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The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon Bloodmoon takes you to the frozen Island of Solstheim where the Empire is establishing a new mining colony - a venture being threatened by the prophecy of the Bloodmoon and rumors of werewolves. [Bethesda Softworks]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1541
Genre Role-Playing, First-Person, Western-Style
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Bethesda Softworks / Bethesda Softworks

The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon reviews ( 7 )

gracjanski, Nov 22, 2015

Great addon to a masterpiece of game. New interesting gameplay mechanics by playing the good and evil path and have the possibility to see a village growing and changing himself into a werwolf. Again the politic content is first class, the same for the wirting of the nord people. Bethesda, why cant you produce such games anymore?

JackB., Feb 19, 2007

Truly a great game. I enjoy the frozen icy environment that Morrowind was missing, and the idea of building a new city instead of 'Ooh, look, a city that came from nowhere!' is cool. Even if you couldn't be a werewolf, encountering them is cool, they like, growl, and everything! Finally someone worth my Redguard fighter. Unlike in Tribunal, which was worst mod EVUH, this adds a new island which might look small, but it's not, believe me. And if you go to the barrows (Or whatever they are called) you might never leave. I myself, for example, moved over to Solstheim because of stronger monsters, and cool quests. If you're lower level, you shouldn't complain with some wolves or bears, and for higher levels there are those nasty Spriggans (Keep respawning after getting killed! Grah.) For extremely high levels, you might want to seek out some werewolves, and possibly become one yourself, and then kill without being suspected! Best od EVUH! Better than Tribunal all the way! PS: If you wanna real challenge, try Karstaag at the end of the game, he's tough, but Hicine's guile aspect is plain crazy.

MatthieuR., Aug 21, 2003

Great expansion. Obviously, this is geared at Morrowind fans, so if you are just a casual gamer, beat the original game before venturing out into Solstheim. As such, it shouldn't be reviewed as anything but an add-on for hardcore gamers. In this, it delivers. It's better than Tribunal in that it actually has outdoor cells, and varied weather at that. Long live the greatest RPG ever!

Smilingcookie, Mar 31, 2015

One of the best expansions for a PC game I've ever seen. This adds a completely different map to your game with a very different culture, environment and climate. Keeping the good gameplay but refreshing the setting. The quests try to convey deeper philosophical thoughts about the relation between man and nature. And they actually succeed. The story itself is enthralling and brings the complete Morrowind to it's climax.

JB, Aug 11, 2006

While it is a solid expansion, Bloodmoon is not as epic as Tribunal or as deep as Morrowind. Of all the Elder Scrolls III titles, Bloodmoon should be last on your list.

DeusXCom, Aug 2, 2014

As much as I love Morrowind to death and really enjoyed the previous DLC Tribunal that was expanding on the main story, after hearing praise on the Bloodmoon DLC, it left me a bit disappointed. The whole thing seems a bit like Skyrim demo to me, Bethesda was trying out winter environments, mountains, snow, ice, werewolves, Nord lore and while Bloodmoon is still quite enjoyable, it just felt like a Skyrim betatest to me. Unfortunately for Bloodmoon, I played Skyrim before Bloodmoon, so that might have hurt my impressions, as in Skyrim all those elements were even better. Still good, but nevertheless, Bloodmoon was the least favourite part of my entire Morrowind experience, which is otherwise still one of the best RPG's ever created to this day. 6/10

FredB., Jul 2, 2003

I'm sorry, but this is a horrible expansion. I love Morrowind, and played it through twice by itself before trying the expansions, but the quality of each seems to be exponentially poorer than the last. Tribunal was ok (and that's all it was), but Bloodmoon is outright rotten. Almost everything about it is a disappointment...the new monsters (especially the riders) are boring and incredibly amateurish, the storyline is short and weak, the environment is completely depressing from the minute you set foot in the new area, and the performance is a joke (especially with weather, as already stated). As if that wasn't enough, Bloodmoon also takes the most unbearably annoying Morrowind quests - escorting, and completely floods the game with them (and no, the AI has not been improved). Throw in the very contrived "werewolf" experience, weak scripting, and on and on, and honestly, you have something that is barely at the level of quality of a free fan-made add-on. It's shocking and disappointing, coming from Bethesda. Save your money and time, and ignore this horrible money-grab. It'll ruin your Morrowind experience, make you lose your respect for Bethesda's quality and integrity, and take an unreasonable bite out of your wallet to boot. If you feel you MUST have every Morrowind expansion, at least do yourself a favor and wait until it's in the bargain bin (though frankly it isn't worth even that). Unbelievably disappointing.