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The Final Station Travel by train through a dying world. Look after your passengers, keep your train operational, and make sure you can always reach the next station. Make your way through swarms of infected at each station. Explore mysterious and abandoned stations looking for supplies and survivors.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1513
Genre Action Adventure, General, Linear
Company / Developer
tinyBuild / tinyBuild, Do My Best Games

The Final Station reviews ( 7 )

Burundi, Nov 11, 2017

Atmospheric with a compelling sci-fi/zombie plot, you will play as an engineer on an experimental train that travels around the rapidly decaying country some decades after the "first visitation". The world has become explicitly authoritarian, with strict controls on travel and food rations, but even that level of control is beginning to unravel as the monsters from the first visitation are reappearing. You will travel from city to city along a linear track, searching abandoned buildings for supplies and killing or avoiding a few types of monsters. You also find survivors who you will keep alive and fed on the train through a time management mini-game, while you uncover more about what's happening in the world around you. The game wonderfully captures the lonely experience of wandering through an abandoned and broken world. It could do a little bit more to either keep your attention while you search for supplies, or provide more explicit plot exposition, just so that the world didn't feel so empty. That's about the only negative thing I can come up with gameplay-wise for The Final Station. I highly recommend this game -- give it a look!

Noole, Sep 14, 2016

Not the train management game you might expect it to be. Train management is pretty much reduced to a mini-game here, you'll spend most of the game exploring and talking to NPCs, fighting zombies and collecting stuff. Sounds pretty basic, but there's a cool twist on pretty much everything here. First of all, the story is great. There's a lot of depth to this world and it feels more like end of evangelion than a zombie apocalypse. The story is simple enough for everyone to get an emotional kick out of it, but you have to really look for clues in the environments if you want to piece the entire narrative together, it always feels like there's more to this world than the game is showing you. Beyond that, the art direction is amazing and all the environments look really cool and gameplay has some pretty neat tweaks to the basic Deadlight formula. You'll have to conserve ammo and use melee and you'll have to think a bit when you face groups of different enemies. The downside is it's pretty short and doesn't offer a lot of replayability unless you're really into the story. Oh and you can't jump.

autobus22, Aug 20, 2017

The game lacks in certain areas; for instance translation but certainly has a story in mood that grabs you and hauls you right into the game. You truly feel sad and worried while playing the game and combat is nice; quick and advantageous. The world you play in can only be described as lonely, damaged, broke and improvised and the end invokes a lot of thought. It doesn't give much closure though. Keep that in mind before you play it. You will be stuck theorising for hours at the end; instead of feeling closure. I like games like that but I am aware some people don't.

Letiste-Gaming, Sep 17, 2016

En conclusión, un título con una ambientación muy buena, un planteamiento entretenido, aunque repetitivo a la larga y con unas historia interesante. Sin ser una maravilla es un título que recomendaría al menos probar, porque engancha. A la gente que le gusten los zombies y la exploración con una dificultad elevada puede gustarle.

Roke_, Mar 23, 2017

fantastic art design as the background is very well done the story even though not explained fully is still intriguing as you want to find out what is going on. The ending is a bit lackluster as it doesn't explain a lot. The game play is fun as its sort of level based and requires some skill and i could see this being done in things like speed running but the game is quite short and could have expanded on its story and game play to its full potential but the sound is also really good for atmosphere as in the rain and weather in general but not so good for the guns it also makes you feel nervous at some points as they show some what creepy levels but again not to its full potential.

iseeall, Dec 3, 2016

It's a 2D shooter/platformer game with some story elements and some simple crafting. You are a train driver and move from location to location where you run around gathering stuff and killing a few types of monsters. While on the train you need to do some simple tasks like fetching food or medkits to passengers and adjusting some levers. The good: - great atmosphere, achieved by interesting pixelated graphics style (in very dull tones) and sounds - a nice story which you learn by reading scattered messages found while scavenging or talking to NPCs The so-so: - the combat system is pretty basic: you can shoot a pistol/shotgun or attack in melee, that's it. And there is just a handful of types of enemies. I would want more weapons (like, a dozen to choose from) and at least a dozen of enemy types - the controls can't be re-configured but they are pretty easy. There is even no tutorial and no tips, press Esc when you start the game to see the picture describing the controls - the character can't jump, duh - no auto-reload when you pick the gun or get new ammo - super-annoying when the character starts reloading instead of shooting The bad: - the game is completely, utterly linear. To a point where the objects highlight when you can interact with them, but after you press F to interact, they become non-interactive. Basically this means you run around and use every object once, and that's it. The level is completely uninteractive when you've cleared everything on it. Also combat is completely linear, as all mobs are always in exactly the same places, or appear from exactly the same spots. Obviously, replaying the game is pointless. - no proper save system, instead there are checkpoints. Prepare to re-run the same 1-2 minute stretch over and over if you keep dying on some mobs after it. Given the complete linearity of everything, deaths and subsequent re-runs of the same stretches are definitely not fun. In short, this game has a good story and nice aesthetics but falls short on the mechanics. I can imagine people who will really like it. But I dropped it after about 2 hours.

agurczuk, Jul 25, 2017

A rather disappointing 2D platform zombie/survival game that showed a lot of promise. I saw this game a while ago and was looking forward to play it as the it looked really good, it seemed to have a pretty nice idea and looked very promising. Sadly the game falls short. The visuals are nice, the pixel art is of hight quality. The theming does look also good. But the game is not that fun to play. The story behind it is a standard zombie outbreak of some sort - nobody knows what's going on really apart from the fact that people are turning to zombie like creatures. And it turns out you're the last train driver around tasked with transporting something somewhere for the military. The game is divided basically into two parts - in one you're riding the train from station to station taking care of the machine and managing your supplies to keep your passenger alive in the other you explore each station in search for survivors, supplies and a code to let you go through. The train riding part serves as sort of exposition - your passengers talk about what they heard and what they feel is going on - but it's mostly gossip you don't pay much attention to. Some of them are wounded, some hungry - you need to distribute food and med kits among them to let them survive. If they survive to a specific station you'll get a reward. Apart from that you need to keep an eye for a specific element and tweak it so the train doesn't stop. It's an interesting idea I guess but it feels just so boring. Totally unnecessary. The second part of the game is exploration. Once you meet a station you need to find a lock code to progress further. You have a gun, fists, later on shotgun and machine gun. The ammunition is very little so you need to make every shot count. That is until you learn you can punch the zombies to death and with the use of ladders which zombies can't climb - well to say I was definitely not lacking the ammo. There is no jumping and while the levels look cool they feel very much the same. You walk left, kill some zombies, collect supplies, climb down, progress through some kind of underground area and you're back at the train. Every time it's the same thing. The number of zombies is also quite limited so it feels a bit same all the way. I've finished it - but I can't say I enjoyed every moment of it. Maybe first half an hour - later on I was just curious to see how it ends - and the ending was especially disappointing. Overall a decent game that just didn't catch my attention and felt it had much more potential than it turned out. Would probably not recommend.