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The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians Enter a massive dungeon, full of danger, mystery and secrets. Fight your way through hordes of enemies and powerful creatures. Solve puzzles, avoid deadly traps, uncover hidden passages, and keep your bearing through mazes & hallways.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1467
Genre Role-Playing, Western-Style
Company / Developer
Mana Games / Mana Games
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The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians reviews ( 5 )

Engstrand, Nov 15, 2015

Dungeon crawlers... The vast majority of people on this planet don’t know, and will never know, the beauty of it. Every time I play one, I feel I belong to a small secret society. Is it all nostalgia? The countless days, nights and weeks playing FTL’s Dungeon Master back in the late 80’s on my Atari ST? Or is it simply a matter of taste, this genre rubbing me the right way? The game mechanic similarities with Dungeon Master are, on the surface, obvious; you control a party of 4 heroes, orientating (in First Person View) through a grid-based dungeon, solving puzzles, finding keys and secrets, swinging swords and axes, shooting and dodging fireballs, drinking health/mana potions, finding loot/armor for upgrades, avoiding trapdoors and being freaked out by horrific monsters along the way. The combat is based on the “tank/damage dealer/healer” mechanism, which invites the player to approach battles with a more strategic view compared to the “hit-strafe-hit-strafe”-tactic (a.k.a. “dancing around your enemy”) found in Dungeon Master and some other grid-based dungeon crawlers (Legend of Grimrock comes to mind). In this, you fight most of your battles positioning your party right in front of your enemy, standing your ground. There are a few exceptions, though, as when you choose to dodge the Evil Watchers’ fireballs, or if you choose to attempt a retreat. With this system, the player conducts each individual party member to perform certain abilities, such as various attacks, healing/damage spells, buffs and much more. You want your tank to generate enough threat to keep the enemies targeting him, leaving the remaining party (healer and damage dealers) alone to focus on healing the tank (and other members when necessary) and attacking the enemy with melee and spellcasting. Keeping the enemies from attacking certain party members plays a big part in your eventual success. This makes for very interesting battles along the way, as the heroes learn more abilities for every gained level, while your enemies are getting stronger. To sum it up, the combat system is more MMO-based compared to most grid-based dungeon crawlers. On medium/high difficulty settings, it’s more than often necessary to use the built-in Pause function, which allows the player to completely halt the game, analysing the situation, queue abilities, assign potions to drink, and then unpause to see the action play through, until you wish/need to pause again. This can sound like interrupting gameplay flow for some players, but because of the difficulty level in some fights, it’s necessary, and in the end it becomes a natural part of game, something to become better and better at. The feeling of “being there” means almost everything in a game like this, and it really succeeds in achieving that feel. Knowing your position and bearing, keeping your back safe, looking for hidden buttons on mossy walls and analysing the haunting environment ahead. All these things become an obsession. You will revisit many labyrinth corridors during your mission, looking for secrets and hidden treasure, and there’s a certain feel when becoming “homey” in safe areas you’ve already cleared from enemies and monsters. It becomes a “safe haven”, and knowing the way back from where you came from can many times save your life, when you need to retreat from a group of a Cave Monsters or a poisonous Spider Queen. That’s what “keeping your back safe” is all about. The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians is definitely not the type of game where you just storm forward recklessly, thinking you’re Rambo. Of course, you can set the difficulty level so extremely low that you actually can play like this (some might even enjoy it), but that’s not the main intention of this game. I had, and I’m having, a blast playing this game. It’s certainly a game that requires some time getting into. The combat system, including targeting enemies and timing your abilities, takes some getting used to. I can imagine players with a low experience of this kind of game struggling a bit in the beginning. That’s where the customizable difficulty settings come in – find your levels, play the game, get better, and when you’re ready for a challenge, raise the difficulty. The game is not perfect (it has some bugs), but with less than two weeks after official Steam release (at the time of this review), the developer has been very responsive to players’ bug reports, suggestions and feedback, releasing patches literally every day, not only fixing bugs but also enhancing the game in various aspects. I highly recommend this game. Not only for the obvious dungeon-freaks like myself out there, but I’m sure classic MMO/RPG players would enjoy this as well, as it has influences from more than one genre. If atmosphere, mystery, puzzles or intense combat is an important ingredient for you when playing games, this will be your thing.

