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The Red Solstice A tactical eight-player co-op survival game set in the distant future on Mars. Join the fight and lead your customized squad as you roam freely over huge maps, completing random objectives and dealing with random events. The goal is to strategize, survive and conquer by any means necessary.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1630
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Ironward / Ironward

The Red Solstice reviews ( 7 )

Captainho_1982, Jul 14, 2015

i've been playing this thing for a few months now. as a big fan of hardcore survival games, this one did not disappoint. i've had my share of deaths, everything and everyone can kill me and did kill me so far including my own suicidal mistakes. lol and that's the best part of this game. it's hardcore and it's unforgiving but that's the reason why success feels so much better. 11/10!!!

Zastora, Jul 14, 2015

Great game, I'm playing it for the past few days and I'm hooked from the very beginning :D How I started, I'm scared that I'll be spending to much time playing it!

One_Random_ID, Jul 15, 2015

The Red Solstice is a serious game with a steep initial learning curve for new players. With strong guides to the game and an encouraging online community with high involvement by its developers, new players can benefit from the wealth of knowledge only if they are willing to learn. Once initiated and educated in the mechanics of the game, you will be sufficiently rewarded with a survival horror game that sells on the high replayability aspect of Multiplayer. If online co-op mulitplayer is your cup of tea, do yourself a favor. Give this game a look and buy it. I am a fan of survival horror and co-operative team-based games and will be explaining this review based on my experiences. The idea of The Red Solstice stems from the ficitonal future where humanity lost Earth to a deadly virus and now inhabits Mars. Gameplay A top down shooter where players control a single marine at any given time, using keyboard for navigate, camera, skill and inventory management and mouse for aiming and shoot. A simple setup but works really well given the game operates in real-time mostly and with fast fingers on a keyboard, you'll find yourself in better control of the flow of game. The game utilises a countdown timer and wave system to signal incoming waves of enemies that spawns at specific timings. From the start of a game, weak enemies such as zombies would spawn and time progresses, the subsequent waves would feature a variety of dangerous enemies that are capable of single-handedly wiped out a team if they are not prepared. Generic survival horror mechanics such as scavenging for items, ammo control are also important to survive beyond the first 10 minutes of a game. Single Player Follows the event that the virus outbreak occurs on a colony named Tharsis, with Tyler Hunt and his team being sent in to investigate. Here an exclusive game mechanic called Tactical Mode slows down time in game by 90% (aka 1 sec in reality = 10 secs in-game) allowing you to assume control your squad of marines. Since it is single player, you are the commander of the team and its individuals at all times where you can switch to otherwise ai controlled followers in Tactical Mode to access their inventories, skills, etc. The overall campaign is based on set events that are in place over the maps that you play but you will decide how to accomplish them. A simple description would be a sandbox style where player can employ multiple approaches to the objectives. Multiplayer This segment continues where single player campaign ends and a squad of generic marines controlled by players are sent in to follow Tyler Hunt's footsteps. In this segment, player gain experience and rank up to unlock additional classes, skills and equipment to carry into battle. Players are also treated with the sandbox style of freedom in approaching objectives and the type of objectives and their locations are randomly generated so every other game feels different. On top of that there are additional game settings such as increasing drop rate of waves, shortening time between waves that can be selected before the start of a game so players can test themselves in various ways. Here, communications between members and leaders are crucial to be effective in the game as you no longer have a say in what other players choose to do. (Eg. Fail to ask for healing, you're gonna have a bad time) While team leaders are able chart routes to take and issue simple commands, there is an unofficial team speak channel at present maintained by one of the veteran players so players can speak to one another instead of using the in game chat.

Cpt_Crunch, Jul 16, 2015

As many reviews stated, this is fantastic game, but it's hard. Negative reviews I've heard so far are mainly due to hard difficulty, which is definately NOT a minus. The game has three mods, single player story, survival and multiplayer, plenty of content, scary atmosphere and good community. I'm giving 8 to the game and 1 extra for kind and responsive devs.

Alliance_Rebel, Jul 14, 2015

The Red Solstice is not a new game. It's out for more than a year now if I count Early Access. And I do, because it gave me countless hours of fun. Not to mention fantastic community that is always there to help new people, like Creed, Indie, not to mention Yegor that found so many bugs during EA thus helping devs to patch it faster. If you're not sure about The Red Solstice, try it. You have Steam refunds now, so you can look at it like a demo. It's not an easy game, so it might not be for everyone. It is for me, I'm sure of it. ;) P.S. The atnosphere in the game is amazing. And I think Hollywood horror movie amazing!

Zerg_King, Jul 14, 2015

As an old NOTD lover, I found this on Greenlight, then later someone told me it's on Kickstarter. After all this time, I have to say, it's been worth the wait. I'm enjoying every minute of The Red Solstice, and only thing I miss is a PvP multiplayer. The game offers enough difficulty modes, and enough game modes, but Team Deathmatch would be nice. This is more of a suggestion than a complaint. ;) Not sure if people know how small this team is, but the whole game was made by less then 10 people and I have to respect that!

RoofieColada, Aug 10, 2015

Challenging, Tough, and initially very involving and fascinating. But once the new shiny luster wears a little the game is repetitive enough that you can play by a stopwatch it just takes a while to see it. Variety of primary and secondary weapons is flat, beyond underwhelming and just disappointing. And the locations of everything is varied but otherwise gameplay again... is just too repetitive. But these are just two minor insignificant problems, the community is the real problem. Or rather to be more specific... the lack of community is the problem. This game depends on a player base to be playable let alone enjoyable. And that is the one thing that this game is lacking, so as a result the wait times for matches on off peak hours is horrible. Do not get me wrong, the game can be some fun if you are in a good group, or have friends that play. But I have found that I am enjoying the company more then the game to the point that we could be playing anything and having just as much fun if not more. But if ever comes closer to 10 dollars, and you go in with at least 6 friends so you can play consistently. then I might recommend it but only if you watched a few hours of gameplay. Its not good but its not bad either, its just meh. An eclectic title for a niche audience that either loves this title or is indifferent to it.