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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is the first of a new trilogy in the established The Legend of Heroes RPG series

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2525
Genre Role-Playing, Console-style RPG, Japanese-Style
Company / Developer
XSEED Games / Falcom

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky reviews ( 7 )

minneyar, Jul 30, 2014

If you're looking for an oldschool, turn-based JRPG with a strong story, great writing, and wonderful music, you will love Trails in the Sky. The game was first release for the PC in Japan in 2004; it later received a port to the PSP in 2006 that added some extra features, and the PSP version was released in North American in 2011. This is a release of the original PC version, but XSEED has added all of the new features in the PSP version back into it, so this is the definitive version of the game in North America. The story is set in the kingdom of Liberl and follows the adventures of Estelle and Joshua, two novice adventurers who want to become Bracers; essentially mercenaries who also serve as police and protect the people of the kingdom. The story starts off slowly and takes its time to establish the setting and develop characters, but over time it picks up the pace and they become involved in intricate political plots involving mysterious assassins and powerful ancient artifacts. The game ends with a shocking twist that will leave you pining for the sequel, which is scheduled to be out in English at the end of 2014. Don't let the existence of a sequel stop you from getting the game now, though; it's an entirely self-contained story in its own right. The Trails games are famous for the size of their scripts; the word count dwarfs any of their story-heavy contemporaries such as the "Final Fantasy" or "Tales of..." games. Almost every NPC in the game has their own unique dialog that changes after almost everything you do. While the story is the star of the show, the game shines in other areas, too. The combat system is a turn-based system that borrows a lot from JRPGs that were typical of the era, but it adds in a tactical, grid-based positioning system, and each character's abilities are fairly diverse and customizeable. The game also has multiple difficulty settings, and if a particular fight is too hard for you, there's a handy option to retry fights that also temporarily lowers the difficulty level. The game's soundtrack is also great; it's exactly what you'd expect from the same developer who created the critically acclaimed Ys series. Really the only complaint I could make is that the graphics are a bit dated by modern standards, but hey, it's a ten-year-old Japanese PC game. They still do their job as intended, and you're going to enjoy the game enough that you won't care.

demomana, Jul 31, 2014

Great old-school RPG. Its story is very refreshing compared to JRPG you see nowadays and has a very interesting battle system as well. One could say it's kind of slightly comparable to Grandia to some extend yet has its own customization while still not becoming overcomplicated, it found the right middle to avoid headaches. The PC version has been enhanced to make it playable on new systems and has been updated to be able to support most high resolutions both in full screen and windowed screen. The game itself is the first part of a very popular trilogy in Japan that have a lot of continuation. The story is definitely a huge factor in this game, you will feel immersed in it and it is very well written as well. The story itself also go along with several more stories as well, that's how deep it truly is. You don't see those kind of stories in JRPG nowadays. The game's musics and song are also of the highest quality, just like most works that have been created by Falcom. From the battle theme to everything else, I must admit I really enjoyed all the musics featured in Trails in the Sky FC. All in all, the PC version of Trails in the Sky FC is a must have and has been updated to include everything that was originally included in the PSP version, including things such as the monster book, new game+ and unlockable difficulties. XSEED did a really good work at backporting all those features to the PC version to make it indeniably THE version of the game that is the best all around.

Kiseki, Nov 22, 2015

10 years later trails in the sky FC is still my favourite RPG. Im currently playing Trails in the Sky FC Evolution and still cant helped but be impressed. no one ever came close make a game like this. All the negative and mix reviews are pretty much idiots, using words to bash the game without actually understanding and describing what the game is like and why they did not like it. The bright points for this game are: 1. Detailed and consistent game world that is very charming and soothing. There are many different things to discover, some hidden. 2. Good progression and story telling structure. time slowly progresses as main quest is completed. the game world changes as time progresses. NPCs stand in different locations and have different dialogues. Some have their own tiny stories that progresses with time. 3. Really good soothing and also exciting music that fits in well with the scenes. 4. combat system is very very unique. It has 3 aspects - a. a action order that can be manipulated and occasionally has random boons attached. (its really amazingly one of the mixed reviews didnt even understand what it is b. skill that require use of CP points. CP points are collected through dealing and receiving damage or as attached bonus in action order slot. c. magic (magic in this world is called "orbment" which relies on a device utilising power of crystal shards of different elements) there are 7 elements including time, sky (air), illusion. You dont learn the magic skills available, you obtain them by combining different "processed" shards from the workshop. The combat also has good animations. 5. very good storyline that is well planned and thought out. the bad spots: (rant against haters) I have absolutely no idea...for this game, i just simply cant think of one. i dont think there is any other game that I can say the same. the people that dont like it are the ones that dont have a clue about this game, all their comments are completely stupid. they are probably into different genres like action games. anything turn based even action order based sucks to them. there's some guy is like he expected it to have depth like secret of mana. Im like pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. that is depth? the depth of this story is hell lot more amazing, the graphics is hell lot better, the game play, game world, combat system is worlds apart. another guy is like: combat is useless repetition over and over. that sounds pretty much like action games and pretty much every other game lol. and especially action games like diablo 3 that has a total of 4 skills you spam over and over and over in that hours and hours you do in the same map to the extent that your fingers hurt from all the clicking. and i bet he like that game alot more. the part about dodging enemies is pretty bs too, to have your whole party on the adventure map is quite refreshing, it make you feel more like you are travelling in a party. its still pretty easy to dodge, but you may not be able to cant dodge every single enemy on the map. and at least you can dodge. all other rpg is just random landmine and the combat just starts and you have to fight hell lot more. its not any harder to dodge than you average arpg. this complaint is completely bull. just looking for reason to trash. and its funny how those people only reviewed this one single game....

