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The Sexy Brutale The Sexy Brutale — a never-ending masked ball featuring intrigue, murder and the (quite possibly) occult. Relive the same mysterious day where the guests at the casino mansion are being murdered by the staff over and over again.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1591
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Tequila Works / Tequila Works, Cavalier Game Studios
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The Sexy Brutale reviews ( 7 )

K-lama, Apr 20, 2017

Great Game, unique music, great art work, Good narrative and very good script. The characters are quite interesting, the music envolving each scene, the mansion, it's not too long and thats true but you will enjoy it for sure. Lovely Game.

ImplayingFlossy, May 5, 2017

I have never played any games like this before! It is one of kind! It was a bit confusing in the beginning for me. Took me about an hour to figure out what the game actually wants me to do with all the interactions and time loops thing. After finished the game (15-hr), I felt my IQ might be increased for a bit and I couldn't stop complimenting how good the the whole gaming experience was. The team who designed this, was truly genius hard workers. You could tell by the perfect fitting cinematic music and perfect logic to explain everything in the end and fantastic graphic/mechanism to keep your interests up every minute in the game. To sum up, it was a solid 15 hours that I was highly entertained/amazed by, the twist ending was even a greater highlight for it. Strongly recommend to all my friends if they enjoy more than TPF or FPS games. Seriously, give it a go!

javitoker, Apr 13, 2017

Great game, great music, great mechanics, great art... It has an innovative gameplay and makes the mansion feel like a giant puzzle that needs to be solved. Something that surprised me is that its narrative is also surprising, it's not only about saving all that people without a purpose... But yeah, it feels good saving all that people. The only negative point of it is that it's too short, 5-6 hours, but my money was well spent.

sh4dow, Sep 10, 2017

Maybe it's because I'm not as smart as the average person (even though there's evidence to suggest the opposite) but it took me over 14 hours to finish this game. So I'm not sure where comments like "short" and "only 5 hours" and whatnot are coming from. Of course... I finished it 100%, getting the alternative ending before the regular one. But with an amazing game like this, how could you not? I'm still considering looking around the mansion to listen in on some dialog I may not have read yet. The concept is incredibly unique, design fantastic and the gameplay-wise execution almost perfect. The flaws are only minor - like not being able to rebind keys and the keyboard/mouse controls being very weird. It shows that the devs don't play much on PC and didn't bother to do research. And maybe one or two puzzles that I felt wasn't well-designed. I also would've appreciated more challenge throughout the game. Because until almost the very end, puzzles are mostly straight-forward. Basically just find 1-2 key things, use them and you're done. Although I have to say - on the other hand, I think there was one case where that wasn't enough and I was wondering "So what does the game want me to do?". I guess if they would've done more complex puzzles, one would have to have some sort of "clue progress indicator", especially since the player character moves very slowly and so one would spend ages just wandering around. Oh and they have a loading indicator that's not showing initially and it suffered from stuttering on my 7970 Ghz Edition card - which was able to play any game I've thrown at it in recent years buttery smooth. (I don't play big budget games though) It seems like they released this game with no thought of support after release. Because the lack of graphics options and keyboard rebinding is a shame. Or maybe they simply haven't earned enough. Which may also in part be due to the tacky title that kept me from trying out the game for quite a while too.

DaveTheJackal, Apr 20, 2017

Slick production values, a cutesy gruesome aesthetic, the occasional laugh. i am all for bewildering plots which eventually kinda work out, and when it does eventually work out, the Sexy Brutale's tale is engaging enough, but there may be plenty of bemused wandering around before that, not really knowing what to do, never mind understanding what's going on and, importantly (for me) not having fun. Still, it did work out in the end and I liked it overall. The puzzles could really do with more depth.

