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The End Is Nigh The End Is Nigh is a sprawling adventure platformer where you die a lot, but thats ok because you are probably already dead anyway.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1548
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Edmund McMillen , Tyler Glaiel / Edmund McMillen, Tyler Glaiel

The End Is Nigh reviews ( 5 )

Bloodfire, Jul 15, 2017

Not sure what I expected from the meat boy follow up but when I first launched it I was extremely skeptical about the quality of the game after the first minutes of the game has the main character almost burst an eardrum by screaming f****** at the top of his lungs and then the main character seemingly having fewer abilities than meat boy. Don't be fooled by those first moments. The game uses a Metroid style layout with hidden paths and collectibles. the game is brutally hard yet very technically sound. Love you Ed.

Dancarnate, Jul 12, 2017

This game is amazing, well worth the money. This game introduces the mechanics in a way that are easy to grasp and then brutally tests your abilities to execute them. The graphics are gorgeous and the lighting especially in the Hollows is awe inspiring. This game is so good I actually created a metacritic login just to make sure I gave this game the justice it deserves.

BananaLuiz, Jul 31, 2017

Interesting, a funny game with a good gameplay, good soundtrack and graphic style, challenging and engaging, the game will hold you for hours until you finish it

TitaniumDragon, Oct 18, 2017

The End Is Nigh is a very difficult platforming game made by the same guy who made Super Meat Boy and the Binding of Isaac. The game’s aesthetic is more reminiscent of the latter, while the gameplay is heavily reminiscent of the former. A highly difficult platforming game, you play as Ash, a black blob with one good eye. He can run, jump, swim, and do a sort of butt slam attack into the ground that accelerates his rate of downward motion and can smash through breakable ground. He can also hang off of ledges and do a longer horizontal jump while doing so that will also smash through breakable sections of wall. The game starts with Ash playing a nigh-impossible retro-platforming game. Given the great difficulty, the player is very likely to die… and the moment they do so, the game glitches out and breaks, and Ash goes out into the world to make a new friend now that his video game cartridge is busted. The world is a post-apocalyptic hellscape, rendered in the style of a place full of tumors and black blobby enemies and spikes. You can’t kill enemies in this game; indeed, contact with any black blob enemy will instantly kill you. There are some enemies – signified by having white skulls – that you can jump on the heads of to propel yourself up into the air. The game is mostly about environmental challenges, though, and avoiding the enemies – springs, spikes, collapsing buildings, and similar challenges are the barrier between you and getting to the next screen. There are sections of the game where you swim around, including in boiling water that will kill you within a few seconds, so you have to get out of it quickly. The game’s mechanics are on the whole simple and relatively straightforward. Your challenge on every screen is to make it out onto the next screen; there are optional challenges, in the form of both harder-to-reach tumors sitting around in mostly-obvious spots in the levels, where the challenge is to get to them, and secret side areas, which are hidden off of the main path and which contain mega-tumors (5 tumors) or game cartridges at the ends of them. These paths are much harder than the main path, and the paths which conceal later game cartridges are amongst the most difficult parts of the game. The game cartridges are an alternative collectable that allows you to play a “retro” style game, pixel graphics, where you must navigate through levels which are even harder than the main game. These, too, award you with tumors for completing them. Unlike the main game, many of these also have limited lives, meaning you only can fail 20 times before you are kicked out and have to start over on the minigame (and you must fail fewer than 10 times to get a bonus tumor). While the main portion of the first half of the game does not have limited lives, in the second half of the game, the player’s tumors become extra lives, refreshed every time the player reaches a checkpoint – once every 20 levels or so. Because the second half of the game is much harder, this greatly encourages the player to collect those tumors, and the final level of the game subtracts a whopping 450 tumors from your total (out of only about 500 or so in the whole game), making the final section of the game much more difficult to complete without getting kicked back to the start of the area. Unfortunately, this game feels like a less good version of Super Meat Boy – but ironically, not directly in terms of gameplay. Ash plays differently from Meat Boy, but he works well and the levels are, on the whole, interesting to complete. The biggest problem is the level select and the collectables. The levels are almost all linear, but you can only go to the first of 20 levels in an area, and then push your way back through all the others in that area if you want to collect a missed collectable. This strongly encourages the player to collect every collectable on the first time through an area, or else forces them to tediously re-complete the area while searching for them. The other problem is that the game has very little in the way of a sense of progression. There’s only a handful of cut scenes, rather than the one after every section of levels that you saw in Super Meat Boy, and beating one area just leads onto another, harder area, rather than any sense of reward. This gives the game a feeling of monotony; what are you accomplishing here? Nothing, really. And the second half is even worse because there is no clear goal – you just go out and do platforming sections. While this doesn’t seem like it should matter, it somehow does, and it diminishes the game as an experience having no real sense of progress or a meaningful goal. Not being as good as Super Meat Boy doesn’t make it bad, and indeed, I had fun with it overall. But this is definitely not a game for everyone.

Promotheus, Aug 9, 2017

I like the game, I'd rate it a 3/5 so a 6 is not meant to be an inflated IGN-type scoring where everything below 8 is garbage. The platforming is spot on, once you get used to the controls they feel very intuitive and fluid. The game obviously is very similar to Super Meat Boy, but I think I prefer tEiN, for one you can't hold on to any wall which I think makes the platforming here more interesting. You can only grab onto ledges and certain hooks which is a better way to go in my opinion. The vector graphics look remarkably nice and fluid in hi-def. The post-apocalyptic theme is very nicely executed and has a lot of appeal and charm. I'm torn on the music. The pieces that work are really good and you don't even recognize them as primarily remixed classical tunes. Some pieces though tend to get very repetitive and/or very out of tune with the theme for the world, to jolly for example. So I found myself turning off the music from time to time. If you are more of a casual gamer you probably wont like this one though The game is incredibly hard and you are intended to die many times. Even though this is intended game design I also think it is questionable, because the valuing of lives is so engrained in me having played platformers since the NES days. Grinding the stages and getting better at them is rewarding, particularily when it comes to the even harder cartridge stages, but it definitely comes at the price of a big chunk of frustration. The PR campaign for the game promised a more adventure game-style as opposed to the arcade SMB one, but the game certainly falls short there. A more metroidvania approach would've been cool here with upgrades and stuff, even SMB had characters that behaved differently. One of my absolute faves is The Binding of Isaac, and getting items and stuff would've been cool here I think (and I'm not saying this out of the blue, the developers promised a mix of tBoI in the game as well).