in some sort of game bundle, it's not worth the money.

Avalord, Nov 16, 2015

Way too short. And you won't have solved ANYthing by the end (which you will have reached after 60 minutes even if you played slowly and followed every hint). This is not the first episode. This are the first scenes of the first episode. But the worst: Right and the end the one and only mini game takes place. Decisive for the story and you have to read confusing instruction under time pressure for the first time. Add to this the fact that you cannot save the game (one automatic savepoint gets immediately overwritten) and you get an epic designer fail. Up to this point the game was at least an interactive TY-Show. After this it's not even interactive. So this game covers the first scene of a comic strip/animated TV-Series... Upsides: Drawings are good and characters are interesting. But that does not make up for the flaws. Not by a long shot ;(