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The Escapists The Escapists gives players the chance to experience a light-hearted insight into everyday prison life with the main objective being that of escaping.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1904
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Team 17 / Mouldy Toof Studios
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The Escapists reviews ( 7 )

Fandan, Oct 9, 2015

Escaping the prisons involves so much planning, time juggling, and tension, exactly what a prison break game needs! The people complaining about not liking the pixel graphics below, do they buy games without looking at screenshots?

TheSpongeSir, Mar 31, 2015

An incredibly intriguing game with a great replay value. The mechanics and idea of the game is remarkable, with great game-play and great challenges. What's there not to like?

The-idiots114, Feb 13, 2015

Very good prison escaping game. Pros: Its open ended you can escape how you want Replay value is super high Is sound track is nice Graphics are 8bit and charming Gameplay is fun but repetitive It had a great Early access. Active devs: The devs stuck in for the entire early access and still plan on more content after the game is out cons: it gets repetitive sometimes VERDICT: thats why my score for the escapists is a 9.5/10 its amazing, its fun, and the devs are very nice

p_t_c_, Oct 10, 2015

Great game with some flaws. Overall a great experience, a little overpriced and maybe a bit stale at times but it has a great idea with a great crafting system. One major problem, ITS NOT ON MAC

hassall, Dec 22, 2016

This game is good i played a solid 23 hours on this game it was fun and intense. The problem with this game is if you make one mistake you will be sent back to the beginning, it is really annoying i have only made it to the third map.

dohgeh, Mar 12, 2015

The Escapists isn't a horrible game, but it's far from perfect. It being so repetitive, sometimes flat out boring, and difficult mechanics, it falls short. Yes, when you first start this game you will most likely say: "Woah! This is awesome!", but you will realize that this is the absolute same thing over and over again. You dig holes to escape, craw through vents, and thats about it.. The idea of this game is awesome, but it doesn't pull it off very well. It's worth to pick up at 5 or 10 dollars max. Fun for the first time, but then it's repetitive and boring.

Carter81, Apr 29, 2015

One of the worst game designs in all of gaming. This game has a great concept, interesting components for gameplay, and a good enough art style. However, the positives end after the idea of the game. Once the novelty wears off, this game is not just repetitive, but full of incredible bugs, horrible game mechanics, and utterly frustrating time sinks. One example is that a guard will see through two layers of walls, find your hole, and then confiscate 10+ items. Items which took you forever to find because of a massive waste of time grinding away trying to find very few items. Items which are only sold on 1-2 characters, and only change a few times each day. All randomly generated, with no intelligence by the developer (No procedural generation to lessen the grind). So you may go through a day and see 12 chocolate bars, never finding any duct tape, and on some maps it is as if a crowbar is impossible to find. Have the crowbar? Too bad, you can now never find any magazines, even though you found them plentiful for the past 7 days. Once the guard makes an irrational or totally unrealistic "caught you!", no matter the reason it is always the same punishment. So even if you get caught for something entirely different, they close all your holes and take all you stored in walls, holes, everything. The developer is incredibly lazy. From making it just take all items to simple popups "You were caught! Haha!" to the irrational design decisions (clearly he has no idea what good game design even is), this game was rushed together by an amateur trying to cut as many corners as possible. Screw a quality game, screw game design or good ideas, rush ASAP for profits! The worst part though are the levels. Horrible level design. The game's core design encourages you to choose a multitude of ways to escape. Many of the levels literally force you to only escape ONE, maybe two ways out of that multitude. This is just pure idiocy on the part of the game designer. The game forces something contrary to what it encourages. Not all the maps are like this, but most are. Even worse, you won't know it sometimes until you spent days trying to escape, only to find out that your method is literally impossible (ex. CANNOT dig out, ever.) resulting in you wasting all that valuable duct tape you grinded for hours on shovels you can't use to win. Wouldn't be surprised if the developer was either very very amateur (barely knew how to program or make games), very incompetent (knows about all this stuff, but is extremely lazy or a HORRIBLE game designer) or very greedy (rush to profit; fast release for money at the sacrifice of everything and anything). Overall, the game is fun for the few few missions (before novelty wears off and things get repetitive / frustrating time sinks) and it's addicting because of the challenge. Unfortunately, too many bugs and flaws make it feasible to enjoy.