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The Shivah: Kosher Edition

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 911
Genre Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Wadjet Eye Games / Wadjet Eye Games

The Shivah: Kosher Edition reviews ( 2 )

ChoicestGames, Sep 21, 2014

If you're uncertain about paying a few dollars for this game, you could always try the demo... wait, there's a demo? For a 1.5 hour game? But seriously, this is a game with a mature plot that touches existentialism, losing faith and what it means to be a Jew. Even though the game is short and a bit rough around the edges (even with the remastered edition) I think it's worth the few dollars Dave Gilbert is asking for. Also, what's with point 'n' click adventure game designers sharing the surname "Gilbert"?

vorgbardo, Apr 22, 2017

Got this because I very much enjoyed the Blackwell series by the Wadjet Eye Games. I was baffled when this turned out to be one of the worst point-and-click adventure games I've ever played. Good: - The setting is promising, having a rabbi as a main character felt very intriguing beforehand. - Price was cheap. - Voice acting was well done. Neutral: - Graphics are OK, got the job done, but did not offer any aesthetic pleasure. - Music fit the mood, but was repetitive and monotonous. Bad: - The story made zero sense. The protagonist's actions made no sense, the antagonist's motives were ludicrous. - Every character in the game was unlikable, it was very hard to care what happened to any of them. - The game mechanics were crude and counter-intuitive. The game was like a hybrid between a very primitive point-and-click adventure (basically it was only possible to interact with people and use computers in the game) and an extremely limited text adventure parser, and as a result it was very hard to understand what the game wanted you to do. Some clues were automatically collected and displayed to you as a result of your actions, while some clues from identical sources and situations were not, you had to figure out somehow which other things were relevant and what kind of actions they required. Especially one "puzzle" I would not have been able to figure out ever without online FAQs, because 1) I did not know an action like that was even possible in the game, 2) I did not seem to have any reason to do anything like it. This was especially frustrating as a single simple hint to nudge the player towards that action would have turned it into a rewarding puzzle instead. - The game is extremely short, less than two hours even if you take your time to ponder things. - The game's end scene is both highly illogical and extrenely annoying. To start with, it makes no sense that the main character even ends up in that situation. Secondly, the whole end scene consists of pure guess work on a trial and error basis; there is a long row of actions you have to get just right, with no way of knowing which actions are the right ones, wrong decisions either causing you to die, or in one case, to be arrested (effectively ignoring everything you have found out during your investigations). In a nutshell: this game is short, illogical, and annoying. Can't recommend.