The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Crack/Patch

The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Mines of Moria expands the online world of Middle-earth to let players explore the ancient underground cities of the dwarves, battle epic characters in the depths, face off with the Watcher, be a part of the fateful release of Durin’s Bane and more. Speak Friend, and Enter – Moria, called Khazad-dûm by the dwarves, was their capital and the grandest of cities. This enormous underground cavern in north-western Middle-earth, comprises an immense network of tunnels, chambers, mines and huge halls that run beneath and ultimately through the Misty Mountains. For the first time, players of The Lord of the Rings Online enter this ancient city which has served as the foundation for the modern-day dungeon-crawling adventures to battle the hordes of goblins and the Nameless of the Deep and journey through hundreds of new quests within six new kinds of stunning environments. The Mines of Moria represents the beginning of Volume II of The Lord of the Rings Online. Players can experience six new books as part of this update and participate in the release of Durin’s Bane, battle the Watcher, aid Galadriel and more. Players advance their characters up to level 60, gaining access to new traits, virtues, skills and class quests. The crafting system will also expand, giving players the ability to craft even more powerful items. The Rune-keeper and the Warden, the first new classes to be introduced since the launch of the game, allow players to build exciting and powerful new characters in The Lord of the Rings Online in diverse new ways. The Mines of Moria introduces Turbine’s new item advancement system to The Lord of the Rings Online. Players will be able to forge weapons and class-related equipment and evolve them to build a legacy the likes of Bilbo’s Sting and Gandalf’s Glamdring. These legendary weapons level-up along with the player, allowing customization by advancing the item’s virtues, adding runic legacies, modifying its titles and forming fables. [Turbine]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1721
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Turbine Inc. / Turbine Inc.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria reviews ( 6 )

M0nK3YC4Rn4GE, Dec 14, 2008

This add-on just made one of the best MMOs on the market even better. Being set in Tolkiens' Middle Earth gives this game a breadth of narrative not seen in any other MMO. This is no mere PvP gank-fest. To anyone looking for a beautifully crafted MMO - look no further, and to those of you already in Middle Earth - Get this expansion. The two new classes are excellent, legendary items are awesome and the mines themselves will blow you away!

deanw, Mar 4, 2009

As a fan of lotro enough to purchase a lifetime sub- which as far as i know wow and other mmo's dont provide this expansion only serves to ruther loyal fans experience of the game and storyline some people state lotro is a defunked wow clone- i disagree- wow copied aspects of other games and lotro took a similar choice but has gone in a different direction and since lotro began it has improved with new content and got better all the time- sure monster play isnt the strongest pvp or mad raid grind as other mmo's but i dont always have the time to raid andcan take things in my stride and pvp isnt my thing- you gotta go with whatever flats your boat as they say- but moria serves to strengthen a solid mmo in my opinion the unique item and weapons make for an exceptional addition that i cant find any faults with except with the crafting issue- you cannot crit a legendary item or weapon for it to become a 2nd age- the new crafting tier is a minor letdown but im sure being able to crit the new tier will become avaliable in the new books thar are surely to be realeased - in my opinion mines of moria strengthens lotro into a solid mmo that seems to persistantly keep its edge as a popular mmo

Andres, Dec 18, 2008

I never bought LOTRO SoA last year. This year I decided to give it try, and got Mines of Moria. This game is incredible, great graphics, good sound, immersive storyline, no-grind and fun quests. More casual MMO than WoW. The community is great so far, very mature and helpfull. Any LotR fan should give it a try at least!

KieranC, Jan 16, 2009

MOM is perhaps the perfect expansion. The new environments are great to explore and the story line is compelling. The new classes are fun to play and are balanced extremely well, although no new starting zones being included as of yet is a little disappointing. The expansions to the Deed Log feature are also extremely welcome, being rewarded for simply playing the game how you want to play it is a nice relief from the quest-based leveling found in most other MMOs.

WhiteTalpa, Aug 6, 2014

Solid expansion pack, this IMO is where LOTRO really starts to take off, I never really thought the base game was anything to shout about but with expansion packs like MoM the game really starts to make a name for its self. The quests are so much better here than they are in the base game, the team at Turbine have certainly learnt from their mistakes there, the PvM is classed as some of the best in LOTROs history and the same can be said for the PvE which is further improved with AI changes. Overall is a must have purchase for people who are already fans of LOTRO and its a great opportunity for players who perhaps didn't like the base game to try the game again.

jeffkren, Apr 16, 2015

These ratings should be updated to reflect current changes and problems, support and stability are nearly 0 and the PvP system is and has been extremely broken and full of exploits.