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The Saboteur Inspired by a true story, The Saboteur stars Sean Devlin, a street-tough Irish race car driver trapped behind enemy lines in 1940s Nazi-occupied France. Motivated by personal revenge, Sean fights, climbs, and races through open-world Paris, sneaking into the heart of the Nazi operations and sabotaging their every move. With the help of the French Resistance, the British intelligence, an arsenal of weaponry, street smarts and brawn, players exact revenge on those who aim to destroy Sean's life. From derailing trains and blowing up zeppelins to scaling famous Parisian landmarks and more, this action hero uses a broad range of weapons, explosives and vehicles to get the job done. As Sean takes down enemies, the citizens of Paris are empowered to resist the tyrannical Third Reich and their eyes open to the colorful world around them. This innovative mechanic, called the 'Will to Fight,' change the way Paris is seen and felt - from a dark and oppressed policed state to a bright and inspired world where the citizens fight back. As the player executes acts of sabotage against the occupying force, color returns to the stylized black and white world - both figuratively and literally. The ‘Will to Fight’ spawns an underground resistance that takes players not only through Paris, but across various parts of France. [Pandemic Studios]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3367
Genre Action Adventure, Historic
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Pandemic Studios
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The Saboteur reviews ( 7 )

Garfoodle, Apr 23, 2014

Its really quite amazing. Fun gameplay, dumb accents, and a huge open world Paris make it worth the $20. Granted some missions are tedious, and some of the gameplay old, it still remains fun. It may be far from historically accurate, but really, who cares?Its like if Assassins Creed, Max Payne, and cell-shading had a baby together, and this was it. So please, do buy it. **** Origin, but don't **** this game. FYI-There is a **** of blood and **** and swearing in it, so kids, don't play it.

Setsuna, Mar 16, 2011

I like this game, kicking some butt and hiding on rooftops and wells.....You'll love the missions that this game offers: racing mission, assassination, etc etc............

mariop, Dec 21, 2009

Very good game...amazing 1940`s paris and s a huge world with thousands of nazi installation to destroy...u got racing ,shooting,upgrades and girls...oh yeah...u can do what u want whenever u want...i didnt had a feel of linearity....if u like gta and world war type of game...this one is for you ....i enjoyed it so much i almost declared myself sick from work just to play s a must...

virgilivs, Feb 4, 2014

It was such a pleasure going through this game. For some reason, I did not have great expectations, but after the first few hours I literally fell in love with it. Artistically it is outstanding, wandering in Paris is extremely entertaining, the music choices are fantastic and the main character is charismatic. Simply put: a game hard to forget.

jelikey, Aug 18, 2015

this game is an well-made open-world game. nice driving, nice shooting, and nice parkour. and the background view the PARIS is look nice. but the graphic is so normal. storyline is scanty

Spawn705, Dec 18, 2016

I don't know how this game got a high score, don't get me wrong, it's fun, open world with ton of stuff to do but it's laggy and with many technical problems. In the end I managed to get it a few weeks ago on Origin and has the same problems when it was lunched. It's working decent on my HD6870x2 Powercolor and Windows 10 x64.

RilusZ, Dec 12, 2009

Considering that the game does not run at all with Windows Vista/7 and ATI graphics cards, I can't see the game getting more any score at all. It is literally unplayable for thousands of PC players.