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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Set in a gothic-noir universe resembling a fantastical 19th century Europe filled with monsters, magic, and weird technology, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing will follow the son of the famed hunter, known in-game as Van Helsing, in a tale wrought with wry humor and snappy dialogue. Van Helsing, a larger-than-life hero possessing a dark yet romantic charm, will follow his path to the dismal land of Borgovia where former supernatural foes have enlisted his help to defeat a new scourge terrorizing the ravaged Eastern European city. With an assortment of extraordinary characters, an engrossing storyline, and a beautifully dark and gothic art style, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing looks to bring RPG enthusiasts an anachronistic adventure like no other.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5952
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
NeocoreGames / NeocoreGames
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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing reviews ( 7 )

Rythlion, May 23, 2013

This game is absolutely golden; despite several poor voice actors (I'm looking at you, Mayor) and awkward typos, the experience is refreshing, unique, and extremely addicting. I've never been more surprised by a game- for $13, I didn't expect an experience rivaling (and surpassing!) top-dollar ARPG's. Van Helsing is my new hobby, and fixation- I highly advise letting it become yours.

xerien, Sep 18, 2013

The enviroment in Van Helsing is beautiful, although trees and fauna don't blow in the wind, Mobs tend to line up for you when they attack.. but beautiful art style, lovely particle effects and interesting events and story. Its clear this game is a labour of love and they've really pulled out the stops. Im not that far in, but so far, its got great atmosphere, the chatter between Katarina and VH raises a smile and everything is clearly laid out. If i was to say anything at all.. it would be that in the heat of battle its hard to tell whose who with spells, lighting going everywhere, so make sure you keep an eye on healing. Great Work Guys.. looking forward to new DLC and improvements.

chad12420, May 28, 2013

Better, cheaper, and longer than Diablo 3. Combat is fluid and fulfilling. The combo system that allows to to customize your abilities is fantastic. Don't miss this game, it is well worth the price.

cadmoz, May 27, 2013

It's a big surprise... A clone of Diablo is obvious but it is really a good game costing nothing but few bucks... but please, tell to Klausreiner giving a 0 this is NOT a movie... he is a bit confused... :-D

otter, Jun 2, 2013

I look sceptically at new entries into this genre, but was rather delighted at how stylish and witty Van Helsing is, with enough of a fresh take on the ARPG to make it well worth the price. I especially enjoy the interaction between your character and his companion, and it's touches like that making this feel like a living world, rather than a long string of monsters to click on. For an ARPG, that makes all the difference.

Larsiq, Jul 29, 2013

The game provides a working concept of Hack'n'Slash game type (with not insignificant ingredient of character development lot of attributes, skills, game/character strategy). A splendid amusement while playing this game spiced up with super-funny companion. Nevertheless, the game (and its difficutly) culminates weirdly odd hordes (really!) of enemies instead of stronger ones the quantity beat the quality. Anyway, the game is worth of buying, you will never regret. Enjoy!

theNILE, Dec 12, 2015

Stat system is simple, not necessarily bad. Skill balance is awful, and being able to buff a skill eternally doesn't help this. "powerup" skills and rage - what were they thinking. You can only use 2 skills with powerups, unless you want to bother tabbing. Managing rage is easy, but ultimately a pointless mechanic. Visually, the game is a pain, and this wouldn't be so bad if it's easy to read your hp and mana... seriously, i have good peripheral vision but for the **** life of me this game is such a **** chore just because it's horrible visually. Game isn't optimized... your gpu will get raped if you don't play thaumaterge. Certain mobs mana drain... wtf this isn't path of exile where you want to avoid certain content. Random loot forging is **** terrible. Throw 5 rares together, even though you choose the type, it can be an item FOR A DIFFERENT CLASS... such a **** waste of time. poe is better, it has better depth, better to chill and essentially mostly has the same skills with better effects, performance and gameplay.