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The Inner World The Inner World is a wonderfully twisted point-and-click adventure game that takes place in Asposia, a land that defies all laws of physics by existing in an enormous hollow space.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1332
Genre Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Meridian4 , Headup Games / Headup Games

The Inner World reviews ( 7 )

IvanOvalle, Oct 10, 2013

It is hard to find a game that can bring you such a good amount of memories about classic "point n' click" adventures and also combine it with absolutely good writing, lovely characters and an extraordinary soundtrack. This game is definitely worth your money and your time.

azooz, Oct 6, 2013

really good game took me average amount of hours to complete and its so fun to play cuz the game contains amazing graphics,detail, and character details also in end i gave this game 10 out of 10 becuz its very good

Achti, Oct 9, 2013

As a fan of point & click adventures I am happy that the nearly dead genre nowadays has something like a revival. There are quite a number of these comming out again, some good, some not so much. This is definitely one of the better ones, with likable characters, a wonderful world you want to explore and well build puzzles. Can't actually put down any bad things, except maybe the game length of only 6 hours, but the story felt finished in itself so i dont really mind that. If you are a fand of old-school-2d-adventures, you should definitely try this out.

joshxdr, Nov 23, 2014

The Inner World is a hand-drawn point-and-click adventure game. The voice acting is very good, and the characters are very well written. The story is whimsical and silly and dramatic, suitable for both adults and children. The art is very cartoony and creative. The game shows hot spots when you press on the space bar, so there is no pixel hunting. The puzzles vary a lot from simple to devilishly hard. There is a very nice hint system if you get stuck. It is more fun to finish the puzzles without hints. Some of the puzzles are too hard for young children, so even though the story is child-appropriate, kids younger than 12 may get frustrated. The only drawback is that there is not enough variety in the music, some songs play over and over. I can recommend this game for fans of the point-and-click adventure genre.

kdamica, Oct 5, 2013

A great adventure game all around. Took me about 6 hours to beat. The puzzles are mostly logical, and the game has in-game hints that help you out when you get stuck (I used them 3 or 4 times). Great art, voice acting, and story. There's nothing groundbreaking in terms of gameplay; it's just a fun little point n click.

emter, Jun 8, 2015

Beautiful and fun adventure game with a compelling story, good sense of humour in the dialogues and well designed puzzles based on combining items found in a hand-drawn locations.

DanySK, Nov 1, 2015

The game looks nice initially. Seems simple and funny. But it does have a number of problems due to its very nature: a port from phone/tablets to PC. I tried to play it in Linux, and I had to gave up pretty soon due to bugs that made the experience incredibly frustrating. I may give it a shot in a few months, hoping that they fix those Linux issues.