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The Night of the Rabbit Becoming a magician and learning the craft of magic is the greatest dream of 12 year old Jeremiah Hazelnut. During the last two days of his summer vacation this dream finally seems to come true. Out of thin air, an elegantly dressed rabbit who goes by the name the Marquis de Hoto appears,carrying Jerry with him into an enchanted realm...

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1663
Genre Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Daedalic Entertainment / Daedalic Entertainment

The Night of the Rabbit reviews ( 7 )

TemichRussian, Jun 9, 2017

Storytelling for games and movies have not been looking qualitatively lately. Nevertheless, there are always diamonds in the rough that we have to find all by ourselves. “The Night of the Rabbit” is one of these rare and precious stories. Firstly, the part “in the rough” refers to solving puzzles with such a long chain of logic premises. You must pick many objects and sometimes turn to brute force method. For those who do not appreciate these twisting actions, my advice is to do not hesitate to open the game guide or walk-through when you are stuck. Turning to the bright sides of the game, I was so pleased to see a consequent plot with a highly detailed universe of the set of different worlds. The core idea of realms connected by tree roots is absolutely beautiful and romantic! As well as that, the picturesque drawing scenes and characters are stunning. Each of them has his own goal and personality. At certain moments you even feel how tears come to your eyes! And, at the same time the game characters show and teach you to keep your faith even at darkest times. Finally, the soundtrack was awesome too! It was nice to listen to different variations of the same magic melody that were played on viola, accordion, flute and other interesting instruments. I really appreciate when people are strive to create something compelling and outstanding. That is why the computer games is considered to be a work of art. Personally, I think it is a brilliant adventure game. I was truly astonished by this sincere storytelling and charming characters. Magic drawings and music are unforgettable! Anyone who likes instructive and kind fairy tales and good drawing will really enjoy playing this game. Don not miss the opportunity to go to Mousewood and become a Treewalker!

pak-76, Jun 5, 2013

Great game! Seems like childish quest but has far more deep meaning, charming plot and ambience. Unfortunately it has one minigame that should never existed (I mean the last fight), but still the ending is totally stunning for a quest. In this respect, Deponia and Deponia 2 were not so good, though TNOTR misses some great humor from it.

stranglehold, Sep 29, 2013

Lose yourself in a tale of magic and wonder, where anything is possible and where nothing is quite as it seems: All in all, Night of the Rabbit is an extremely enjoyable game, one certainly that most adventure game enthusiasts will have a fun time with.

kortes, Oct 24, 2013

It can be a bit childish or sometimes even inconsistent, but it has something more than an average game. It has a charisma. It has that magic feeling of a fairy tale, you can only experience when you are a child. While playing, it sometimes reminded me of The Longest Journey with that mystery of unknown worlds and adventures. Anyway, definitely a good one from daedalic keeping artwork to be a masterpiece and some wonderful music from Tilo Alpermann.

akarnokd, Jun 16, 2013

Time to spend before the last Deponia game. The environment and characters are beautifully drawn and the whole looks quite adorable. However, the game has some annoyances: puzzles are sometimes hard and not much rewarding; a few achievements don't work and there is sometimes too much talk, but at least not that much like in Whispered World. The game sometimes slows down and seems to eat a lot of memory: I never thought I see 7GB usage on my poor 32-bit, 3 GB system.

Outlander999, Nov 17, 2013

An adventure set in a fabulous world, interesting but partially weak, because of a not perfect story writing.However it's a long journey that the old adventurers will appreciate. VIRTUALINN.IT

angelikmayhem, Jun 13, 2013

This is a poor offering from Daedalic. This game is a point-and-click puzzle/story game as are most of their games where you play as a young boy and a mysterious rabbit whose fates are intertwined. But first, you play as the boy and frankly he is annoying. I died after the second puzzle because I was looking for a fruit and apparently the game incorrectly identifies acorns as a fruit and rose hips as something other than a fruit. The first puzzle required that you find a stick in a forest. One stick in a forest. And that was after passing by three other objects that would have worked just as well. Then you have to use that stick to remove a bush. That makes no sense. In terms of pros, the game is visually interesting and clearly they spent a lot of time with the art director making it just right. In terms of cons, the gameplay is slow and very specific to the point of failure. I found the premise of the first puzzle to be absurd and the solution to the second puzzle to be incorrect. The interface is awful. You quest book gives you information you shouldn't know and fails to record information you desperately need. The hotspots are humongous and never go away; you're going to be listening to the same poorly-done voice acting cue over and over and over again. This title lacks the good game design elements you would expect for such an easy genre and fails to do any of it's homework making it for me a pass.