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The Samaritan Paradox A writer has died. His daughter seeks the help of you, Ord Salamon, to find his secret last novel. During the search, questions will emerge. Did her father really kill himself? What is the secret novel all about? What is going on at the island of Fardo?
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1062
Genre Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Screen 7 / Faravid Interactive
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The Samaritan Paradox reviews ( 1 )

TenchuuKhan, Oct 16, 2015

While the synchro and artstyle are great, the writing and puzzles are just awful. You're a cryptologist, a friend gives you a dull crime thriller to get away from cryptology for once... and the first page contains a code. How do you decipher the code? Read the newspaper first and find out that the guy who wrote the book had a daughter which is a chemist or whatever to which the code seems to be addressed to. After you solve the code you travel to her and she's like: oh yea, my father left behind those riddles for me.... but I won't do them, you go ahead and do them. It may lead to his money... Yea, it's really delivered that dull. Now, the goal is to find one of his other books which he wrote in secret and every time you find another part of the book, you are in the story itself which turns out to be even more awful than you expected. Basically the game forces its own logic onto you, and throwing you into a really awful story.