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The Dwarves A few heroes are facing hundreds of foes – are you even able to lead the coolest fantasy people to victory against the dark hordes? Explore a vast world, fight tactical real-time battles, and experience the fantastic story based on the bestseller "The Dwarves".

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 908
Genre Role-Playing, General
Company / Developer
EuroVideo Medien , King Art Games / KING Art, King Art Games

The Dwarves reviews ( 7 )

Zordriak, Dec 11, 2016

For a small studio , its a good game they did make. pro: -good story, charismatic characters -fast paced RTS with a good bits of stategies to apply to win - battle are long - You can choose your path on world map and find random/hidden events - good mystical ambiance - nice skills usage Con: - Micromanagement is a must. Leave a character alone and he will get mobbed - Migth be difficult for a newbie on RTS - seem to be only 8-10 lvl on characters - Have to rotate the camera (ended up seeing a big tree on screen) often to see battlefield/item on map Overall, i have a great time playing it. If you like dwarf like in DnD or Tolkien setting, you will like this

Rehgar, Dec 10, 2016

Right off the bat, it is worth mentioning that this game is different from other isometric games such as Pillars of eternity, Baldur's gate, Neverwinter etc in terms of game mechanics and world exploration. Is it necessarily a bad thing? Well some people say that it's more of a visual audio book with RTS elements than an RPG game , while others might think that it introduces a breath of fresh air to the RPG genre such as myself. Ultimately it gets down to personal preference. Saying that, let's get down to business with a list of pro's n con's about this gem of a game: PROS: +The narration and dialogues gives of a soothing and cosy atmosphere to the game. Fully voiced which is always great! I was hooked from the start and did not loose interest nor clicked away any conversations. +The story and character development; As I advanced through this epic journey, I got more invested in the characters and their background stories. While being your standard RPG a la lord of the rings, the tale unfolded in an intriguing way, inviting some chuckle here and there, lots of smiles and a few sad events. The cut-scenes enhanced the experience even further. +Exploration of the world is approached via a worldmap with a vivid narration of events in which you sometimes had to make choices thus, to a certain extent, could influence the outcome. + Game mechanics; compared to other RPG you get to fight hordes upon hordes of orcs while using lots of AoE skills that could also cause friendly fire. Therefore, placing your characters and using the environment is a must to avoid being overrun by the mobs. Smash the orcs, knock em out then finish them or just push em off the cliff! Whatever you decide there is a great sense of satisfaction! CONS: - Oh camera, where art thou?? Why not let us freely scroll over the battlefield to plan even better strategies?! -The ending felt just a tad too rushed. - Some health potion bugs which in some situations were rather frustrating.

Hirsch, Dec 4, 2016

+Great story and characters. +Good voice acting. +Combat requires tactics and feels different from copy/paste arpg. -Not so much rpg. -Controls are not intuitive.

AthanasiosT, Jan 21, 2017

Mix of RPG and RTS with dwarves smashing lots of orc heads. Decent graphics and good sound/music. Great combats with lots of enemies and strategic thinking required. The ability trees could do with some enrichment and please do something with the camera view, which in some cases was a bit frustrating. I would also like some more character stories/adventures. In general it is a very enjoyable game that could do with a bit of improvements for it's possible second part.

destinyfan1, Jan 30, 2017

its something i don't saw in a while. truely its very good with (yeah some rts elements) but thats not always bad .per example in this game, because its fit good in it . the graphics are descent but not stunning and voice acting is well either . Only its not always as good as other moments with repetive moments and the camera is also not very descent aswell But very good for fantasy or whatever you are fan of

Anachor, Dec 2, 2016

Not bad the game overall, just that I find no way to move the camera to the keyboard. Doing everything with the mouse, it becomes very fast! Difficult yet for me to evaluate the game, I hope that they will add the modification of the controls of the keys in a patch eventually, for now it is worth no more than 7/10, rather nice graphic, rather well optimized and A touch of humor on the charism of the dwarf class.

NexusTsunami, Jan 12, 2017

Nach Abschluss des Spiels bin ich ziemlich ernüchtert. Das Spiel hetzt meines Erachtens zu schnell durch die Story, Ereignisse wirken viel zu oft willkürlich und die Möglichkeiten der Characterentwicklung sind lächerlich. Auch bei den Massenschlachten bzw. dem Kampfsystem fehlt noch einiges an Feintuning und Balancing. Zwar zeichnet sich hier hier ein kleines Entwicklerstudio für das Spiel verantwortlich, dennoch finde ich den gebotenen Content leider unsaugereift.