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The Sims Medieval The Sims Medieval offers players a chance to build up a medieval kingdom, controlling characters from all walks of life, from Kings and Queens, to Knights and Wizards, Blacksmiths and Bards. It provides a host of storytelling possibilities in the form of quests, from crafting a legendary sword to arranging a royal wedding, to protecting the kingdom from an evil sorcerer, to finding the fountain of youth. Every quest plays out differently depending on which Hero Sim the player is controlling.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2421
Genre Simulation, Miscellaneous, General, Virtual, Virtual Life
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / The Sims Studio

The Sims Medieval reviews ( 7 )

Cootiekins, Mar 22, 2011

I've played through an ambition (~10hrs) and am loving this game. Super sweet art and it's really funny! This is actually pretty different than the sims3. A lot of the same stuff you'd expect to be included, but there's a TON of new stuff too.

bilbo1973, Aug 29, 2011

AT LAST! I liked the Sims idea some but hated playing at the end as I always, ended up making a character that looked like me, had a family, a job (constantly trying to promote), having to take care of things around the house and paying bills and never having actual time of my own (in between fulfilling personal needs and trying to be nice and social)... I got my life for that! Didn't need a simulation!!!But this was a nice change, that enables you to bring to life all the fairy-tale, fantasy and medieval characters you wanted, decorated with nice ambitions and achievements and the level of customization exactly to my liking!I waited to buy the collector's edition for 17â

Greetz_DK, Mar 27, 2011

Don't play this game and expect it to be the usual sim game. I'm not really good at reviewing so let me put it this way- I have played this a whole weekend. Its SO much fun watching your characters evolve and have them gain characteristics that you define during adventures. Every character feels important and personal. Played it non stop. And while i usually cheat at some point in sim games i haven't done so yet in this one. And while the game will get very boring once all the choices and consequences has been made I can still only wholly recommend it.

itchipod, Jun 1, 2016

A lot of things to do and customize. This is different compared to the original sims. I enjoy being a monarch, yet this game is only interesting during the first ambition or the first 8 hours. After you have explored all jobs, it gets repetitive and boring.

Chard, Jul 19, 2011

Very good for the first level (about 12 hours), then you can either start again with a new acheivement and do the exact same thing again from scratch or play on with your current save except they dont let you do quests and your sims dont have ambitions anymore. The freedom mode would be perfect for developing your town except you NEED the quests and ambitions in order to level up, a very simple mechanism completely missed there.This could have been improved with new towns to explore and develop, how about conquering and expanding those neighbouring towns?

Steven15ify, Feb 21, 2015

I have paid for games that my pc couldn't handle, I have paid for games that I didn't know it had monthly costs, but this is the one I regret buying the most. Although it might seem like a cool idea at first, putting the Sims into the Medieval times it doesn't work at all. Probably the first hours were fun, but then I cam across some glitches and actually lack of content. There is not much of the simulation that Sims is known for and the project has completely been left down.

dfs, Apr 11, 2011

Nothing but problems with this game. Has corrupted saves twice, crashes every other time I try to play it.The gameplay is fine if you ever get it working. Buyer beware.