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The Park The Park is a single-player horror experience developed by Funcom, set against the backdrop of an amusement park where a dark and sinister secret is just waiting to be uncovered.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1350
Genre Action Adventure, Survival
Company / Developer
Funcom / Funcom

The Park reviews ( 7 )

andistotle, Oct 27, 2015

Amzing game. I really recommed playing it. Quite a unique experience. The atmosphere, sound, story, setting is top notch. Its a scary game in a diffrent way than many other horror games, and not diffrent in a bad way. Hope Funcom does more of these games.

Sankiri, Nov 6, 2015

For the price, game is great, but also a little short. You have to make sure you explore all areas and just doesn't run through the game. That way you will miss out on a lot of good references and story, and the game will be much shorter. And you might not understand what you are suppose to in the game. This is very important to enhance on the experience. Atmosphere is creepy and pretty, though there should be more areas to explore and more interactivity. Also it would be cool if you could die. All in all an 8/10 but I give it a 10/10 since some people here are rating it 1 because of stupid things like keyboard binding options.

serial_, Nov 3, 2015

The Park is an excellent 1.5hr romp, and I hope Funcom makes more games like it (preferably still set in the TSW universe). I give the game a solid 9.5/10. No game is perfect, and The Park has some minor details that could have been improved upon. That being said, read on. I don't normally review on Metacritic, but with the hordes of people not understanding the underlying reason for Lorraine's flitting between frantic mother and melancholy musing, I have to help my fellow humans out. You'll notice throughout the game (provided you are wearing at least a decent set of headphones) that the audio quality of the dialog vs the narration is different. Dialog is affected by the environment (echoes et al), while narration isn't. Pro-tip: consider the fact that you're experiencing the game through Lorraine's eyes, and therefore her mental state. Hopefully this little tidbit helps others see the well-crafted story, setting, and open-ended possibilities for what they are: brilliant--instead of assuming that it's disjointed or haphazard. More protips: This is the team that brought us The Secret World, so remember that. Subtle-yet-chasmic-depth is their trademark. Every word in the dialog is chosen specifically. Blonde guy probably doesn't have two jobs. Pay attention to the book-cover descriptions. Think outside the box. Where is your god now?

GermaNister, Nov 5, 2015

This game have a exciting Story with a cool graphic and the game is really creepy. Just as you would want :). The idea is cool, too but I will not spoil it. The game costs 12'99 $ on Steam. I find the end was a little bit predictable.

Mokrag, Oct 29, 2015

I wish I had a lot to say about this game, but it's not really a game. There's no fail state, there's no choice, there's no real player interaction. This game would be the exact same game without players, with just automated walking. It's a walking simulator, and not a very good one. Let me tell you why. I'm a long time TSW player and loved the previous takes on adventure games from Funcom so I was actually "hyped" about this. I guess that in part my expectations were what killed this product for me. So, as you start the game you are given an objective: grab that brat and take him back. No backstory, no character introduction at all. The kid was crying about his toy and then just runs (supposedly) into a closed park. As one enters the park, the first "this is going to be awkward" alert rang. An earthquake or similar, a complete change of environment and the main character reacted by... oh wait! The main character didn't react at all. Kinda weird for a "narrative" story in my opinion, but sure, I'll take it, after all there's a small, fast commentary about it at the top of the stairs (and that's all). The "shout" mechanic is completely useless. That is supposed to be the mechanic that gives you the correct direction and can highlight intractable items, but it's completely unneeded since there is Zero alternative routes. You follow the path and that's it. Hidden objects (pages with lore) are badly hidden and some of them (the hand written ones) are completely impossible to read on lower spec. configurations. By the way, let me say that this is probably one of the worst optimized walking simulators I had the displeasure to submit my rig to. Have you player The Secret World extensively and were interested by it's lore/story? Then you might find some of all this interesting. If you haven't, then just forget it. There's nothing for you here. The main character is completely impersonal. The shouts reveal a complete different emotion from all the rest of the voice acting (voice acting is great tho.) The scared lady giggles and laughs about some of her thoughts and newspaper pages she finds while looking for her lost kid with shouts that transmit desperation. It's just too bipolar to be believable. Want a mystery? Not here. The plot (if you can call it that) is obvious from the start. The main mechanic: Walk to a park ride. Enter the ride. Spend a few minutes locked down to your sit (sometimes facing nothing but other sit) with your camera locked on a 90º angle of freedom while "scary" stuff happen. I say "scary" because without freedom to move, look at, interact with anything, the stuff thrown at you can't be really scary. The last part of the game consists in going through the same rooms again and again... and again.. and again (with slightly different assets thrown at each scene). You have a complete notion that nothing can hurt you and "lore" objects start repeating. Dull! Looks pretty, if your computer can handle it without bursting into fire and if you're a TSW lore fan this will give you a happy nerd moment at some points. The feeling doesn't stay with you for a long time tho, since the dull move-to-another-ride will be at the next corner. Oh, there is a couple of jump-scares. Jump-scares that feel like they were done by a first timer indie dev. As lame and predictable as they could be. Also, a small hint for Funcom's future walking simulators (I hope they drop the idea of walking simulator and go full adventure game, but here's the hint nontheless): Don't break immersion on a story that has nothing to it except the immersion, with huge MMO looking load screens. That last ride entrance was awkward. Not that I was very immersed in the game at the point, since the character doesn't allow that very easily, but that load screen got awarded with a facepalm. The best thing about this game has to be the sound. The sound engineering gave this game 98% of it's feeling. It's not innovative at all, but it's well done and sounds great. At the end, I congratulated me for being able to spend almost 2h in this game, watching paint dry on a very bland and dull painting. Want a good Part horror story? Try the MMO. This one doesn't has any value. TBH I think the The Secret World costume set and items are more valuable than this game.

