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The Matrix: Path of Neo Set in the Matrix universe, The Matrix: Path of Neo enables players to play as Neo, the central character, and relive his most important and memorable scenarios from the complete film trilogy, including the original film, "The Matrix." Throughout the game, the path the player takes to resolve each scenario and the resulting consequences are scripted and directed by the Wachowski Brothers. The likenesses of all of the films' key actors -- including Keanu Reeves ("Neo"), Laurence Fishburne ("Morpheus"), Carrie-Ann Moss ("Trinity), and Hugo Weaving ("Agent Smith") -- are featured in the game, which also includes footage from all three feature films, as well as "The Animatrix." [Atari]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1168
Genre Action Adventure, Sci-Fi, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / Shiny Entertainment

The Matrix: Path of Neo reviews ( 7 )

GPReS, Mar 23, 2012

The game still rocks my gaming world - yeahh, the graphic maybe was not top notch even for the time, but nevertheless the game still has one of the best fighting mechanics. I really love it!

ChetanA., Mar 23, 2006

Cool game, I love this game very much. in this the Neo has great powers. i liked his wall run, gun fighting and everything. Just play this game, this game really rocks!

JazzCZ, Feb 6, 2012

The Matrix: Path of Neo I seriously enjoyed this game, because it's a game adaptation of my favourite movie, Matrix! And it's so good. Controls are okay (would kill the **** who don't agree), the graphics are kinda amazing on its age and it's same as the movie. Brilliant!

dangoater, Sep 8, 2005

i think we were all a bit dissapointed with the first matrix game as you can not be neo and do any of his legend fights, so this is an essential game to get and i cant wait for it to be released, finally the creators of the recent matrix realised they had made a huge mistake in missing neo out but now theve come to thier senses

SchylarP., Nov 1, 2005

This game is very well put together, the visuals are amazing. while playing this title i actually felt like i was apart of the matrix universe. Atari has taken a step in the right direction, after there previous failures.

Wachowski, Dec 31, 2005

This is another bad game in a line of bad matrix games. This has all the trademarks of a console dub; it's assumed a 12yr kid is playing it, a poor interface that avoids using a mouse, unmanagable controls which degrade the game into a mindless button bashing fest, lack of proper control means the linear levels are frustrating to complete, sub-standard graphics even on serious hardware, and don't forget... BUGS BUGS BUGS! Even with the latest 1.1 patch most of my vocals & SFX dont come through the speakers, and theres numerous graphical & animation glitches. There is NO EXCUSE why any Matrix game should have poor animation or textures with all the motion capture done for the films & the high-resolution textures of each actors face for Special effects. (watch the Revisited documentaries) It seems the developers have deliberately tried to pee of the players and slow the game down to make it boring & frustrating. There are an endless supply of pop-up "tips" and "combination sequence keys" screens, and cut-scenes that pop up at the start of every level & during fight scenes - some which repeat for repetition's sake - followed by more "tip" pop-up screens for good measure. If i could have a dollar for every time the "matrix load screen" appears I could buy a game worth playing. :p And to stop you from actually playing the game even longer, there is chopped up recycled footage from the movies -- which any matrix fan who has watched the movie 20 times doesn't need to see. They just highlight how crap the ingame graphics look. Although they are more watchable than the scenes re-created using the graphics engine... that is just dreadful to look at. The most enraging aspect of the game is how it digresses so badly from the movie's. [SPOILERS] For example, you are met with 3 waves of SWAT teams in the lobby scene; in the burly brawl you destroy all the buildings surrounding the park to stop the smiths... and u do this by fighting the smiths. :rolleyes: After the subway fight with Agent smith, you then 'escape' by falling through the floor to run through the sewers?!?! And just when you're thinking "WTF?!?!" get this -- after the chateau fight, you end up in Space?!?!?! I know -- What the !??!?!? To cap it off, this game uses "We Are The Champions" in its soundtrack.... did somebody at Shiny even listen to the Matrix soundtracks? It is so badly out of place - that music belongs in a Waynes World film. Excuse the novel here, but people need to know: THIS GAME IS BAD. But i give this game a generous 4/10 because there are some small positives -- 1] the ending is better than the 3rd movie (not hard though if you think about it), 2] most environments are extensively destructable, 3] some moves do look cool... when you can finally do them, and 4] there's a level unlocker on so you dont have to drag yourself through each frustrating level. If you have read this far, thank you. Next time you see a product with "made by the Wachowski brothers", that's a warning sign NOT to buy. I've been in denial for so long but now I am enlightened.

KDep, Nov 19, 2005

BOOOOOO!!! Atari ruins another potentially great game. I actually really liked Enter the Matrix, a few years back, but this game absolutely stinks. The graphics are severely dated, it looks like the same engine from ETM. The controls are terrible, and there's no option to change the mouse sensitivity, so you'll constantly be wondering what the heck you're doing because you can't center the mouse. The moves are decent, and the guns are okay, but the focus abilities have a lot to be desired. You'll spend the whole game doing focus moves on every enemy, which gets very tired after a while. I've played about half way through, and I can say that on a number of levels, I've stopped for a second and just thought "What the heck is this crap?" I'm sorry, I like the Matrix, I like ETM, but I can't like this game. Do not buy it until the price drops dramatically, it is NOT worth it.