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The Technomancer Spiders are back with The Technomancer, a new post-apocalyptic RPG set in a cyberpunk world for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC set on Mars during the War of Water, where an aspiring Technomancer faces a myriad of questions as his future grows threatened by the secrets of his past.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 58 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2517
Genre Role-Playing, General, Western-Style
Company / Developer
Focus Home Interactive / Spidersoft, Spiders
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The Technomancer reviews ( 7 )

Simon2, Jul 7, 2016

Ainda não terminei o jogo e não sou fluente em inglês (escrito), mas escreverei no meu idioma nativo. O jogo é muito bom, algo que me faz pensar que canais como IGN são pagos pelas grande empresas de jogos para que seus jogos tenham boas notas enquanto o de empresas menores recebem notas injustas. Todos os "bugs" do jogo podem ser comparados e não são piores que os de skyrim. o jogo possui uma boa história e seus mapas lembram jogos da era mass effect, o que não é uma coisa ruim. O jogo não precisa ser de mundo aberto para ser bom. O jogo possui algumas falhas, como missões repetitivas e bugs (ou erros) durante os diálogos onde os personagens do grupo ficam mal posicionados em relação ao personagem do jogador ou se movendo loucamente. Tirando estas falhas, o jogo traz um sistema de karma que não é visto a muito tempo em games de RPG. Neste game você não possui ilusão de escolha, se não existe a opção de um desfecho alternativo, o jogo te dá apenas uma opção. Quando você tem mais de uma opção, você pode gerar histórias diferentes e ficar amigo ou inimigo de mais de duas facções dentro do game. A história do jogo também é bem interessante, uma continuação e ao mesmo tempo "reboot" de mars war logs, trazendo alguns elementos do antigo game e referenciando missões e personagens do mesmo Esta análise não é completa, porém posso garantir que este jogo merece um 10, mesmo com as falhas. Não vemos jogos com este nível de roleplay a muito tempo e isto para mim o destaca dos demais.

MARLONBAD, Jul 3, 2016

Despite 3 issues (1) you will drain a lot of baddies unintentionally 2) use the map non stop because there is no waypoint 3) poor performance with bad shadows and faces IMO this is one of the BEST games i have played in the LAST FEW YEARS: combat , story, settings, all deep and rewarding,. Disclaimer . i HATE popular rPGs like the super BORING WITCHER, MASS Effect, souls and SUCK at fighting micromanaging teams, crafting etc. but this game managed to make me interested in all of that, there is nothing wrong with the combat, i you want a movie go play batman!

ncore, Jul 2, 2016

The Graphics could be better and facial expressions a bit outdated but the technomancer is still a fun ride and a very good sci fi experience that clearly got his inspiration from games like Dragon age, KOTOR, the witcher. The story is good and the voice acting exceptional. If you feel like playing a big enough game like dragon age, exploring maps with side quests etc.. you could have fun in this one.

Yaskomo, Aug 11, 2017

Ever played a game so bad that you can't just stop playing it because it so good? Is this so oxymoronic that makes you want to scratch your head? Can't blame you, I feel like it too, and I wrote that thing. Anyway, whoever did the game design deserves some attention. With more resources, this game could have been a lot more than it is. Let's get with THE BAD so we can focus on good: - The map & quest tracking. Baaaad. What were you devs thinking? If you, my fellow gamer friend, can get past the horrid map & quest tracking, you ARE going to finish this game. - Voice acting. Baaaad. Go listen to a creaking door. It sounds better. - Textures. Baaaaad. I know this is Mars and it is supposed to be a lot of brown-grey dust, but come on. - diluted crafting system. THE GOOD: + The game. Not kidding. Despite the game breaking map&QT the game has a lot to offer. + Combat system. Goood. Let's you switch class on the fly and tackle each encounter with whatever specialization suits it better. + Animations. Goood. Nice mo-cap. + Story. Decent, but not bad. No "wow moments", but it doesn't put you off. Definitely some things could have been done better, but that is always so easy to criticize and a lot hard to do it yourself. TL:DR: I wanted to uninstall the game 15 minutes in. It did not let me. I am happy it did. Now stop reading, go play it. Peace out, game well.

toteles, Jul 7, 2016

to make things short: the reviews - especially the official ones - to this game are simply not fair. there is a lot of ambition in this game and as an effort of a small developer the game has turned out to be a true gem in the rough. but - as so often - blockbuster games get higher praise instead of supporting runnerups to make even better games. the problem i see in the amount of negativity in reviews is, that less people buy the game and see its good aspects. as there is no marketing budget either the reviews are vital for such a small and new brand. however .. let´s put things in the right perspective: the voice acting is nice, the story is too - though there are some twists that i did not understand or did not seem logical to me. f.i. a female general i treated like **** and who called me a friend in the end (?!) even though i deserted. the graphics are ok and run on even older or weaker machines (i play on a laptop with a geforce 750m), the music score is somewhat enerving, but maybe that´s just a matter of taste. i liked the characters and the story writing. and there is plenty of good stuff to do. in the end, i would give it an 8 and recommend it to anyone who likes RPGs and is not looking for the stuff that all the others play too.

Letiste-Gaming, Jun 30, 2016

The Technomancer es un juego interesante. La ambientación está muy bien conseguida, las habilidades son muy llamativas y le dan un toque muy dinámico, así como la toma de decisiones, que lo convierten en un título muy atractivo.Pese a todo el título no es perfecto y peca como todos los juegos del género con misiones secundarias insulsas y repetitivas, los gráficos son mejorables y la IA es nefasta.

Cyberpunk4, Jul 5, 2016

Looked good.Isn't good.Good idea,bad execution.Nothing stands out,everything is forgetful.Setting and factions are interesting sometimes,nothing else.No variety.Backtracking is the worst.Borrowed elements from other oldeeerrr games and made worse,instead of bulding it into something better.Unused potential in all forms.