The King of Fighters XIII: Steam Edition Crack + Serial Number

The King of Fighters XIII: Steam Edition With a roster featuring over 30 hand-drawn fighters, a number of detailed stages bursting with life, over a half dozen play modes, a refined fighting engine built for speed and complete with new moves and supers, a vastly improved Online mode, and a host of other additions, tweaks, and enhancements, THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII represents a rebirth for one of gaming's longest tenured franchises and one of the most popular fighting brands ever.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1829
Genre Action, Fighting, 2D
Company / Developer
SNK Playmore / SNK Playmore
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The King of Fighters XIII: Steam Edition reviews ( 7 )

Caedes, Sep 22, 2013

Simply the best. I can't stop playing. Honestly the netcode could be a tad bit better but it is very good as it is. Some people blame the netcode because their computer is slow or because they live in an island in the middle of the pacific. Realistically, apart from Skullgirls you won't find a better netcode.

FilemonBR, Aug 21, 2016

Melhor the king of fighters ate hoje, um tapa na cara dos "acabou na saga ororchi" graficos sprites bem feitos, e feito para ser jogado em competições , o final da melhor saga

Arthandas, Nov 2, 2013

36 completely different characters (no moveset clones like Ryu & Ken) of varying types (projectile based, grapplers, chargers...) * 23 very detailed stages (many of them change visually from round to round!) * Deep and elaborate combat mechanics (4 different cancels, 4 different jumps, rolls, techs, guard rolls/knockdowns, specials, supers and ultras which can also be EXed, HD mode...). You can stick to the basics for casual play or try to master the system, both hardcores and beginners should be happy! * Beautiful 2D graphic with not-so-2D effects. * A LOT of modes (arcade, time attack, survival, branching story mode, input trials, 3vs3 or 1vs1 versus, practice, online ranked or casual matches). * A LOT of extras (artwork and movie gallery, character colors customization, SFX test, icons...). All in all, best 2D fighting game since Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

ZarosLeonhart, Mar 3, 2016

This game is great. One of the best of KOFs games and on of best 2D fighting games on PC. The system is great, the net code is very good. I won't give 10, because, personally, a preferthe system of KOF XI (for PS2).

Gzhindra, Sep 13, 2013

The graphics are a bit outdated but apart from that it is as good as it can be. That is if you like deep fighting games with steep learning curves. The roster is very large and the characters are charismatics or at least most of them. But this is no news as this game has been out there for a while. The real question mark with the steam edition was the netcode and they delivered. It is nothing like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter x Tekken. It is even superior to SSF4 by a large margin. Actually it is on part with Skullgirls’ who uses GGPO. Even against awful connections it is quite smooth. Very impressive. I’m going to play this game for a very long time. A fighting stick is highly advisable.

BasilZero, Sep 6, 2014

Game: The King Of Fighters XIII Steam Edition Genre: Fighting Developer: SNK Playmore System: Steam (PC) Total Score: 90/100 Value Score: 9 /10 • Story: 8/10 • Characters: 9/10 • GamePlay: 9/10 • Graphics: 10/10 • Sound: 10/10 • Music: 8/10 • Length: 7/10 • Replay Value: 10/10 • Player Value: 9/10 Pros +Has a fully fledged storyline in the form of a visual novel that has 3 different scenarios and routes filled with cutscenes in each. +Healthy cast of characters from various King of Fighters games +A lot of great content and different modes such as Arcade, Story, Online, Mission, etc +Great tutorial mode +A gallery mode which consists of Music, artwork and cutscenes +Allows you to customize character appearances (with colors though) +Includes all characters which were originally DLCs on console versions +Well designed sprites and backgrounds +Great quality sound and music Cons -Few noticeable playable characters missing such as Chang, Mary, etc but still appear in the storyline -The final bosses can be unforgiving in terms of balance and difficulty -Still no option to play as a single character campaign (but I guess that is a given considering its KoF)

AresP, Apr 1, 2017

Never had the chance to play the game though I bought it through Steam. They sell a broken product as when I tried to launch it it wouldn't stop saying '' The game data is corrupted ''. Requested a refund 2 days ago and they still didn't review the case. Terrible Steam service.