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The Elder Scrolls Online Experience this epic adventure on your own or together with your friends, guild mates, and thousands of alliance members. Explore dangerous caves and dungeons, embark upon adventurous quests across Tamriel, and engage in massive player versus player battles, where the victors reap the spoils of war.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 20481
Genre First-Person, Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Company / Developer
Bethesda Softworks / ZeniMax Media
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The Elder Scrolls Online reviews ( 7 )

SteinOnkel, Apr 4, 2014

Did you ever play WoW and wished it wouldn't be so boring levelling up? Welcome to the Elder Scrolls Online. It plays very differently from traditional MMOs in the sense that there are not quest hubs. This means that it is up to you to find and explore and by doing so level up. The combat is fantastic, there are no cool down timers. It is up to you to dodge, block, interrupt, cast, heal. It's very hectic and very fun, but also true to the Elder Scrolls Combat formula. Being able to play in first person adds immersion. The graphics are fantastic. All quest texts are voiced. The list goes on and on, in short I couldn't be happier with this game.

DigitalOz, Apr 15, 2014

I played the 4 beta weekends and have played now for a couple of weeks. I have played Elder Scrolls games since Daggerfall and I love the Elder Scrolls world. I am an adult with a job and family, so I can only play for a few hours a week. So far, I think the game is outstanding. By far the best graphics in any MMO to date. I have long been waiting for a graphics refresh in the MMORPG world. It has been needing it for a long time. I also like that the graphics are realistic style instead of cartoon oriented. There is voice acting throughout most quests. The game improves on the MMO formula in several ways, but two notable ones for me are: first, combat is no longer just a 'turn on combat mode and mash spell/activity buttons' affair. You can actually dodge, block and stun opponents, so combat requires more thinking and action during the combat and it becomes more interesting as a result. Second, they have done a great job moving away from pure grind for leveling. So far, I have never been without quests to complete and quests reward handsomely so that leveling results more from quest completion than just monster killing. Quests so far have included the usual kill quests and delivery/messenger quests, but also there have been a number of puzzle quests. I have enjoyed the variety of quests. Overall I am having a lot of fun and enjoying the breathtaking graphics.

mrbeavis19, Apr 4, 2014

First off, all the hate coming at this game is totally undeserved. I played the betas and loved it, so I pre-ordered and have been happy with it thusfar. No MMO has ever launched without bugs and after Oblivion and Skyrim's shaky launches, you'd be an idiot to expect this game to ship in perfect condition. The gameworld is simply too big to catch every conceivable issue before the deadline. That said, I've encountered no game-breaking bugs in the 15 or so hours that I've played in early access, so I have no idea what everyone is whining about. Gameplay-wise, it feels far more like previous Elder Scrolls games than I had thought an MMO could. It's much like playing Oblivion or Skyrim. The environments are breath-taking, like seriously I stopped and stared and admired the detail of the sun rays cast through the pink tree canopy in the Dominion starting area for like 10 minutes, it's easily the prettiest MMO I've ever played. The combat is just as engaging, but more skill-based than the hack-and-slash approach taken in its single-player predecessors. The NPCs and storylines for each faction are interesting and pull you in to the gameworld. The crafting is just as fantastic as it was in Skyrim. I love that off the bat, with a new character, I can run out of the city limits, gather materials, and craft myself some nice equipment before carrying on with quests. Speaking of quests, I've seen "Wah, questing is the same as every other mmo" too much. **** This game is even better voice-acted than Skyrim, first off, each quest-giver delivering a convincing and interesting performance. That said, all the quests feel much more engaging and important than the WoW or GW quest systems this has been compared to. The instancing is also done fantastically. Showing you the devastation of a battle in an encampment that you chose not to defend and saw in fine condition minutes ago was a particularly poignant part of one quest. The experience system is one we've seen before, but too bad, it's a good system, why fix something that's not broken? It's a pillar of RPGs. In short, because of the Elder Scrolls' storied legacy, people expected far too much from this game and are now bashing on it for being a fun and well-designed MMO instead of some crazy new format of multiplayer gaming that no one has ever seen before. It's like hating on a Ferrari because it doesn't fly and give blow jobs.

