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The Precursors The Precursors is a RPG/FPS with space simulation elements, set is a world where other civilizations discovered space flight way before humans.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 874
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Russobit-M / Deep Shadows

The Precursors reviews ( 4 )

spartanlemur, Aug 5, 2012

Gaming masterclass. Awe-inspiring originality far removed from the PARPG (Post Apocalyptic RPG) trend which has infected the gaming industry today (Bethesda, i'm looking at you O_O ). For being the best game in a category of one ( quest-oriented space RPG with out of ship gameplay), it more than deserves it's ten score. Admittedly it has a very obscure Russian feel to it, but if you can see through that, there is a role model for other studios to follow. 10/10.

Wesp5, Nov 18, 2013

This game is a rough diamond that gets a lot better by the Unofficial Patches created for it. After that it's a classic that would only deserve the missing sequel!

Amigian, May 20, 2015

I played this game a few years ago, and I still remember my experience with it pretty clearly. It is an unusual mix of fps, rpg and Elite style space combat & trading...probably each element of the game individually isn't super strong but when you take it all together it gels fairly well and I remember spending a couple of happy weeks glued to the monitor. The graphics are certainly not bad, overall it is quite colourful and there are some really neat looking aliens to encounter friendly or otherwise, also some of the environments like the elevated tree-top village was really memorable for me. Something to note about the gfx is that it has an imposed film-grain effect similar to Manhunt, but there is a patch to remove it, well at least for the Russian version afailk. When you converse with characters it is not so unlike Fallout 3, and similarly many characters look the same, there are quite a few npc sub quests to take on, probably more of the fetch-return variety, but it is quite fun driving around sand dunes or forests in the sort of Halo inspired buggies. I remember one mission where you are asked by a businessman to spy on his rivals by planting bug devices in their establishments, so there are some rather unique quests peppered throughout that bolster interest. Probably at the start of the game it is difficult to gauge how the game plays throughout since it is just a simple fps scenario but when you head into town and begin meeting characters and learning about the lores of the game world things start to take shape and your interest grows. The planet hopping aspect of the game when you begin interstellar travel it reminded me of course of the aforementioned Elite but also Star Flight ( which you may be familiar with from pc,Amiga or Genesis) in that some planets are actually fairly barren with nothing to do but others are teaming with Alien flora and fauna, but it is basically a crap-shoot and you just can explore to your hearts content - it is a pretty big game world. I would definitely recommend trying this game if you are looking for an interesting sci-fi open-world fps-rpg hybrid, sure there are some deficiencies & bug-bears just like any other game of this size, but I think if you persevere the journey certainly has it's own rewards. There has been an English localised version out for a few years now, and alternatively there is Wesp5's patches for the original version, so there is really no reason not to give this a try! -Amigian aka Akkroid

Riva, Jun 17, 2012

This is so horribly unpolished, its almost impossible - and certainly not fun - to play. There are so many good games to play and life is too short to waste time with this crap!