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The Last Door Something ancient and evil is stirring in Victorian England. Only you can stop it. Journey to the brink of madness and beyond as you set forth alone into the dark.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1064
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Phoenix Online Publishing / The Game Kitchen
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The Last Door reviews ( 7 )

DrMaskWolf, Mar 3, 2015

I'm not a huge fan of point and click horror games but this one made me slightly scared and intrigued by the story and style of The Last Door. I've loved this game and it's story so much that it's been helping me write ideas for movies and D&D campaigns.

Blackliver, Jun 10, 2014

Beautiful. If u played and liked "5 days a stranger"-series you will remain witched by the story, by the atmosphere, by the music. A good job. Must played with lights out.

AthanasiosT, Nov 18, 2014

Once again proof of nice games being made by small teams. Extreme atmosphere and dark story ! The music is inspired and blends with the game. The pixelated graphics were a great reminder of my past gaming days, but I'm afraid they will not appeal to younger gamers. Loved the references to Lovecraft, Machen, etc. Can't wait to get the second season !!

stako, Nov 24, 2014

I hate quest games. Even more - I hate point and click adventure games. But when I heard that a Lovecraft-inspired adventure games is coming to a certain number of devices near me, with a free first chapter no less, I had to try it just in case. The case was in, and it was a strong one. The Last Door is said to be survival horror. I disagree. It's a creepy game, even a tad scary at times. But the thing that should describe this game is brilliant direction. The game is extremely well paced and this can be easily told from the introduction of the first chapter. It gets only better from there. The tale it tells is a very gripping one, and indeed it is very Lovecraft inspired. Though the theme of outer-spacial madness isn't present, it's presence can be very strongly felt. The story is very much structured like a good Lovecraft story, striving to maintain the same levels of mystery and out-worldly, undiscribable terror. It succeeds, delivering a nice knot for you to untie during gameplay. The surprise at the end I found to be very nicely thought out. The pixelated art style is very atmospheric and even beautiful at times, but it seems to go against gameplay at times, with some key items being represented only by two to eight pixels on the screen. On smaller devices, this becomes even a bigger issue. Some minor slowdown can be felt in scenes with more animated backgrounds, but other than that graphically the game is firm, though not particularly outstanding in general art style. The soundtrack, on the other hand, is stellar. It's only sin is that the tracks are very short and change often. But they set a grand and perfect mood. Honestly, I listen to the OST quite often and I grow more fond of it than tired. Also soundwise - the game could have benefited from some voice work. Not that the text is that much, rather some good voice acting could have given us even more atmosphere to delve in. Being an adventure game, The Last Door also gives us some really nice chalanges, to some of which I even applauded. It was very satisfying to solve these unsettling riddles and some of them I will remember for a long time. Some objectives are a bit unclear or seemingly illogical, but that just comes with the genre. It was aggrovating at times, when the character tipped me with a line of what should I keep my eye open for, but at the end the thing I had to interact with was not the thing mentioned in that line. Never the less, I loved The Last Door. Beyond some graphical misconceptions and some convoluted puzzles, this game is a very strong title. I recommend this to anyone who finds the concept interesting. I can't wait for Season 2. Kudos to the developers, I did not expect it to be this good of a game.

RagingPoet, Dec 26, 2017

The Last Door is very literally a pixel hunting quest. Puzzles are simple, straight forward and logical, the only difficulty is the find the right pixel on screen) But despite it's graphics the game succeeds at creating dark lovecraftian atmosphere.

Nataraja, Jul 31, 2016

This game is an incredibly well written narrative experience. The soundtrack is superb as is the writing and game play. What truly holds it back is the very poor design decision to make it super low 8 bit graphics. I really think this interfered with immersion. Pixel art is fine and had this been done in the resolution of say the Blackwell series it would have been much better. Regardless, if you enjoy old style horror such as HP Lovecraft or Edgar Allen Poe then you owe it to yourself to purchase and play this incredible gem.

Sjalka, Jul 13, 2014

great music, great atmosphere, very good story. those are the pillars on which an adventure must rest - and the last door has it all. Especially in that case - i do have to question the developers choice of a pixel look though. While i do agree that the game works best with hand drawn sprites instead of some silly 3d or 2.5d, i do think they have gone too far here. A good example of a "good" pixel look is the Blackwell series. ( especially part 1&2 ) In case of the last door, the presentation kind of ruins it for me. As far as i understand the intention is to have ones imagination work harder by not going too much into detail on the screen - but it could have done better at - at least VGA resolution. I never started to get a real connection to the protagonist - mainly because he was never much more than a stick figure to me. So i am quite sad that i have to dock points for the graphics - something i d want to avoid when graphics really should be secondary for a good story, but for me - it does ruin the storytelling more than it aids it.