The Sims 4: Get to Work Activator Full Version

The Sims 4: Get to Work Live the thrilling life of an emergency room Doctor and spend your days saving lives, delivering babies, and performing emergency surgery. Grab your badge and start investigating crime scenes, interrogating suspects, and solving mysterious cases as a Detective. Use your analytical mastermind to craft diabolical creations as a Scientist and decide whether you’ll use your inventions for good or evil. Create a variety of retail businesses including bakeries, clothing boutiques, art galleries, bookstores, and many more. Capture the picture-perfect photo or bake and decorate a delicious treat with the new Photography and Baking skills. Create and customize aliens in Create A Sim, uncover which Sims are actually aliens in disguise, and discover the mysterious Alien dimension!
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2341
Genre Simulation, Virtual, Virtual Life
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Maxis
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The Sims 4: Get to Work reviews ( 6 )

nclsmrn, Apr 4, 2015

Great EP. There are lot's of things to do. Really interactive, you won't get bored easily with it! Keep the good work up EA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SimManiac, Apr 6, 2015

Awesome start to the Sims 4 expansions! OFB was one of my favorites and while this EP doesn't live 100% up to that it brings back those feels. Was a little sad to not see restaurants and things like customer loyalty and reviews, but the new things like photography and clothing boutiques make up for that! With the business aspect combined with active careers it makes for a great change to the base game. The active careers are what i have always wanted! While we did have ambitions in the Sims 3 it just didn't do it. Working with your Sims in the workplace not in a rabithole is amazing! I was getting fairly bored with the base game and im excited for the expansions to begin, they bring so much to the game! Excited for the future.

