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The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief Set across 1960's Europe, The Raven is a stunning fast-paced point-and-click adventure journeying through thrilling and dense atmospheres with the aim of catching the art burglar, The Raven. Players follow The Raven's trademark black feather clues to capture the thief and to protect a legendary sapphire, the "Eye of the Sphinx" on its journey from Switzerland to Egypt.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1486
Genre Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
The Adventure Company / KING Art

The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief reviews ( 7 )

Devils, Jul 25, 2013

Excellent game! Lots of fun for any mystery lover. The atmosphere is beautiful, and the characters were pretty interesting. I usually don't play adventure games, but was very impressed with this one.

AaronB, Jul 25, 2015

A very enjoyable adventure that stays true to the crime / murder mystery genre. Beautifully crafted locations really add to the immersion of this well told narrative. I like how you an delve into the back story of each character. And the final ending - not even Agatha has provided such a twist. The puzzles are casual - and as this is a story based game - this is a good thing. There is just enough interaction to keep you involved without it becoming tedious. Minus 1 for some slight performance issues. Highly recommended for interactive story fans.

angelikmayhem, Jul 25, 2013

This is a sexy and suspenseful point-and-click whodunit. The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief is a three-part game, the first chapter of which has come out. It revolves around the lives of a motley group of passengers aboard a train bound for Venice who are peripherally involved in the exploits of a copycat thief who successfully purloins one of two stunningly valuable gemstones. The second gemstone is aboard the train. You play as a constable who at first attempts to guard the gemstone but becomes embroiled in a murder investigation that may or may not be related. Only you can unearth the clues to get to the bottom of this mystery. Without question, the story, characters, and setting are what make this title. It sits on the border between game and interactive movie, so don't expect a lot in the way of puzzle solving. Pros include a great musical score, believable and well-performed voice acting, a nice and simple interface, and well utilized tools such as the diary and inventory. Cons include a few bugs that were patched out this morning I tested them to make sure. Also, the dialog sometimes wonders from the animation in a way that is highly noticeable. If you are into whodunit mysteries, this game is a must. I adored it. It has a few graphics problems, but the game is solid. I played the first chapter in six hours; subsequent chapters come out in August and September. Just be sure to save occasionally just in case I didn't find all the bugs. Full video review on my blog and YouTube channel.

DameLCFC, Jul 24, 2013

An enjoyable game, steady paced with lots of dialogue a nice break from an FPS for me and graphically and musically good also. Basic and easy to grasp controls with a decent story in 3 parts, 1st part takes around 3-4 hours to complete so for a £20 release for all 3 parts not a bad deal. The puzzles are essentially straight forward, some easier some harder than others but not to the extent that you need to constantly alt-tab out to a walkthrough. I can't give this game a 10 as that would be silly as it is not a AAA release that takes you to the next level of invention, complexity or graphics but what it does do it does very nicely and is a great example of a point and click game lovers of George Stobart in the Broken Sword games this will certainly appeal to you its the closest comparison i can make for would be purchasers.

Mpbpl, Mar 15, 2018

Cool mystery, nice point & click game, bug filled. The graphics are good, the environments are beautiful, nice change of scenery between chapters but the animations for the characters are robotic and stiff to a point where the voices are really good but the animation cannot pass the same emotion as the voice or not as good making it funny in a bad way. Normally, point & click games have troubles in changing rooms or places but this game took it to another level; lots of times the controlled character passes the point where the camera should change but doesn't, making him walk to a wall or walk aimlessly without moving. The mystery is really good, the writing and the dialog is great, every character feels like a person in dialog(not animation), but everything else holds this game back so much. If you like Point & Click games, or a good mystery you will find it ok. If not, then the bugs, very precise clicks will annoy you and better to stay off.

Manatierchen, Nov 25, 2013

Like some of my fellow critics, I have a really hard time understanding how this game could get such high ratings. After reading about "The Raven", I expected a suspenseful, fun adventure with an interesting story, but unfortunately it turned out to be quite the opposite. I could not play more than one hour at a time, I literally almost fell asleep after a while. Most of the time I just skipped the dialogues, because I found them to be extremely long and somehow unnatural, and the synchronisation was really bad as well. Although, after changing the language to German (which is my first language) it improved a little. Basically, the dialogues were what bothered me most, because I did not like the main character at all based on what he said and the way he talked, so they kind of ruined the whole experience for me. The other characters seemed fake and stereotypical as well, sadly. Moving around was unnerving, mostly because the character walked extremely slowly. I had difficulties getting from one part of a room to another, because he often stopped moving right at the edge of the screen. The story itself was boring and predictable, and one part of the first chapter bothered me quite a lot. I neither saw nor talked to the Baroness, and therefore did not know she was on board the train (I seemed to have overlooked her cabin door), it was obviously optional to complete the "quest" to find her purse. Yet, when I got to the part on the cruise ship and talked to people, I felt like I had missed something important. The graphics could definitely be better, but the music was nice it was actually the best part of the game. In conclusion, "The Raven" was definitely not for me. What a disappointment!

osprey, Jul 27, 2014

This review is for the xbox 360 version. I played through the first two episodes struggling with many crashes and glitches and although it was not a great game I was determined to finish it. When I got to the third episode the game would not load. I tried all the suggestions on the forums but none of this worked so I deleted the whole game from my console. This kind of thing should not be allowed to happen. I know this is happening to other people and why the game is on sale when it does this is beyond me. This game is not good enough to justify this kind of frustration and is a waste of your time. Do Not Buy This Game even if it is on sale, you will end up angry like me.