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The Long Journey Home Explore an endlessly shifting universe. Forge alliances with powerful alien races. Harness your crew’s skills, from research to archaeology to space combat. Do whatever it takes to get Home.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1404
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Daedalic Entertainment / Daedalic Studio West
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The Long Journey Home reviews ( 7 )

hanz123, May 31, 2017

After spending 9 hours into the game I can definitely recommend this gem. Prepare for some struggle in the beginning because you are playing a roguelike and you are expected to die. But once you learned the basic you will explore a rich universe full of freaky, funny and interesting characters and a lot of stuff to do. I don’t recall the last time a played a game till 4 in the morning without realizing it at all.

SneakyFlopso, Jun 10, 2017

I've just started the game and I'm lost already. Stranded 50.000 Parsecs away from earth, with low fuel, a burning ship and an injured crew. Just 5 minutes in the game, pirates came and tried to kill me, an alien race infected my whole ship with a deadly disease and my planetary lander was destroyed by too high planetary gravity while the pilot slowly suffocated to death. 10/10, would buy again. Seriously. This game is genius.

Aeonian777, May 30, 2017

Great beautiful game almost like my favorite Prison Simulator VR. i Would highly recommend playing it. Polygon who put 55 are just too dumb to be able to play it so they just could finish it.

holdmykidney, May 30, 2017

(disclaimer: received game for free) TLJH is a space game that bucks the trend. Never have I played a game which so perfectly captures my understanding of the reality of a human crew space mission. Most games want to give you a tough avatar, so your ship can take a pounding, fly anywhere, refuel for nothing and protect you. TLJH spins that on its head by making your spacecraft a precious and fragile resource. The early part of the game is punishing. There is no hand-held tutorial or lengthy explanation of survival strategy. Learning all the mistakes which will kill your crew and destroy your ship can be frustrating. The game forces you to consider your first few forays as the training the Daedalus' crew would have undoubtedly undertaken. Even down to simple tasks such as lining up the drill head or staying stable on a planet with high winds have to be learned on the hoof. But there is a point during The Long Journey Home when you realise that you have been steadily trained with an impressive array of skills and judgement. You feel like an EXPERT. Asteroid fields, which once represented certain calamity, now offer a safe and manageable way to gather resources. You become adept at judging whether a system or planet is worth visiting for its resources, which crew member to send, on which on-board issues to spend your precious and limited resources. Is the Lander drill only collecting Hydrogen at 70%? I might live with that. I'd rather fix the Fuel Efficiency. The Long Journey Home is, in keeping with its name, a marathon rather than a sprint. Brimming beneath this voyaging simulation is a universe of surprising personality and content. Numerous alien races, with a multitude of named NPCs come your way and offer detailed quests. Ancient and recent ruins litter nearby planets. Brothels, tournaments and obscure games played with stones all randomly colour your journey through the black. 15 hours in I have seen very little content twice. Lastly, despite essentially being a grown-up Thrust clone, The Long Journey Home is incredibly beautiful. It's the treatment Thrust might get if a major movie studio decided to adapt it. I'm an Elite Dangerous veteran, but TLJH still surprised me with its light-mottled wreckage drifts, vast planetary horizons and forests of tall crystal. The sound is minimalist, but perfectly captures the bleak loneliness of the journey, occasionally interspersed with life-threatening drama. Perhaps the only sticking point I can see is the price. The simple play style and interface does not seem at first like the sort of game to command $40. The vast alien cultures and depth are hidden away, perhaps unfortunately, behind a text-comms interface. Having played it, I would pay that price. It certainly has the depth to warrant it, but perhaps it will put players off by looking too indie for a full price tag? My advice would be: don't hold back. Don't miss out on one of the years most truly unique and beautiful titles.

Mercent, Jun 4, 2017

There are much to love and much to hate about this game. The bad things sometime overshadow the good: UI that favours the use of controllers, movements that favour the use of controllers, artificial difficulty from implementation of randomness due to some sub-optimal design decision. The good thing is that the devs are actively polishing it up so that the greatness of this game can show through: great narrative, the great feeling you get when your plans worked and the great hilarity when they don't because of some silliness of your part, the truly wonderful music and many more. Give this game a chance, or many chances and you might end up loving it.

Zokrace, Jun 29, 2017

Maybe interesting story and universe. 1 good point controls are hard to master but doable. evade harsh planets etc. some flight vector corridor in solarsystem you can aim at would be nice cause watching an arrow slowly moving across isnt that entertaining cause when you accelerate too much you bypass the planets like sonic the hedgehog on speed. most of the time you have to do things slow and steady because of controls,physics and that just sucks and is boring. the point where i said screw this was when i did a landing direct on resource marker on an arctic planet with moderate winds. so i stand there with lander on ground watching it sliding on ground gettin blown away by wind. sure. losing would be fun if gameplay was fun. nice characters and story cant compensate the lack of good gameplay

Lordgrey, May 31, 2017

It just a simulator of falling shuttle, drived by paralized astronaut, who never previsiously flight anywhere in his life. He teach landing in process, but his arms dont moving. He has only a mouse cursor, following to him gaze and one engines activating button, pressing by him tongue. Too sad.