TitaniumDragon, Dec 16, 2017

The Sexy Brutale isn??�t sexy, but there??�s certainly some brutality in it. The Sexy Brutale is a puzzle game in which the player place the role of Lafcario, a guest at the titular Sexy Brutale casino and mansion who is trying to prevent the guests from dying gruesome deaths. The major mechanic of the game is time travel ??� the player is trapped in a 12 hour long time loop, at the end of which all items that the player has picked up during the loop will be reset to their starting locations, and all of the characters will return to their starting locations, in order to run through the loop yet another time. Played from a third-person perspective, the player navigates the mansion, spying on the guests and staff, with the intent of preventing the murders of ten guests by the staff and various other hazards within the mansion. The player must avoid being seen by the guests and staff, and as such, ends up watching people and listening to a lot of conversations by leaning against doors or looking through one-way glass. Time travel is key to solving the puzzles; events in the game happen at the rate of 1 hour of in game time equals 1 minute of real life time, and very few events don??�t occur in real time. The player walks around the mansion, watching the various staff and guests move around, then makes use of the knowledge they gain by doing so in the next loop to try and solve the various puzzles. Oftentimes, the player will end up having to stalk the guests for a loop, the staff for a loop, and explore the environment for a loop in order to solve the various puzzles. The various characters will often drop clues as to what the player is supposed to be doing, resulting in a lot of characters having a tendency to talk to themselves in order to drop plot information and puzzle hints. The mansion contains a large number of examinable objects, each of which pop up flavor text when examined. There are also a number of items found lying around the mansion, all of which are used to solve various puzzles. The last major game mechanic is the mask abilities. As the player saves each guest, they gain some ability related to that character, such as keen hearing that allows the player to overhear whispered conversations or the ability to pick locks. These allow the player to gain access to new areas of the mansion. While there are ten guests that the player saves, the story is strictly linear; the player must save each guest or pair of guests in turn before moving on to the next. And while the player saves ten guests in total, three of those are actually pairs of people, so there are ultimately seven murder mysteries that the player must solve, though there are a couple other mysteries that the player must go through. The mysteries are, on the whole, pretty straightforward, though the game is not always terribly explicit about the solutions; in some of the puzzles, the player is essentially outright told the solution to the puzzle by some character, while in others, the player must piece together a way to stop the death based on various environmental objects that they might find or manipulate in their favor, or defusing potential hazards. The puzzles don??�t get particularly more difficult over the course of the game; indeed, a few of the later puzzles feel a lot more straightforward than some of the earlier ones, as the solutions to them are outright told to the player if they listen to the right character. On the other hand, many of the puzzles simply cannot be solved unless you take the time to stalk the right people for essentially the whole loop, which can in some cases lead to following three characters around ??� and you might not be able to find where said characters start out without resetting the loop several times and hustling around trying to find them. However, despite the relative ease of the puzzles, there is somehow a sense of satisfaction in preventing most of the various murders. I certainly wanted to solve the various puzzles in the game, and wanted to unravel the mystery of why the staff were so intent on murdering the guests. Unfortunately, while I appreciated many of the individual mysteries and characters as units, it also felt very compartmentalized. The biggest problem was the lack of real interconnection between the various murders; they are all stand-alone events. Of the guests, only two guests who aren??�t murdered at the same time (and thus, saved together) ever interact, and while solving one of those murders leads to the tools you need to solve the other one, the two murders are otherwise completely disconnected from each other. As a result, despite you solving the various murders in turn, there??�s little sense that they are all part of a greater organic whole. And while you might expect that, at some point, you might need to go through and save all of the guests in a single loop, this never actually happens.

ticroo, Apr 18, 2017

Installed the game. Liked the design and aesthetics, but the control scheme is just unforgivable! There's just no excuse for a game made in the second decade of the 21st century not to have a customizable inputs! God forbid if you happen to have an inadequate controller plugged in when launching the game. Some commands become plain non-existent and the game, of course, non-playable. After an extensive digging on the Internet I found out that the catch is to unplug the controller before attempting to play the game, and then you may actually use keyboard and mouse and have all of the inputs at hand (although some of them don't make a lot of sense). Well, I, for one, don't wan't to have to unplug my controller in order to play anything. I want to be able to choose whether I wish to use keyboard & mouse or joystick and I want to be able to remap whatever **** of the input setup devs figured would do the trick. And I want it ON SPOT! No third party program, no searching the forums, no waiting for the fixes... These are the controls for the game, for Christ's sake! Waiting for patches and **** Are you kidding me?! The non-functioning game is in the market and it's getting a decent reviews?! Beyond idiotic! All paid critics! I don't give a **** that this is a small company and yadda, yadda, yadda... If you're gonna make the game, do it right or don't do it at all. This non-customizable crap with XBox control layout is just not acceptable anymore (if it ever was, in the first place)! Zero! Move on.