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The Flame in the Flood A rogue-lite river journey through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America. Forage, craft, evade predators.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1633
Genre Modern, Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
The Molasses Flood / The Molasses Flood
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The Flame in the Flood reviews ( 7 )

pospulsar99, Feb 24, 2016

Very enjoyable game - artwork is beautiful and the music fits the atmosphere perfectly. Felt like it had a bit of a steep learning curve, but as soon as I figured out some of the tricks (like don't even try to mess around with Wolves - duh) it was a much better time. Does a great job keeping me a little on edge as I try to decide which items to take and which to leave behind... should I use this resource now, or wait for an emergency.... Very well done in my opinion.

Hadzi, Feb 28, 2016

Good interesting game. Artwork is a nice looking but a bit abstact. Played it for a few hours and it feels like a game with a lot of love and attention to details while making. I really enjoyed playing this game but there were moments where the situations frustrated me, put my on the edge. Very micro management oriented game where you really need to think what to leave behind what to carry. If you are not challenged enough with a regular campaign you have endless one and permadeath one. Nicely made little game.

AndersMorales, Mar 1, 2016

The Flame in the Flood is a refreshingly ambitious game that I gravitated toward for its art and sound direction - two developmental aspects that can sell me on the idea of a game, even if the gameplay doesn't necessarily take me to the places that I'd like to go, and TFitF sold me high in those areas. That said, my rating here misrepresents my initial feeling for the game with regard to some of the gameplay mechanics for which I'm still trying to come to some kind of conclusion. The Flame in the Flood is a great game and deserves high marks, but I did find its unruly, randomized quality and steep learning curve prohibitively difficult and frustrating in the context of playing its campaign mode. While unexpected challenges in games like TFitF make for a fun and replayable experience overall that keeps you guessing about what you should do, how you need to compromise, and what you could change or bring with you for the next playthrough (not unlike FTL), it's been pretty maddening so far, not really being able to fully enjoy what I imagine is a basic storyline thrown over with fun mystery and atmosphere. And all of this might boil down to some kind of anterior randomness that clumps up playthroughs somewhere along the process of playing. I found myself in the middle of few playthroughs on the easiest setting relatively prepared but ultimately out of luck with regard to the resources, essentially trapped watching myself starve to death or pass out from exhaustion floating down the river because, hey, that's just how that particular game disproportionately shook out. Maybe there wasn't enough food. Maybe you couldn't find building supplies. Hell, maybe there were just too many wolves and warthogs. Frankly, the normal game is so difficult, it's hard for me to imagine the harder difficulty to be all that playable. All of that said, the game is refreshingly ambitious and cinematic. The art direction is strong, offering a brightly visual look at a game world that is honest and vaguely literary. The sound design also hits hard, helping to generate expansive environments that play with your sense of safety and alarm. Even the game's overall difficulty, which can certainly be prohibitive, seems to take on a charming quality, part of a larger, wild idea, a force with a real soul to it and not entirely unlike the wolves that threaten to tear you down. Great game, great courage in development, and a fun experience for more hardy gamers.

Crescendo, Nov 17, 2016

Nice idea, nice graphics, has a nice flow to it (no pun). It's problems are the problems of the genre: - Random loot/Locations to visit - Punishing if you don't get lucky though not as bad as some people here make it out to be - No story and very little things to keep you going I like the mechanic that you can carry over items if you die because your dog 'survives' and brings the backpack from the last survivor to your next character, but all in all I probably won't play the game anymore. It's fun and quick, but only for so long before it becomes VERY repetitive. And after I died a bit into the game because there was actually a dead end in the river after a camp (which I wasn't able to see before going that way) I became a bit frustrated. But to be honest, I'm missing the scope and secrets of don't starve. In FITF I get the feeling that I'm doing a routine every time and do not find anything interesting.

d__b, Mar 17, 2016

Neat idea, terrible execution. It's a very refreshing take on survival game where rater than trying to survive in open world, you're trying to travel down a river on your raft, while visiting locations along the river for supplies. Game also has quite robust crafting system with multiple tools and crafting materials. Sounds great, right? Problem is - locations you'll get to visit are entirely random and there is no telling what you might find, and you can't go back since river flows only one way. So many times you'll start game, go trough several locations and parts of the river, and de before finding basic materials to craft even most basic tool. Game is difficult and punishing, and it's not bad. But thanks to randomness of resources there is no interaction with the game - you just collect everything and move on, hoping that at next spot you'll actually get something you need. If you don't mind game so heavily based around RNG, by all means, go for it, it's quite interesting. But in my opinion all interesting parts of this cool game gets drowned out by it's randomness,

DINISA, Apr 9, 2016

Great idea with a bad implementation. I like the nomad approach, graphics, music, the river, BUT... inventory space is not enough for the amount of crap you'll find in the different locations considering there is no base to drop your resources. The hunger decay is ridiculous, no one dies of starvation in 2 days, not even in "Don't Starve" . The randomness in the resources and location types turns the surviving theme into pure luck. Traps can't be reused, why? Do I really need to go to a specific type of camp to find bloody stone and a piece of wood? This kind of things make the game stupidly difficult. When you realize that you are dying not because you are playing wrong but rather due to the fact game mechanics are totally unfair, the motivation to play fades away.

Zer0TheHer0, Jun 15, 2016

can'ìt rebind keys.are you kidding me?lack of keyboard binding options makes it absolutely unplayable.the lack of rebinding options is absolutely lazy and something that is not to be tolerated in this time and age