kittycat102, Apr 2, 2015

I got this on the release date and I couldn't wait to play it to be honest, was just so excited about it. I created 3 female human sims and one female alien sim for my family to experience the new careers with. The Careers: Started with the doctor career first, it was pretty basic to start with, just talking to your co-workers and bringing the patients their food but you could cure them of their illness if you wanted, which I did..of course I did :P I got promoted to an orderly the second day I went to work with my sim and it was actually vastly different which surprised me and I was quite pleased about that. You had to admit people to a hospital bed and it was surprisingly realistic, people just kept on coming into the hospital waiting to be admitted to a bed and it was hard for me to keep up so it did feel hectic, the way it should since that's how hospitals actually are. Once the patients were admitted to a bed, you had to basically give them a general check up (ears, mouth swab, etc). Since you're just an orderly at this point, some of the information would go over your sims' head so you had to give some of the information to someone of a higher rank (e.g doctor). My sim failed to get a mouth swab the first time which I thought was kind of amusing since she drops it lol but she got it the second time I tried. By the end of it, I did 'poor' work apparently lol. Hey! I was doing my best! It's stressful being in the medical career ya know! :P Overall, I did enjoy it but at the moment it isn't my favorite career, which surprised me because I was expecting it to be, but I'm sure it will be some peoples' favorite :) The second career I tried was the detective one. I was interested in it but not as much as the medical career (I wanted to be a surgeon once), but I was curious about the detective career nonetheless. On the first day your duties were to get a case file and then travel to the crime scene. My first crime scene was what looked like a 'break-in', there was graffiti and broken electronic appliances in this sims' family's house. The next step was getting a witness report from one of the sims', I got more than one since I thought it would be better to get more reports to help with the case file. After that, I tried to collect as much evidence as I could at the crime scene, taking pictures of the evidence and swabs of the evidence, etc. After I was finished, I returned back to the police station and processed all the information in this machine (I can't remember the name of it). Which was pretty cool, bright lights and such :P The evidence got passed on to a sim with a higher rank since you're only at the bottom of the career ladder and it's only your first day After that the duties were to process criminals at the station, taking their mughshots, fingerprints and searching them. Sadly I couldn't do that because there weren't any criminals at the station, which I found a little odd but oh well. The second day was a repeat of the first day but I ended up getting promoted by the end of my shift, so I decided to try it again for a 3rd day running. It was quite different this time. I was able to make my own case file from scratch, travelling to another crime scene and getting the evidence. After I did that, I had to go and try and find the culprit who did the crime, asking other sims if they'd seen the sim who matched the description I had. I found it quite challenging because there were a few sims around who fit the description so it took me a few tries to find out who it was. If you falsely accuse a sim, it looks bad on your report. When I eventually captured the guilty sim, I had to process him through the police system and take his mugshot, fingerprints, etc. At the end of the shift, I did good work which surprised me considering it took me 3 attempts to get the guilty sim and I didn't have enough time to do all the things I needed to do with the guilty sim, but it was still fun. Overall, I enjoyed the detective career, a little bit more than the medical one. It was fun, involved and had the usual silly sims humor. It did make me want to get deeper into the career like the medical one so they both do a good job of pulling you in and wanting you to get more gameplay out of it. Last but not least, the scientist career. I have a massive love of science, always found it to be so interesting. Especially when it's space related. On the first day, my duties were to talk to some of my co-workers like usual and then I had to experiment with a few machines, which was pretty cool because they're huge and quite interesting to look at, like the giant laser. Then my duty was to create this device. It was fairly big and it reminded me of those metal balls you had in school to mimic the orbit in space with the sun in the middle and the other planets around it and you spin it to make everything rotate the way it does in space. I thought that was pretty damn cool for some reason, guess it's just the 'geek' in me? Anyway, after that it's your job to create a food serum. I wasn't completely sure what was going to happen but I gave it a shot. First I had to go and harvest two plants for the food serum, there was a little garden at the back of the science lab. After that was done, you analyze the vegetables/fruit from the plants in a machine (like the dna analyzer in the detective career) and then it makes the serum. Next step was drinking it or giving it to someone else, I chose to drink it myself cause that's more fun right? :P It was successful and it filled up my hunger after my sim drank it. Which even though it was a simple and basic task to make the serum, I thought it was pretty cool and it got me to thinking what other things my sim will be able to create and what things we'll be able to invent so I'm quite curious about the science career. So yup, you guessed it. It's my favorite out of all the careers! The careers overall are amazingly fun, creative, involved and funny. I think every simmer will enjoy finding their own favorite and experiencing them on a deeper level as they advance further into the careers. I'm having a lot of fun with them myself so I can't wait to get further into it all. Clothes, hair and makeup: The new hairstyles were different but not really my style, there were a decent amount of new ones so I'm sure some simmers will be happy about that but I just didn't care for them that much since the majority of the styles were short and shaved (Miley Cyrus type hair), but they'll appeal to some people, just not me. I was a little disappointed on the selection of the new clothing because there wasn't that many and again not my kind of thing, but some tops were quite nice so it wasn't a complete dissapointment. I just wish there was more choices but hey, for me it's not that big of a deal since it wasn't why I got the game. The makeup was quite unique and different. A lot of bright, pastel colours. I did assume they were mainly for the aliens since they look quite 'cyber' and kinda out there, fairly dramatic. But you could use them on a regular sim, I just wouldn't because it was just too much but when I created my alien, they looked amazing on her. Aliens: I did create an alien, my curiosity getting the better of me so I just HAD to. It was a pretty cool experience, there's a wide range of skin tones to create an alien (I chose a light blue colour). I won't go into too much detail about them because I find the aliens kind of a special experience and they're always a really cool addition to the sims when they're around. They do have a few powers to use on regular sims though and it's quite funny :) I am aware of the new alien world that's available once you get high up enough in the science career so that should be interesting to go to once I get to that point. Verdict: As a whole, the new expansion pack is a lot of fun and I'm quite impressed at how much content there is and the amount of things to do. I'm really enjoying it and I highly recommend you buy it. I haven't really found any negatives to be quite honest. The important thing is the gameplay and I loved it so I find no fault in it. It's added a lot more hours of fun since the base game is quite bare and gets boring after a while and The Sims Get To Work definitely helps with this problem many simmers have found issues with. Looking forward to more expansion packs in the future!

dohgeh, Apr 8, 2015

This expansion made the Sims 4 worth buying in my opinion. It would of gotten a great 8 out of 10 if they had put a tad more time into it and made every job interactive, but the 3 jobs that they did do, are fantastic. Something we've all wanted for years we finally got a respectable version of it. One job has you starting at the bottom and working up till your a master detective. This was the first job I chose. It's actually pretty interesting. Each job has a bar that you have to fill up in one day to do the best performance you can. Do more tasks, fill the bar, easy. The tasks for a detective can get repetitive, but you have to look at it as this. You do the same crap over and over again in a real job in real life. Sure they could of added plenty more interesting events that goes on, but for me it's perfect. Soon you will be collecting evidence from a crime scene, then gathering your clues and setting up an APB. It's pretty cool that you get to interrogate the people you take in. You can be a good cop or a bad cop. It's basically the same thing around for the other two jobs, Scientist and Doctor. You work your way up by doing whatever. The big shiner for this DLC is definitely the choice to buy a retail store and sell items you make or buy for a higher price. It works great and is an addition I want in the next Sims game. Overall, GTW is a great expansion that filled my needs, but it being 40 dollars is up to you.

Jrud05, Jul 14, 2015

You really shouldn't have to try this hard to get someone to buy some cupcakes. The expansion pack does pack a great amount of new features but the some of the aspects are just bad approaches.

reviewfrom19842, May 25, 2017

Another sims 4 game that is only made for money and nothing else. All there is you get 3 new jobs and that's about it. Don't waste your money on this unless you want to I really don't give a s hit.