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The Sims 4 New to the series, the Sims display a range of emotions which influence your variety of decisions in the game. Emotions give you new choices that impact your Sims and shape their stories. You can now control how your Sims engage other Sims, objects and individual moments in the game. You control the brain, corpus, and now the heart of your Sims. The Sims you generate are full of life and are defined by, among other things, their unique personalities and their varying emotions.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 18295
Genre Virtual Life, Simulation, Miscellaneous, Virtual
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Maxis

The Sims 4 reviews ( 7 )

angarvin43, Sep 2, 2014

Fantastic! Every body, EA did that again! After the great success of reboot in Sim City, fans of simulation games are wondering what the next simulation title will be launched by EA. I can't imagine how bad the gaming industry will become if EA doesn't exist in this world. For starters, EA is currently one of the best simulation developers in the world, and in general it is the leader in trends of development of various games around the world. Sim City has already drawn so much attention and become a legend of simulation games in modern era. Today, another legend has born, which is this wonderful game. Sims 4 has significant improvement over its predecessor. It has an improved UI, which is more user friendly. Its graphic is superb and oustanding. On a technical side, the optimization is perfect, the game is running extremely smoothly. The game play elements also bring the simulation of life to a new level. It has a lot of elements added, and offers a great variety of game play choices for players. Also, it is very realistic, which is an outstanding life simulator. All in all, the game has a lot of innovative and creative improvement, which is a must-have for all fans of simulation. I am already looking forwards for more DLCs to come. Please do not release expansions again like the old-days, as this takes too much time for development. Fans want new contents as soon as possible. Developers, please try to release more and more DLCs on a weekly, or if possible, on a daily basis. Fans are eager to pay for more FUN! ;) Every one, please join me to celebrate the great launch day of such fantastic title!

Sagitta, Sep 7, 2014

After a few good, solid das of playing, I can hnoestly say Sims 4 is the best in the series so far. Its a nice balance between the gameplay of Sims 2 and the open world-ness of Sims 3 (minus the agonizing load times and PC-choking requirements). I was actually shocked to find 4 plays *better* on my PC than 3 did - and I bought this machine not long after 3 came out. Overall the game is stable, and I keep discovering new thins hiding deep within the gameplay. I think a lot of the negative reviews are from people who played 15 minutes and then went PFFFt or - worse - haven't played the game at all. Pros: Well... almost everything, gameplay wise. The menus and camera can be a bit confusing, but they have a couple settings to revert those to previous incarnations. Cons: I only have two. The first is the lack of a more robust autosave feature. While the game crashes very, very rarely (had it happen twice in a week), if you haven't saved, then you're going to be in trouble. The second is a bit more important - the first patch resulted in my game crashing on launch. It took me a good couple hours to realize that the game had to be run in administrator mode so the patch could be applied. I wound up uninstalling and sitting through a massive redownload via Origin before realizing what was going on. So is it perfect? No. But in the realm of Sims games, I think its a very solid foundation for the inevitable mountains of DLC to come. It's probably the best in the Sims franchise so far.

Oshout, Sep 6, 2014

Feels unfinished. I know EA has a penchant for releasing tons of DLC - and the Sims 3 was no exemption, which I hope highlights the state of the sims 4. Currently, there's not much to do outside of go to work and come home. My sims are content to act on auto-pilot for their daily living and there's not much to do outside of train skills. Interactions feel clunky. Sims mostly do what you expect them to otherwise just chat. Previous versions of the game felt like a soap opera - the people in the neighborhood could invite your characters into their lives and drama. Now it feels like a doll house, a doll house which lacks imagination. The easiest way to describe it is a lack of emotional connection to anything which happens. The game has a solid understanding of the dynamics of life - I like how the choices at work can affect your potential. The career oriented things I saw seemed plausible and fun to achieve. Felt like sims aged a bit quick by default but there's the normal option to turn it off, as well as an option to turn off the auto-birthday and make you instead have to blow out candles to age. The graphics are more inviting than the sims 3, but not so far out there that it makes you think, "Wow!". I miss being able to go places on vacation and explore and a variety of interactive towns. It's much less in your face, and has less staged actions than the sims 3 did at it's height, but the sims 4 feels very unpolished and lacking that energy that made the game an alternative to watching TV opposed to what it is now: a computerized doll house.

SimmerS, Dec 27, 2014

The game promises a lot but it turns out to be boring, empty, buggy and lacks the fun and enjoyment that one would expect from a Sims game. The Sims 4 feels like playing some facebook free game and that might work for someone who's new to the sims franchise, but for the players who are used to the large amount of content of the previous sims games this is just disappointing. The Sims 2 and Sims 3 base games have a lot more to offer and not even mentioning The Sims 1 that for the time when it came out was an amazing, mind blowing game. As far as now I can't truly recommend the game, it might get better as time goes by but as far as now It just doesn't worth what it costs.

StarshipSuperbi, Sep 3, 2014

The graphics are very nice looking, in my opinion, but that is really the only thing I like about the game. To put it simply, it is a slap in the face to all long-time Sims fans. It might be enjoyable to people who have never played a Sims game before, but you'd be much better off buying the Sims 3 and saving money if that is the case.

awesomeguy423, Oct 14, 2014

Awful. Truly the worst game I have played in a very long time. It blows my mind how EA can make such bad games over and over and over again. Won't they ever learn?

Cevenkills, Sep 2, 2014

I am very disappointed. When I first started to play, one word came into mind.... incomplete. It feels like they gave me a game that they didn't finish. Compared to the mass amount of variety and options I could do to customize my Sims and house, it feels like they only gave me about 3%. If only AT THE VERY LEAST they added a color wheel to change the colors of the Sims clothes and the furniture it would at least bring some variety to customization. They put me in a universe with endless possibilities in Sims 3 and then they expect me to accept the fact that they put me in a small shoe box with so many restrictions with Sims 4. I'm going to have hope that EA listens to their customers!