The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific Crack/Patch

The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific The History Channel takes you to the Battle for the Pacific where you will experience history brought to life in one of the defining campaigns of World War II. Relive epic land battles fought on some of the most brutal and unforgiving battlefields in recorded history. Retake strategically important locations throughout the Pacific Theatre that are vital to the allies on the Road to Tokyo. Play through the eyes of an American GI as you experience intense, no holds barred action against an opponent for which surrender isn't an option! Fire authentic allied and axis weaponry including sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, anti-aircraft guns, pistols, and grenades Relive History - each level begins with a documentary video featuring actual battle footage, key facts and statistics, and the importance that the battle ultimately played in the allied victory. Fight from Henderson Field in Guadalcanal through the Philippines to Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. Experience some of the most exotic and forbidden battlefields including dense jungles and barren volcanic islands. Face the harsh realities of war as you engage the enemy on the frontlines. Fight alongside squadron members reacting to the events of the battlefield, where fighting is often hand to hand and your objective is simple - defeat the enemy at all costs. Based on actual battles including storming the beaches in an amphibious assault, recapturing a strategic airfield, defending against an enemy assault, going on a search and destroy mission, fighting through fortified caves and scaling Mount Suribachi to plant the American flag. Play online as an American or Japanese soldier in your favorite individual and team based modes including elimination, team elimination, death match, team death match and capture the flag on battlefields painstakingly recreated from topographical maps and historical records. Battles come to life amidst exploding artillery, whistling bullets, falling comrades, unrelenting enemies and much more. [Activision]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 44 / 100
User rating
Downloads 890
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Historic, Arcade
Company / Developer
Activision / Activision

The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific reviews ( 5 )

99starkiller, Oct 26, 2013

Saben que? es la primera vez que un juego no me parece tan bueno y voy a decir porque. 1) graficos 7.8 son los mismos que en el soldier of fortune 3, y es obvio porque utiliza su mismo motor, aunque son buenos, son muy anticuados ya y no estan tan geniales. tecnologia 9 como siempre su brillante optimizacion me sorprende y su fluidez de controles tambien, pero podrian haber añadido otras mecanicas de juego como correr o atacar con el cuchillo. jugablidad 6 es la misma que el sof pero, es muy repetitiva y parece un videojuego tipo rambo más del monton, la ia es una de tiro al blanco, osea que quiere que la mates como mas te guste y la dificultad es demasiado simple, es un juego hecho a las apuradas. sonido 5 el sonido es bueno pero la musica es demasiado monotona y secante. innovacion 3 no innova y es una de las tantas copias de call of duty.

SimonF., Jan 22, 2008

Matches SOF Payback in 'Naffability' Boring, tedious and historically innacurate. If I was the Invading Japanese Forces...I would pack up and Go Home!!

FrancescoM., Jun 15, 2008

Never seen such a crap... 34,99 $ on steam for 3 hours of terribly stupid playing and killing idiots who don't look for a repair after being shot at... There are 7 weapons, and the M1 Garand Carabine was introduced in 1942, after wake... Iwo Jima had hidden pillboxes and tunnels, but no trenches on the beaches ( if there were, they disappeared after the incredible artillery and aerial bombardment of the island, there were no threes left on it... ) The unique way to die is to trow a grenade under your feets... If this was the war on the pacific, americans would not have lost thousands of lives on those islands... Sry for the errors, i'm not english :P

TimD., Dec 7, 2007

Simply Stated, " This Game is pure repetitive garbage." Graphically this game is on par with 16bit consoles. The only options are changing resolution which adjusts the visuals from Horrid to just plain bad. Game play wise this is about as pointless as can be. Those expecting a similar experiecne to SOF:Payback will greatly be disappointed. Basically its just a game of repetitive "follow the leader" with brief stops to kill stupid AI enemies. The game play for this game would have been better suited for a guncon game ie Time Crisis. Overall this is possibly the worst game I have ever played and this title should be avoided at all cost. Activision should be ashamed of themselves for publishing this garbage, especially after the publishing the Universally Brilliant COD 4.

SeanW., Dec 30, 2007

I used to believe that most things were relative, except of course the speed of light. That is an absolute because there is nothing faster. This piece of junk convinced me that bad can also be an absolute since there is nothing worse. It is not just the game play, which is miserable. One would think with a "History Channel" name there would be some redeeming educational value to it. There is not. Not only is this game bad to play, the history is atrocious. If the game narration is to be believed, the Phillipines fell AFTER the end of the war in Europe! Moreover, somehow the Japanese took Henderson Field and it is up to you to help get it back. The History Channel should be ashamed. So too the people at Activision who put this drivel on the market without pride or shame just to make a quick buck. Do yourself, and the rest of the world a favor - do not buy this game. If received as a present, do not play it. Most of all, do not trade it in so that some unsuspecting child is not exposed to it Boycott Activision and the History Channel for putting out such garbage!