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The Fall Take the role of ARID, the artificial intelligence within a high-tech combat suit. The Fall is a unique combination of adventure-game puzzle solving and side-scroller action, all set within a dark and atmospheric story. Get ready for a disturbing journey as you explore the world of The Fall.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1777
Genre Action, Action Adventure, Sci-Fi, General
Company / Developer
Over The Moon / Over The Moon
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The Fall reviews ( 7 )

nadcad, Jun 10, 2014

From the protagonist's initial fall to this planet, the story captured me and drew me in. The art and sound created a world beautiful and eerie. Shortly after the story began to unfold, I felt that I was getting a window into a much larger, intriguing world; complete, very real and deeply dark. The dialogue and voice acting created characters that I became so emotionally invested in that I have thought of them for days since, wondering about their histories and motivations. The puzzles, for me, were a reason to further explore the depths of this bizarre world. As a filmmaker, this game left more of a mark than many films I have watched. There was a haunting beauty about this world, and I laughed out loud many times, thoroughly enjoying the wit of characters, and morbid absurdity of certain tasks throughout the game. I was left feeling so invested that I am eager to experience the next installment. This is a brilliant game.

KipDynamite, Sep 2, 2014

That is truely art. There actually are some faults that may have taken place due to the size size of the development team like glitches, pretty horribe combat mechanics, stiff controls and stuff like that. BUT it's somehow still 10 out of 10. It's a game which you can forgive for pretty much anything it does wrong because the feeling you get from playing it is far more superior.

djbobbyc, Jun 22, 2014

An intelligent, thinking person's game with great atmosphere and sense of humour. If you like sci-fi and old-school point'n'click adventure games, you're sure to love this. These days, I get quite jaded with games and often stop playing them after an hour or so, but I couldn't stop playing The Fall - it captivated me right up until the brilliant ending. It took me 5 hours to complete (going very slowly!) and I loved every second of it. I only got stuck on the puzzles once, but a quick look online gave me a hint on how to proceed. There are only a few characters in this game, but they are written amazingly well. The combat is OK, it's not brilliant and it doesn't really add much to the game. But I did like the game mechanic of switching between flashlight and gun. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and cannot wait for the 2nd and 3rd installments in the trilogy.

austinkeeley, Aug 15, 2014

I bought this game for the atmosphere and to support indie adventure game development. It was enjoyable, but there were a few things that distracted me. First, the action sequences felt very out of place. While the game is mostly a LucasArts-style point and click adventure, you'll be occasionally thrown into a gun battle. These sequences don't really add anything to the game and they aren't challenging. Your health regenerates and there's very little chance of dying. The keyboard-mouse controls were also a little questionable. You don't get a mouse cursor on screen, so all your clicking needs to be navigated with your flashlight and this can feel very strange at first. There were a few neat elements that I liked, but weren't fully explored in this game. Your character has the ability to "network" with various objects in game. This element is used so rarely in the game, that it's almost an afterthought and I was disappointed that there aren't more puzzles that use it. The atmosphere of the game and the overall look and feel is nicely done. I particularly like how certain parts of the game force your user interface to pseudo-glitch. I was expecting a lot of jump-scares, but thankfully, there were only a few jumpy moments; the majority of the game's tension was built up by the environment and interaction between the (very few) main characters.

rogermorse, Aug 26, 2014

BEWARE IT IS MEANT TO BE AN EPISODE It is not written in the description, but this looks like an 'Episode 1' (there even is the achievement of finishing 'episode 1')....and the game ends on TO BE CONTINUED. Although the ending can still be an ending (no cliffhanger trick, not too big at least), looks like the story is not really finished, but if this is an episode, they should have written. It is very short (less than 4 hours with everything explored). 10 euros is a lot, and the game is not that rich in content anyway. Controls are VERY bulky (mouse and keyboard, didn't try controller), graphics are not very characteristic, animations are sticky and design in general is not very descriptive. Atmosphere though is there. The Swapper is a similar game that was able to achieve more in terms of graphics, animations and design (and, for my taste, plot and atmosphere). The Fall looks a bit flat, boring, although it is still a good game, it just doesn't look polished enough. Voice acting was the best thing of the game. 60/100

Matseb2611, May 11, 2015

Disappointing. I was lured in to try this game due to its very nice and atmospheric visual style and the premise. However, the nature of its puzzles is way too ambiguous and makes no logical sense whatsoever. You end up resorting to walking around the area and trying to interact with everything to see if it works, and when you've had enough of that, you start digging through the walkthroughs. The progression of most things you do doesn't make sense. For example, I was told I had to do a series of tests. However, my character was unable to accept it until I walked into a nearby room and looked at a human corpse. No idea why it wasn't possible to just accept the test without having to do something as pointless and obscure as that. There are some gun fights present too, which I enjoyed. The cover system is cool and some special abilities, like the cloak, is pretty neat too. These sections are too spaced apart, however, and majority of the game just consists of silly puzzles, so if you're after something faster-paced, best to look elsewhere.

Ted_Tris, Mar 29, 2015

Awfully boring. Nothing he does not have mood. The control and the object usage part are terrible. Awfully boring. Nothing he does not have mood. The control and the object usage part are terrible.