Infarktbear, Feb 23, 2018

Das Spiel hat mir sehr viel Spaß bereitet. Es ist etwas mehr auf Kämpfen ausgelegt als LoG1+2, aber das kommt mir zugute. Von der Kampfhäufigkeit ist es eher mit MMX Legacy vergleichbar finde ich, aber hat nicht die offene Spielwelt. Die Kämpfe können immer pausiert werden, was eine Aktionsplanung ermöglicht. Dieses System sieht auf den ersten Blick total einfach aus, macht aber viel mehr Laune, weil dieses ewige im Kreis drehen, um nicht getroffen zu werden (wie bei LoG) wegfällt (außer man will Projektilen ausweichen). Das Spiel ist keinesfalls leicht - wenn man nicht viele Secrets findet, ist die Schwierigkeitsstufe "Soldat" für Einsteiger nur schwer zu schaffen. Hier bietet das Spiel aber viele Schwierigkeitsstufen, die später geändert werden und sogar Hilfen zu- oder abgeschaltet werden können. Sehr schön. Die deutsche Version des Spiels ist gut übersetzt, es sind nur wenige Ungereimtheiten aufgefallen. Als Upgrade würde ich mir wünschen, dass es für jeden Level eine "Karte Nr. 2", also eine komplette magische Karte zu finden gibt. Ich liebe es, jeden Dungeon bis zum Ende aufzuklären und jedes Geheimnis zu lüften. Es ist unbefriedigend, manche Level ohne diese komplette Karte leben zu müssen. Bei manchen Rätseln kommt man um Try/Error nicht herum, da keine Hilfestellungen geboten werden. Da haben mir die LetsPlay Videos bei Youtube geholfen, um einen Tip zu bekommen, um dann selbst weiter zu probieren. Eine kleine Hilfestellung wäre manchmal schön gewesen (als Kommentar eines Charakters). Die Story ist in Ordnung, auch wenn mich das Ende inkl. Bosskampf nicht so begeistert hat wie der Rest des Spieles. Ganz am Ende wird die Tür für einen Nachfolger geöffnet, was mit einem Augenzwinkern und recht lustig rübergebracht ist. Die vielen verschiedenen Gegenstände, mit denen man seine Charaktere aufwerten kann, sind schön unterschiedlich und haben +/- in petto. Besser als in LoG, ähnlich wie in MMX Legacy. LoG 1 und 2 und MMX Legacy haben bei mir eine persönliche 85% Wertung, hier reiht sich "Fall of the Dungeon Guardians" ebenfalls ein - und das, obwohl es nicht wie MMX Legacy von einem großen Studio wie Ubi entwickelt wurde. Und ganz im Gegensatz zu diesem großen Entwickler kümmert sich der "Chef" hier persönlich laufend um die Kommentare und Fragen zu seinem Spiel - absolut vorbildlich. Da könnten sich die Großen etwas abschneiden. Mehr Dungeons als DLC oder einen Nachfolger (auch wenn erst evtl. 2019 möglich lt. Entwickler) würde ich kaufen.

blackbird1, Nov 6, 2015

an extremly well made dungeon RPG Crawler fun fun fun for lots of hours also the amount of settings for video options is on the upper end here, other indi devs should look at this! and good news for my older friends, the game has a fully scaleable menue so no eye hurting which is often the case with such games. a must buy for RPG Dungeon cralwer Fans *sry for my english

silverbeat, Dec 16, 2015

Initially daunting learning curve, as it plays very differently than most games in the genre. However, once you have got accustomed it offers excellent gameplay and adventure for a very reasonable price-point. Recommended if the style appeals, make sure you push through that initial confusion and you'll settle right in!

night4, Aug 8, 2016

This game is a mesh of single-player party-based WoW, and Legend of Grimrock. I wish there were more fresh ideas in the game, but what's there can be fun... for a while, anyway.