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The Old City: Leviathan The Old City: Leviathan is an experiment in first person exploration that focuses entirely on story. All that exists is you and the world. Set in a decaying city from a civilization long past, The Old City: Leviathan puts the player in the shoes of a sewer dwelling isolationist.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1349
Genre First-Person, Adventure, Fantasy
Company / Developer
PostMod Softworks / PostMod Softworks
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The Old City: Leviathan reviews ( 7 )

Taurustar, Jan 28, 2015

The game fits perfectly with the thematic exposed... The game is a referent, in fact has more content than other of the same genre as Dear Esther. I really feel in the place... The story makes the game even more addictive... you need to explore every corner of the game... trying to understand what's going on...

Guerrino, Dec 20, 2014

So , what can i say about this game ? Impressive and that's all. If you really want to feel the fear you should don't see at preview about this game. This song ... and it's a project i am saying to people haven't understood what it is. That's all i wanted to say. This game amateur . Someone like , someone hate...

MikeLane, Jan 25, 2015

This game - well, not a game, it's a piece of interactive fiction - surprised me. It is intelligent, moody and asks some very important questions and, most importantly, never forces an answer. It rewards introspection and thought, and would, I'm afraid, be crippled by a player in a hurry who refused to stop and read, examine and, most importantly, think. I hope this, and spiritual sibling The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, are hints of a genre that will grow. My only negative? It could have been longer - but what's there is amazing.

fartheststar, Jan 31, 2016

I recommend the game if you like walking sim games. It's a bit difficult to describe the game, but it's a fantastical interpretation of ideological battles that have left the world in a post-apocalyptical state, and you are an observer exploring this world, and trying to make sense of the stories that are left behind based on what you see, hear, and read. Pros: - visually this is stunning. - highly detailed and varied environments, that feel "lived in" - game has a feeling that much thought and care went into development. It has heart. - runs on Windows XP! Cons - the philosophy and amount of reading, especially early on is a bit "dense." The game didn't make much sense to me at first, but as the game progressed this became less of an issue. So push forward. - Be aware that the world is not interactive. You will explore and view the world, but you won't be interacting with it much, beyond opening doors. This can be frustrating at first, at least until you understand how things work. So yes, I recommend this one for fans of walking sims, but be aware that it's heavier on reading than you're likely expecting, and it may be difficult to understand at points - especially early on because your motivation might not be sufficient to want to read pages of text without context.

Sorcerer88, Dec 16, 2014

uninformed pseudophilosophy, tedious gameplay, environments pretty but uninspired with lack of interesting and meaningful objects. 3 basic, pseudophilosophical ideas the game centers on: contentness, satisfaction, perfection = stagnation, nothing to do, always need new goals belief should be open ended, you can't know for certain, shouldn't hold on to ideology (= anker), the world is bad and we don't know much, but we can improve step by step, but need to deconstruct everything first. These ideas aren't bad. But they aren't brilliant, deep or new either and instead of making them sound complicated for 2 hours, one could have added to them differently. i feel like the creator didn't read a lot of literature, because these ideas have been done hundreds of times before and much better. It's not even well-copied for lack of ideas. dialogue = simple ideas made to sound complex with naive complication of terms and syntax also, depressing setting, especially in the beginning, with no justification, needs to be good to be worth it. also, tons of game design flaws: horror athmosphere in the beginning, but nothing ever happens to you, so you ignore the scary feeling. a train that takes long to go through only to need to turn back, no reward for exploration. too many long texts scattered throughout the levels that want you to stop to read for a while. especially with Solomon's notes, that's too long and not that interesting. this is not a book, but a game. crab in the last chapter does nothing, you go a long way into a dead-end. takes you a while to realize there's nothing happening there, then you have to backtrack. Dear Esther is the much better game of this exploration story-driven type. I'm sorry to give this such a scathing review, there's surely quite some inspiration and motivation behind Leviathan, but the result just doesn't hold up in any way.

Tessara_Vejgan, Dec 10, 2014

Another one of these dumbass adventure games that make you walk around and make no f***** sense or as some would say "walking simulator". I actually finished this one and in about 2 hr. Listening to the guys pseudo intellectual/philosophical nonsense really annoyed me. There is no point to it, you just walk around and listen to this guy talk and read notes and nothing is explained. I decided to go all the way to the end and see if I will get an explanation as to what happened but nope. Only thing I got was black screen and back to the title menu, not even a thank you for putting up with our s*** game.

dajhorn, Mar 21, 2018

The Old City Leviathan is a tedious overwrought book pretending to be a video game. It isn't mysterious. It is slow, plodding, and poorly written. It is like that chore homework that a self-important associate professor gave you for that mandatory undergraduate course in philosophy.