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The Incredibles Super strength. Super speed. Invisibility. Elasticity. These are your powers. Bombs. Bullets. Robots. Lasers. Your enemy controls them all. The only way to survive being The Incredibles is to truly be incredible. From the Academy Award-winning creators of "Toy Story," "Monsters, Inc.," and "Finding Nemo" comes a new movie written by Pixar Animation Studios' Brad Bird (Iron Giant, The Simpsons). The Incredibles tells the story of a family of undercover superheroes that are trying to live a quiet, suburban life, but are forced back into action in order to save the world. The action/adventure game from THQ is based on the plotline of the movie, allowing you to play as all the film's main characters. Live the film's action, adventure, and humor over 18 levels, which are packed with fighting, racing, and puzzle action/adventure gameplay featuring the characters' unique superpowers. [THQ]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 57 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1192
Genre Action Adventure, Modern, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
THQ / Heavy Iron Studios
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The Incredibles reviews ( 2 )

cub317, Sep 27, 2011

This game just doesn't get enough credit. To me it's one of the few movie games that actually doesn't stink. I think that it's good, and I really like it. Lets start with the game play. This game is fun! I really like just beating the crud out of bad guys, and solving a few puzzles along the way. The story of this game is basically the story of the movie, with a few parts never seen before, such as when you chase Bomb Voyage for the first three levels of the game. While there are a few moments in those levels that are also from the movie, most of it is very different. Also, when Mr. Incredible is fighting through a burning building, he finds out exactly what's causing it to burn, but that would be a spoiler. The only thing really wrong with this game is the graphics. The graphics are alright, but they do look really weird. They look like the movie, but not in the way people would like to think. This game would be a good game to try for anyone, especially people who love the movie like me.

PatrykG, Nov 9, 2013

The Incredibles game is one of the hardest and most frustrating kids games ever. The game is a mixed bag it has pro's and con's. The first three levels of this game are really good and as well as the first Omnidroid boss battle, but the rest of the missions are Harder than they should be. The music is great in this game and it's nostalgic. The graphics were the best at the time and now they're still great because the look exactly like the movie and alot of the textures are great and don't look outdated, however the graphics are pretty bad on the console versions. I would recommend the PC alot more. But the game's weaknesses are pretty much the frustrating missions like the Violet one where you die in one hit and her invisibility is limited, and the dash missions are frustrating as well the final boss battle is just too easy especially compared to the other boss battles and what else doesn't make sense is you don't fight Syndrome, the game ends when the omnidroid is destroyed. So what happened to Syndrome you are wondering Well good for you. The game is also very repetetive. While I can't hate this game because playing it now brings back all those memories of raging and swearing. 5/10