DegenCutter, Jun 17, 2015

I wasn't really sure what to expect with ESO at launch. I enjoyed Skyrim but I wasn't a huge Elder Scrolls fan as I tend to prefer games that focus on storytelling over open world play. I'm also not generally a huge fan of MMOs although I've played and enjoyed some. Still, much of the game looked fun and I went in with an open mind. What I found was a mostly enjoyable if flawed experience. I loved the character creation and the way that character development worked in the game. I played through the Ebonheart pact plotline with a Nightblade character and enjoyed the experience.I found the story shallow in comparison to an MMO like Star Wars the Old Republic but significantly better than something like Guild Wars 2 which absolutely failed at storytelling in my opinion. What ultimately prevented me from staying with the game was the grind of acquiring Veteran Ranks after level 60, which just proved interminable for me. I have heard that the grind of that has been lessened, and perhaps some day I'll go back to check it out now that the game is free to play.

DrYellowJacket, Dec 4, 2016

As someone who doesn't play alot of MMO's outside of this and Star Wars the Old Republic, I must say this is one of the only two that have gotta me hooked for more than an hour, sadly it took about twice as long as that for me to get bored.

CodySellers, May 28, 2015

I have stayed with this game for a year thru all of its hardships. and I must say, I am very disappointed. There has been little-no improvement over the last year to ESO. Yes there has been new content, and new content is all well and good, but improvements? No. The PvE is boring and so easy that it is possible to one man world bosses and public dungeons, which are supposed to require a group to take on. The trials are a joke. they are nothing but blob up and spam crap. No strategy, no planning required, just run and gun. the Veteran content is boring, and is nothing but a long, tedious, mind numbing grind. The story too it does not even make sense, one is forced to go thru the other alliances story lines, making it difficult to find a reason to make characters of other factions, and it is just lazy. the player will spend more time watching that slow XP bar chug along than actually enjoying the content once the player completes level 49 and enters the veteran ranks, PvP is an utter joke. It cannot support hundreds of players at once. In truth, it can barely support 40 players on the screen at once. As soon as a huge force of players start fighting, the game literally turns into Microsoft Powerpoint. The lag is atrocious, and has been around for almost a year with little done or attempted to fix it. There are numerous cheats(such as getting thru outpost and keep walls without knocking them down, which ZOS has confirmed is an exploit) that are downright abused with little-no consequence. The cheat I mentioned above has been done for about 6-8 months now. As soon as someone provides video evidence on the forums, it is closed due to the "name and shame" policy. ZOS would rather ignore evidence than fix the issues. The game is a cheaters paradise, and has made it a joke to play. The balance in PvP is non-existent. the game is currently dominated by infinite resource builds(and that has sadly found its way into blackwater blade) throwing any kind of strategic resource management out the window. This, combined with block casting, low Time to kills, and one shot wonder builds finding their way into the game, has turned ESO PvP into an ancient 3rd person era of Call of Duty, with blocking. No strategy, just hold down block and spam abilities. its pathetic. The worst part? the developers simply do not care. ZOS ignores any evidence of cheating, they let bugs and game breaking exploits stay in the game for a ridiculous period of time, and they would rather "upgrade" their "crown store(aka cash shop) than work on the actual game. ZOS lets issues remain in PvE and PvP for far to long, and do not fix them in a satisfactory rate. I give this a 3/10 because I have played it for a year and because it is an elder scrolls game. Do not get this game unless you are a die-hard elder scrolls fan.

megabear, Oct 23, 2017

Edit: The game has been taking a spiral downward and the crashing of game is so frequent that I've had to adjust my score. I've tried taking the mods off, use repair function, even reinstalled the game. I built my PC using compatible parts. I'm guessing the issue specifically has to do with hardware compatibility with the game however. Note that the issue I'm experiencing is rather common in PC servers. Pros: - Immersive gameplay full of lore, beautiful world and life - Subscription is not required - Base game has tons of content - Voice acting everywhere - Has the most roleplayers I've seen - Can turn into werewolf/vampire, and can steal/kill innocents - Diverse build potentials Neutral: - Toxicity level of community hovers at average. Better than WoW, but worse than FF14 Cons: - Too, many, bots - Plenty of bugs - Character models are pretty bad - Housing that serves no utility aside from DPS dummy and craft stations if you are incredibly fortunate or wealthy enough to afford them - Content development lags while introduction of cash items are unrelenting - Randomized cash "crate" (like Korean MMO's) that produces duplicates of undesirable items at a very high rate - Overpriced and inflating cash shop items - Starving players of inventory space then offering inventory space for subscribers - Dressing Morrowind as an "expansion" when it's actually the size of DLC, then announcing DLC's tied to the said "expansion", preventing subscribers from any future DLC content tied to the "expansion"