Datamari, Nov 1, 2015

It's alright.. The Park takes place in an abandon amusement park, with the mascot coming after you as you look for your son. It's a neat concept, but it didn't work as well as you would think. The game focuses on the story, and does a good job at building suspense, but it just doesn't work. The jumpscares are predictable and cheap, so the game unfortunately falls under that trap. But easily, the weakest part about this game is the Shout mechanic.. it's completely useless. The entire game directs you in a single direction, and the hidden pages and hand-written ones are badly placed. However, there are some redeeming qualities to this game. The graphics are very nice, a great use of the Unreal Engine; poor optimization, but still a good-looking game. It's a short game, but sometimes that's not a bad thing; most horror games suffer from a long game-period, and The Park only lasts one hour, and while the ending does feel unrewarding, this game is still short and sweet. Overall, The Park is a solid horror experience, but the execution of what the developers wanted the game to be didn't work like they wanted. 12.99 does seem a bit too much for this, but if you're looking for a good scare, this game will work, for the most part. The Park gets a 6/10.

TitaniumDragon, Nov 21, 2017

The Park is a first person horror walking simulator made by FunCom, the makers of The Secret World. The game is about Lorraine, who returns to the titular park to search for her son, Callum, who has run off into the park in search of his teddy bear. Well, maybe. This is one of those games that relies rather heavily on mind screw, and at the end, it isn’t really clear what is real and what is fake, or even what actually happened. The protagonist is clearly going crazy and being messed with by The Park, but in the end, the whole thing feels slightly pointless – you walk around the park in a disguised linear loop, but while you see stuff and get to know Lorraine a little bit, ultimately I was left feeling cold. Why should I care? What greater context is there? Some bad guy built an amusement park on bad land and something bad happens as a result. All of the horrible stuff doesn’t really touch me because I’m left wondering why I should care about any of it; there’s no greater connection to the world, and Lorraine isn’t a particularly sympathetic protagonist. As a walking simulator, the only gameplay is walking around and clicking on stuff; there’s a few dozen interactive objects within the game, including a few rides that you fade to black to get into rather than organically climbing into them for whatever reason. There’s a couple weird scenes that feel kind of inconsistent with everything else and make little sense until you get towards the end, and even then, you might not realize what it meant unless you think about it (I didn’t realize what a certain scene involving electricity meant until I was writing this review). As there isn’t really any gameplay, and the story is confusing and kind of hollow, I’m not really left with a whole lot here. The game looks nice enough – the parking lot at the start of the game looks nice, as does the park at times (especially when first entering), and there is a nice “blood running down the walls” effect, but the game is a rather generic haunted park, and while some moments are nice visually, on the whole there’s nothing particularly memorable about the game. As a fan of The Secret World, I did enjoy the nod towards that game in the ending, and indeed, the whole game takes place in a location in that game (or at least an analogue thereof), but, really… I just couldn’t bring myself to care about this game. My recommendation? Avoid this.