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The Elder Scrolls: Legends Welcome to The Elder Scrolls: Legends, a competitive strategy card game set in the Elder Scrolls universe. From building your deck to taking on foes in one of the game’s three exciting modes, every decision you make will require strategy and careful planning. Will you overpower your opponent with brute force? Or will you defeat your foes with speed and cunning? Each deck in The Elder Scrolls: Legends can be crafted using two of the five attributes in the game: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Endurance and Willpower.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1492
Genre Miscellaneous, Board / Card Game
Company / Developer
Bethesda Softworks / Bethesda Softworks, Dire Wolf Digital

The Elder Scrolls: Legends reviews ( 7 )

Eyelite, Apr 1, 2017

Have played several TCG's and TESL has been the best to date. The reward system feels really good. The dynamic game play makes it feel more interesting than the competitors. My biggest hope is that the game catches on and gets additional support.

Dureeks, Mar 31, 2017

Really fun game with a lot of depth, there are so many deck building possibilities and it really barely takes any time at all to create a very competitive deck and pilot it to legend.

WhiteBear84, Mar 20, 2017

While some players new to the Elder Scrolls and/or TESLegends may find the color palette a bit plain, the dynamic gameplay and mechanics of TESLegends is just fantastic, with less focus on RNG mechanics and more on tactical gameplay. The game is very generous with rewards for 'soul gems' to craft decks as well as gold for arena tickets and other items. The game has multiple gamemodes from casual pvp to story elements and arena, each with their own unique flavor - great to have options to play different modes. Definitely a must if you are a fan of CCG's and a great introduction to the world of the Elder Scrolls. Love it.

pete4889, Mar 28, 2017

After playing the game even more over the pass week I see this game has a lot more potential. However there still are a few things plaguing the game. To start off the game needs a lot of balancing and tweaking to allow more diverse card combos. Example the intelligence cards are used nearly by everyone because of the utility of the cards, that many other types do not have. Also the animations of the cards are pretty lacking. However it makes it up in the tactical game-play of placing which cards on which side, and thinking of when to break the seals of the enemy. Yet at times RNG seems to not favor you especially when you draw poorly and your seals don't draw the good cards. However, that to can be fixed by getting between 2-3 of the same cards, which reduces the bad draws drastically. This part I don't truly like because there are so many options for deck build, yet usually if you do not have 2-3 of the same card the chance of getting that single card is very low within the 50 card deck. Which brings up to another bad part of the game and that is the cost of crafting cards takes a lot of soul shards. After playing the story I ended up with around 400 shards and all of that went into one simple card. However you only get an average of 5-50 shards for most of your cards you deconstruct. This makes it feel like there is a bigger intensive to buying card packs, especially if you do not like the solo arena mode. Overall this is a good card game is good but not amazing, yet, and just needs more attention from the devs and players for it to become an amazing game. Despite that I'm still enjoying the 2 lane system and the magic the gathering like card combo system Collapse

game_over, Jul 29, 2017

tl;dr Not really that fun or free, quite the opposite. Here I talk a lot There is significant PvE built into the game. For the versus stuff, you will probably be competing against people with a lot more free time and/or cash to spend. The "casual" mode is anything but casual as you will get stomped by tier 1 decks played by the most experienced gamers quite frequently. If you are a highly competitive person with a lot of time and money to spend, you may enjoy this. If not, stay away! Is it all bad? No. I find the card mechanics and art to be very appealing. Unfortunately, the game isn't design to be "fun". The game is designed to appeal to gambling weaknesses and "hamster wheel" mechanics. You play thinking you will have fun, grind, never go anywhere, and never get to the fun part. You think. "Maybe if you spend a little more time and money things will change. It is so shiny, I should keep going." Even if the game isn't as bad as the ftp models for other ftp games, it is still terrible. Welcome to the New Age This game and it's ilk are the bane of gamers. The "free to play" model is not free if you want to compete. Yes, if you want to grind 6 hours a day and leave your computer on 24X7 while attached to twitch, you may be able to limit the amount of money you want to spend. Obviously, The power and the bandwidth required for the twitch stuff isn't really free and you are giving the game free advertising. You time grinding, while not having as much fun as you could play a game designed to be fun, isn't free either. These ftp games have one upped the mmo model as far as the grinding hamster wheel goes while spending a fraction of the upfront and maintenance costs of an mmo. This stuff is insidious. Are you angry about dlc bullstuff in AAA games? Ironically, the extra dlc will usually cost you less than a ftp game's in app purchases. Assuming you will actually enjoy the AAA game from start to finish -- I recommend paying for that AAA game with dlc and being happy about the deal you are getting. /rant done

TXJacksen, Oct 5, 2017

The game looks decent at it's first glance but turns into a whore soon. No balancing on the cards and even worse do I have to ask me WHY one player ALWAYS get a mana plus that he can use three!!! times to become ahead of his opponent?! I already played some online TCG (trading card games) and also one offline game but never saw such a ridiculousness! A duel starts and all you can do is to hope you become this advantage because it's ways to strong! With that as an basement do I understand why the creators do not even bother to balance the cards itself.

Gnomercy4U, Mar 1, 2018

This game starts out looking and feeling alright. When you start clocking some hours it becomes painfully obvious just how overpowered the legendary cards are in an obvious ploy to get people to spend money buying packs or playing their ridiculously priced story mode campaigns.