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The Political Machine The Political Machine is a new strategy game in which you are the campaign manager for a candidate for President of the United States. Choose a political party, put together the dream presidential ticket and go for it. Based on the real world, The Political Machine gives would-be candidates the taste of the challenge real candidates face. Fund raising, campaigning, building support, going on "The O'Maley Factor" and other cable news shows to answer the tough questions, and more. The Political Machine is both a single player game against the computer and multiplayer against other players on the Internet. Scores can be optionally recorded to the Metaverse here on The game is currently in internal alpha and will be released in May of 2004. The beta should be available in mid March. On the other hand, has been designed not just as place to download and use the game but as neutral ground for political junkies to discuss the issues of the day with other players from around the world. Create your own articles, hang out in the forum, and become part of this new political discussion community. [Stardock]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1301
Genre Strategy, General
Players 1-2
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Stardock
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The Political Machine reviews ( 4 )

Cameran, Sep 7, 2004

Be sure you have a firm grasp on common-sense politics. I picked up and understood this game within the first 30 minutes, and went on to win my first election without reading the manual- I did have it on the easiest gameplay setting. This is a great game for political junkies! There are a variety of issues you can take a stance on, a full campaign, and they promise new downloadable content. You can easily make a new candidate or play a fantasy game where you alter the demographic settings. Highly recommended to anyone who likes strategy games or politics!

EvaD., Sep 1, 2004

This game far exceeded my expectations. I found politics is anything but boring in the Political Machine. Moving John Kerry around the country trying to defeat opponent Arnold Shwarzeneggar and win the Oval office on Election Day was fun and hectic. Though the game is turn-based, i felt like every moment is precious. I especially like the real life data and issues represented in the game. Gives me an idea on where the rest of the country sits on issues. The longer i played the more comfortable i was building political capitol and strategizing. It wasn't easy but it was fun!

G.Davis, Sep 6, 2004

I found the game difficult and confusing even on the beginner setting. Worst of all, I did not understand why my candidate lost or how the different factors of the game affect winning or losing.

KelliM., Aug 21, 2004

Game only works on a few select brands of video cards and you have to download and re-do all kinds of stuff for it to work even if you have one of their choice brand of video cards. that is just plain bad programming. compatibility is much needed!