MissArya, Jul 29, 2014

Great Old-School RPG Love it ! Story: The characters are individual and have much Humor. The story comes slowly but in the end u will be very surprised. Graphic: Like a óld-school RPG. old-school but in HD. U can read everything really clear Sound: Awesome OST, every song is really unique but there are only a few characters who speak in a fight

NexusTsunami, Dec 7, 2016

1. Vorwort: Nachdem ich sowohl Trails of Cold Steel 1+2 gespielt und lieben gelernt habe, musste ich einfach weiter in die Welt von The Legend of Heroes bzw. die "Trails" Saga eintauchen. Somit kam ich um **** nicht vorbei (geiles Wortspiel ;-)). Zur Info: Alle Serien im "Trails" Universum sind lose miteinander verbunden. So sind die Spiele in unterschiedlichen Ländern auf dem gleichen Kontinent angesiedelt (ToCS = Erebonia / **** = Liberl usw.). Auch der Zeitraum in dem die Serien spielen, sind eng beisammen (ToCS 1 beginnt ca. zwei Jahre nach **** First Chapter). Somit werden in ToCS Anspielungen auf Ereignisse in der **** Serie gemacht. Nett! 2. Spielmechaniken: Dadurch, dass ich mit ToCS in das "Trails" Universum eingestiegen bin, sind die Spielmechaniken dieser Serie mein Maßstab. **** bietet im Grunde ein ähnliches Kampfsystem wie seine Nachfolger. Die Kämpfe laufen rundenbasierend ab und haben Ansätze eines SRPG (welche allerdings nicht zu ausgeprägt sind). Crafts und Arts sind in drei Effektbereiche eingeteilt: Singletarget, Line und Area. Allerdings liegt der Schwerpunkt hauptsächlich auf den Einsatz von Arts. Anders als in ToCS 1+2 lohnt sich hier der Einsatz von Crafts LEIDER nur bedingt, da diese in diesem Spiel, bis auf wenige Ausnahmen, meines Erachtens nach weniger Nutzen haben (bedingt durch fehlende Statuseffekte, Equipment, fehlendem Master Quartz System und einem anderen Regenarationsverfahren der CP). Ansonsten wird ein für mich vertrautes und spannendes Kampfsystem geboten (welches (logischerweise) zu keiner Zeit die Tiefe eines ToCS 1+2 erreicht)). Auch das Orbmentsystem ist vertraut und es macht Spass sich den Kopf über etwaige Konstellationen seiner Party zu zerbrechen (leider gab es hier noch kein Master Quartz System :-(). In der PC Version ist die Bedienung über ein Gamepad übrigens möglich, was ich persönlich auch empfehle. 3. Charaktere: Ein spaßiger Haufen der mich allerdings nicht so gebunden hat wie Class VII. Dennoch ist klar, dass eine der größten Stärken von Nihon Falcom, in der Charaktergestaltung liegt. Jedes Partymitglied hat seine eigene Geschichte bzw. Beweggründe und sie sind allesamt gut ausgearbeitet. Außerdem verbirgt sich oftmals viel mehr in einem Char als es am Anfang den Anschein hat. Der Schwerpunkt in diesem Spiel, ohne zu viel zu verraten, ganz klar auf Estelle und Joshua. Mir persönlich fehlt allerdings die Möglichkeit des Bondings wie in ToCS ....Fie du fehlst mir :*-(.......;-). 4. Story: Fängt serientypisch langsam an und steigert sich zum Ende zu einem fesselndem Erlebnis... mehr Verrat ich nicht. 5. Spielewelt: Dieses Spiel findet seinen Schauplatz im Königreich Liberl. Die Schauplätze die man besucht sind abwechslungsreich und schön anzusehen. Nach "Trails" Manier fühlt man sich einfach wohl! 6. Grafik: Dieses Spiel hat nach seinem ursprünglichem Release 12 Jahre auf dem Buckel. Allerdings ist das Spielsdesign meines Erachtens nach Zeitlos gehalten und somit wirkt die Grafik selbst heute noch stimmig. 7. Sound: Kurzum: Passend. Nachdem ich den OST von ToCS 1+2 kenne, welcher einfach überragend ist, bin ich allerdings etwas ernüchtert was den Soundtrack von **** angeht. Ich habe etwas mehr erwartet... 8. Schlusswort: **** ist in allen Belangen ein wunderbares Spiel welches für mich persönlich nicht an seine Nachfolger der Trails of Cold Steel Reihe herankommt. Dennoch ist die Reise nach Liberl ein Erlebnis...

Tessara_Vejgan, Aug 21, 2014

Fantastic game. It has excellent story and amazing characters, combat can get obnoxious sometimes but overall the game is definitely worth playing. Some say graphics are dated but I disagree, thats simply the visual style they were going for. Everything is very clean and clear (yes its a PSP game originally). "Ahaha, someones been naughty", hell yes can't wait for the second and third chapter and hopefully they will port the rest LoH games to pc (steam). If you are an JRPG fan definitely play it. PS: With the amount of s*** I played this summer (especially RPG's) this was really refreshing hahahahaha.

Yosa, Jun 24, 2017

Overlong intro scenes, game play need to happen before the book; first major mistake. Ui is bad, no key mapping, logical user keys devoid, yeah, that nets negative points. So I get to the gameplay after 20 minutes of reading, and realize its so linear that I almost dont care, I explore a bit, and am greated with more dialog.