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The Perils of Man

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1357
Genre Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
IF Games / IF Games

The Perils of Man reviews ( 6 )

birdseye1964, May 8, 2015

There is much to admire about The Perils of Man. The writing, the voiceovers, beautifully rendered locations and the score combine to make a great overall experience. It’s a game with a unique and fascinating story, and puzzle challenges to keep you thinking and engaged. Loved every minute of it.

valeur85, May 8, 2015

Very fun game with a great story, strong heroine and solid puzzles. The small glitches didn't hinder my enjoyment of this truly magnificent indie title.

Sanpanta, May 8, 2015

Wunderschönes 3D Design & Bilder, perfekter Soundtrack, herausfordernde Puzzles und eine packende Story kennzeichnen dieses spannende und bereits mehrmals preisgekrönte Abenteuer Game. Perfekt für die ganze Familie. Ein echtes Movie Abenteuer. Fantastische Premiere für IF GAMES!

dokterphil, May 11, 2015

This game is made with so much love, and the story is intriguing. The visual appearance, characters, environments, interface, and even the marketing is very unique and draws you right in. You don't want to stop playing anymore. Even for kids or non-frequent gamers, this is the perfect entry into the world of point & click adventure games. Please don't stop developing more of these!

MissFabienne, May 10, 2015

This is the most fabulous family adventure game we ever played! Our 9 year old is totally into it and showed me how to solve the puzzles, even our 6 year old loves it and wants to play it all the time. It's the best family adventure ever! The world of time traveling is great, perfect design, lovely characters!

BSim500, May 12, 2016

Overall The Perils Of Man is a decent game. It has a great plot and the puzzles actually make sense. The dimensional Risk Atlas "vision enhancement" mechanic worked well. It's relatively bug free, and the soundtrack and ambient soundscapes are well done. Voice acting & graphics aren't the best but they're also far from the worst. This is one of those enjoyable "light" adventure games like The Inner World where it can be played by adults without it feeling childish, but also enjoyed by younger players without being too taxing. Yes it's short, but overall it's very enjoyable and well worth it for the story. A realistic honest non-troll score would be 7-8 out of 10. Ignore the absurd 40-50% "professional" critic scores. Every time a good "lightweight" adventure game comes out, the same suspects of the same publications sulk and vote it 20-30% lower than user scores simply because point & click adventures aren't the reviewer's favorite genre or on the back of silly game mechanic expectations (eg, 'demanding' branching story-lines that would make no sense given an intentionally short linear plot). If people are giving "grudge scores" over its 5-6 hours game length, they need to both get over the fact the game is a $10 Indie (less in sales) and also be consistent with that voting criteria for other genres (eg, $60 Crysis 3 was a mere 7hrs length). There is no "law" that states every game 'must' be exactly 20hrs in length and it's far better that these games are made as long or short as they naturally need to be based around the plot & small development budgets rather than pad them out with weak obvious "filler" to suit the confused "demands" of a few critics. The only serious advice I can give to people new to these kinds of games wondering about the persistent critic vs user score disparities is to try several of them and find out what style of adventure game you like. Then buy similar games based on recommendations by other users of like-minded tastes. The Perils of Man is rated "Very positive" on Steam (again by users not "critics"), so the only thing these 40% "critic" reviews do is remind me why I stopped reading overly-sulky "critic" reviews years ago...