The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 and 2 Crack/Patch

The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 and 2 Set in the near future, The Scourge Project throws you into the boots of Echo Squad, an elite group of mercenaries hired by The Tarn Initiative to deal a decisive blow against the power-hungry Nogari Corporation. Your mission: First, to locate and rescue Dr Reisbeck, Tarn's double-agent inside Nogari; Second, to recover a piece of the meteorite fragment that Nogari has used to develop Ambrosia, the powerful new energy source with which they now control the world economy. Stranded on Nogari Island shortly after being mysteriously attacked during your covert insertion, and surrounded on all sides by hostile forces, you'll need all of your skill to stay alive as you fight your way through the chaos that has consumed the alien-infested facilities that lie before you... The Scourge Project is a 3rd-Person Shooter created using Unreal Engine 3 to deliver exciting single, co-op, and multiplayer game play. [Tragnarion Studios]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 46 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1088
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Players 4 Online
Company / Developer
BITBOX S.L. / Tragnarion Studios

The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 and 2 reviews ( 3 )

MattH., Apr 19, 2010

The controls kind of bug me. If you used Gears of War II as a point of reference then you would notice that the controls aren't up to par. They feel a little clunky and at times they don't work on my box. Multiple times I have tried to revive someone by hitting 'e', the action button, but failed to do so because it wouldn't actually trigger. This is were I hit 'g' telling someone to heal that person. Its a strange little glitch on my box. The graphics are pretty decent and the squad based design works fine for it. I hate playing single player because your AI is dumb as bricks. They will run out into the middle of a fire fight and neglect to take cover. The opposing AI does the same thing. They will pile in troops into your heavily fortified area without taking cover. It's a little mind boggling. The multiplayer is actually quite fun though. When you have 3 other humans to play with the AI glitches aren't so noticeable. It is actually tolerable and fun at times. If you are looking for a multiplayer co-op game and can over look the controls then this is a steal at 20 bucks.

SamM., Apr 21, 2010

I don't get why they release a game full of bugs, with so dark lighting and with that price (the price of a second hand AAA title). Just don't even try to buy it.

namDa65, Mar 11, 2012

All I can say is that this game is bad. The shooting and recoil is bad. The enemies are generic. The guns are generic. If this game was free I would not waste my time on it. stay away!