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The Silver Case The debut game from developer SUDA51, "The Silver Case" is fully remastered, localized into English for the first time.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1197
Genre Adventure, General, Visual Novel
Company / Developer
Grasshopper Manufacture , Limited Run Games / Grasshopper Manufacture
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The Silver Case reviews ( 2 )

silwer, Oct 12, 2016

For anybody interested in this game, please keep in mind that these game isn t as similar as any of suda other games considering that this one focuses more on story rather than gameplay. The game is divided between two storylines, transmitter, in which you play as a mute detective who tries solve the mystery surrounding a legendary serial killer, and placebo were as you play as a freelance journalist who tries to fill in the missing pieces that were not shown in transmitter. During the adventure sequences, you move your character by clicking on the m symbol and you use or talk by clicking on the C symbol, it might get frustrating to get used to, so beware. To conclude, i believe that even after many years, The Silver case still holds up, even with its numerous flaws which include the clunky gameplay, the sometimes repetitive dialogue and the placebo storyline feeling less interesting with the exception of its protagonist, etc There still something interesting about its complex plot and strange characters that will leave you thinking for quite a while.

DreamEaglr, Apr 16, 2017

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