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The Last Express Assume the role of Robert Cath, an American who recieves a mysterious dispatch from a friend to meet him on the Orient Express. However, once you get there you discover that things aren't quite as they should be! The game is set during the run up to World War 1. It has a very impressive recreation of the Orient Express and features a historically accurate background.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1611
Genre Adventure, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Broderbund / Smoking Car Productions
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The Last Express reviews ( 6 )

AnonymousMC, Apr 16, 2006

this is a nearly perfect game & one of the greatest of all time. few, if any games up to that point were as immersive or realistic (and implausibilities in the plot are carried off without a hitch or a wink by the mass of talent & technique infusing every detail of the game - you don't have to swallow it down like bad medicine just so you can beat the game, you actually enjoy it all). it's lack of "clearly defined quests" is one of its strongest points, as is its unique save system - though that its difficult to find a review that doesn't harp on it. it's always worked like a charm for me. 10/10

hfffoman, Jun 26, 2012

Despite its age it is still worth playing. It is one of the most atmospheric adventure games ever produced and has some interesting innovations of game play.

Tehrani, Aug 25, 2017

This is one of best games ever you could not find any games similar to it. You live in a train with strange atmosphere and you can do a wide range of actions. There are lots of endings and real time actions needed. You should be somehow clever and if you are not clever, stay away of this game because this can make you angry of understanding nothing.

Matrosen, Nov 26, 2013

The Last Express is in many ways a truly classic adventure game, with its inventory puzzles, escalating plot and tried-and-true interface. However, its extreme nonlinearity, the inclusion of violent scenes, and a sense of being what is in reality a completely timed game set it apart from standard pure adventure fare. Quite frankly, I haven't clenched my teeth this hard since 1994 when I was in labor with Mini Minnie! I also have not played one computer game for this many hours in a row in years. By the end of my train journey, poor Mini was penciling up signs for what she wanted and waving them beside my computer desk! Will the Orient Express make it to its final destination in Constantinople? How many passengers will live to see it? Will Robert Cath find a "happily ever after romance," or will it be "duty before cutie?" You'll just have to buy your own first-class ticket and find out! The End

theSplund, Sep 4, 2014

Well worth playing and very re-playable too. Not without the odd glitch but gorgeous looking enough to make you forgive and forget. In my top 5 adventure games of all time (with Broken Sword 1, Sam n Max (original), Day of the Tentacle, and the Monkey Island Series)

DantheMan, Jan 7, 2012

What Howard the Duck is to movies The Last Express is to video games. The nerds prove their uberness by loving the game or movie the masses justifiably hate. This is a bad game. Scratch that. It's horrible. It's neither fun nor interesting and it's only allure is in the "gee whiz" factor that builds credibility among wanna-be game designers. It has retroscoping! So what? It's boring. It's in real time! So what? It's not fun. Lets look at the fundamental truth of this game. Imagine that someone dumped you in the middle of a maze and told you that you had one hour to get out. You know nothing about the size or the shape of the maze or where the exit is located. If you make a wrong turn, you die. (Which you will do a lot in this game for reasons that are at best inexplicable and at worst laughable). If you die you get to start the maze over or rewind the game to some arbitrary point in time in the past.. That's all there is to the game. Live and hour and get out. There is no plot, no hints. You just guess then die. Guess then die. Guess and live for a few minutes until the 'guess then die' mechanic starts all over again. And this is FUN FUN FUN because some masochists keep insisting it is. Don't believe them. Howard the Duck is a horrible movie and this is a horrible game.