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The Legend of Korra Only one human born every generation, the Avatar, can bend the four elements of nature to their will. The Legend of Korra is a third-person action game that follows the current reincarnation of the Avatar – Korra – a headstrong teenage girl chosen by fate to bring balance to the powers of the world.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1417
Genre Action Adventure, General, Fantasy
Company / Developer
Activision / PlatinumGames

The Legend of Korra reviews ( 7 )

GreenBurrito, Oct 24, 2014

Faithful to the series, fun combat, good challenge on higher difficulty,Pro bending,$15. Cant really go wrong with this purchase it was 100% worth it.

bwjx88, Oct 21, 2014

its a $15 game not $60 as a $15 game i will give it 8/10 It's fun to play ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

t0nytzu, Oct 22, 2014

This game proves how "trustworthy" some game reviewing sites can be, yes, I am looking at you Gamespot and IGN who gave the game a 3 and a 4 respectively. Firstly, this is a budget game and costs 15$ and secondly, the game is pure fun. It has great combat and amazing moves to unlock, sure it can be difficult, but as well as rewarding. The graphics are nice and the story is there to be there. It is a beat em up game, it doesn't have to rely on story to be good. All in all, Legend of Korra is a great game and I felt super excited when I played it. The game deserves and 8/10 but I'm giving it a 10 to support future releases and to shut the mouth of this "awesome reviewers" out there.

ShiroOu, Oct 22, 2014

Not much content, uninspiring story, no localization for other languages and lack of some essential features such as a mini-map, but yet the best burning/smashing/freezing/slicing/punching experience that you can have for 15$. Although Korra is a unpolished game, the fun and challenging combat have made of my 15$ a great investment.

zakriboss, Nov 30, 2015

I love both shows to death, and this game did it's job of bringing out a little excitement in me for about 5 hours. It is a classic fighting game, where you get that rush of feeling like an all powerful being in the avatar state. That being said, it is rather short, some of the controls were a tad bit annoying (I couldn't get some combo's to work), and there wasn't a story basically. The show has the potential to be made into an AMAZING RPG, and this was not it, but it did what it set out to do, and is a fun little game with a surprising amount of challenge. Also pro bending is a little addicting. If it was fleshed out more, would make a fun little online game or something, but as it is, it's a little plain. They had the right voice actors, which evoked a bit of emotion in the handful of 10 second cut-scenes. I got it on sale for 3 something dollars and it is absolutely worth that, but I'd say don't buy above $5.

DrugsMeazureTim, Feb 18, 2015

legend of korra is a very average and mixed game in my opinion. it's not an awful game. but not a good game too things i did liked: awesome cutscenes great combat. however felt repetitive. 80% of the voice acting was great. controls are responsive. things i hated: graphics lacking many things. even that's supposed to be a cartooned game. the minigames are very dull. the story is kinda fine. but sometimes doesn't explained right. uninspired map design. very linear. item store is bad. the fact this game is at 15$ dollars. and that's fine by me. it can be fun. but overall. like i said. VERY average.

DannyElDiablo, Oct 24, 2014

Boring gameplay you literally pressing one button in the begging, and then...nothing change actually. Boring story (nothing to write about that) and freaking Runner Style levels. Really shocked about that game, in the first time PG disappointed me.