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The Haunted: Hell's Reach Battle your way through the depths of hell in The Haunted: Hells Reach.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 53 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1390
Genre Action Adventure, Adventure, General, Survival
Company / Developer
THQ / ValuSoft

The Haunted: Hell's Reach reviews ( 7 )

bennyfuyou, Oct 27, 2011

Don't expect a long drawn out story with loads of dialogue and character development. If that's what you want look elsewhere. Do you like a challenging shooter/survival game that has you frantically shooting and dodging demons? This game was created for people like you! Not to mention it's decently priced, and I just haven't gotten sick of decapitating demons after the tens of hours I've spent in the game so far. Some highlights are:Visuals are great.Levels are very different and fun. Controls are good (love queuing up combos between shooting).No story (plus or minus depending on your taste). Free DLC later (yes please). Challenging difficulty (you will have to work up to normal or hard).

JD_, Nov 9, 2011

The Haunted Hell's Reach is an all out blast to play. It's a horror indie arcade action thirdperson shooter with a great mix of melee combat. Visuals, level design and dynamic effects are impressive. This game drop's you right into action and leaves all the boring stuff out. I think some people are plagued with the idea that a great "game" needs a good story. If I want a story, Ill read a book. In the meantime, I enjoy running around playing explode-a-minion as there isn't anything more satisfying than ridding the world of hell's minions in a beautifully bloody, gory fashion. For a small Indie Dev team, they did an awesome job. This game offers free updates, free DLC and plenty of modding support. It's 20 bucks well spent.

dulcinea7, Nov 8, 2011

This is a very fun game..very fun in co-op. In my opinion, it's along the lines of a Killing Floor type game, but maybe a little bit darker. You should definitely pick this game up for a good time! And the developers are incredibly nice should you ever need to contact them! Two thumbs up! :]

Stuffers, Jan 18, 2012

When I saw this game on steam a few months before release I expected it to be a low-price-demon-slaughter-game for in between and that's exactly what it is. Whoever said this game is ugly and has bad graphics is either blind or stupid. It's a rough, dark and demon-filled world and the developers did a great job displaying that with the graphics. They aren't top-notch but still good.You got 4 unique characters, all with badass quotes the old school duke would be proud of. But if you expect a more in depth character development or some sort of story, this game is nothing for you.The gameplay is very challenging and I mean VERY challenging. It's not just a Killing Floor like run around and shoot freaks kinda gameplay. You have to use evasive moves, combine them with one of several unique melee attacks, use your guns to keep away the horde before you finish the foe you knocked down a second ago. It's not just a 3rd person shooter. You can combine melee attacks and weaponkills to chain some combos and achieve a much higher score through that. This game is so hard that the devs had to implement a "beginner"-difficulty, because "easy" just wasn't easy enough for most of the players (by that I mean, that learning the game and all the melee mechanics was quite hard on easy, but it was still possible).To bring in some facts, this game has 5 difficulty leves (beginner, easy, normal, hard, nightmare) and believe me when I say that the last 2 difficulties are really worth their name. There are 2 coop modes (up to 4 players), Inferno and Survival. In Inferno you have to survive 4 rounds, while each round requires to kill a specific amount of baddies (depending on how many players are on the server) + between all the kills you have to look out for randomly spawning blue stones, that you have to destroy quickly in order to prevent a unique and hazardous environmental event (different on each map), which makes killing and surviving extremly difficult. After those 4 rounds you end up facing a huge endboss, which isn't that hard to beat, but can deal quite a huge amount of damage if you don't pay attention.Survival mode is just what you would expect from a survival mode: survive as long as possible. Every few minutes a healthstone spawns to help you survive. Blue stones don't spawn, instead the hazardous environmental events I mentioned before just happen and you can't prevent them.If I remember correctly there are 2 pvp-kinda modes, which also allow you to command and take control of demons, in order to beat up other human players.The Haunted: Hells Reach had a few little starter problems when it was released, but those were disposed quickly. The game now runs pretty stable and I've yet to see any bugs.To summarize a few finished thoughts I have:I did not expect this game to be a graphic-fest with epic story and in depth gameplay. And you shouldn't either. Hells Reach is more an arcade'ish game. You start it, join a server or create a listen server yourself, beat up some demons and stop playing anytime if you want. You are not bound to anything like savegames or things like that. If you enjoy beating up strange creatures in a bloody, dark and gory way, then this game is what you need. If you like hard games, getting better at them and mastering them, this game is what you need. And if you like highscore games, trying to beat your friends with all your heart, always striving to get a better and longer combo to get the best out of your highscores, then you better get on steam and buy this game now. Did I mention that this game is freaking cheap? Only 9,99â

unclepickle1, Nov 14, 2011

The Haunted: Hell's Reach is is a refreshing old-school third person shooter in a time of Call of Duty copycats. The action is frantic and fun, while the gameplay itself is addictive and easy to get into. Even on easy mode the game is challenging enough to keep you engaged; you'll be dying frequently until you figure out how to manage your ammo. The blend of gunplay and melee action keeps the game fresh as it relentlessly throws hordes of demons at you. There isn't a great deal of variety in the enemies, but the map and weapon design is superb, ensuring you won't quickly get bored decapitating the undead. The game is a steal at $20, but make sure you're able to talk some friends into buying it as well because it's no fun alone. It's nice to see an indie developer release a real game instead of some cutesy side-scroller for once. Great games with production value can be made on an small budget and I hope the rest of the indie community takes a page from The Haunted: Hell's Reach's book.

Zartan, Oct 28, 2011

The Haunted: Hells Reach is a wonderful game, full of action, replayability, and lots of fun. At this stage, there are still some things the developers should work on, like an improved Lobby, a Stats/Leaderboard system, more achievements, dedicated servers, etc. But they promised us that in the next patch(es) :) I wouldn't say this is a casual game tho, even on "easy" difficulty and with 4 human players, this game is really challenging and it's hard to finish a map, killing Abaddon in the last encounter. Might also be something to work on, or maybe it's simply a matter of time and practice. I was skeptical about the 3rd person view before the game was released, but I have not been dissapointed. KTX did a great job making this game, and with the next patches this game surely deserves a 9 :)

Hovis, Oct 25, 2011

Really poor. I mean it's an Unreal engine shooter, so it kind of technically works, but it's just really lacking in character or originality and without any sense of place or context. I was expecting a kind of more modern build of Killing Floor or something of that type, but while Killing Floor has loads of rough edges it at least has charm. The experience of The Haunted just feels empty and perfunctory. Shooting stuff that makes no sense, that comes out of nowhere, for no reason.