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The Thing Dropped into the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, you're the leader of a military rescue team sent to investigate the mysterious deaths of an American scientific expedition. In the punishing wind and cold, your team encounters a strange, shape-shifting alien life form that assumes the appearances of the people it kills. This monster is difficult to see, hard to kill, and seemingly impossible to evade. And when you see it, it's often too late. [Universal Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1491
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Players 1-16
Company / Developer
VU Games / Computer Artworks
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The Thing reviews ( 5 )

Nark, Oct 11, 2010

Personally I loved this game. It's a great Third-Person Shooter, though it is hindered by a few small problems. A great rise in difficulty towards the end and a lack of quick-saves and quick-loads (it's a console port, go figure) make you have to start from the start of the level (unless you found a save point, which means every time you die you have to quit to the main menu to load to the save point). The scripted thing outbreaks and the whole "puke 'n fuses" business (as seen in SpoonyOne's review). Other than that I've played through it about 3 times now and I love it.

MikeK., Sep 18, 2002

It's pretty good, level design are kind of short and corny...but its really cool when you have people who are with you and help out. The third person view is nice to look at but terrible to kill stuff, and the auto aim is dumb.

JonC., Dec 9, 2003

Great game with the notable exceptions of almost everyone you meet in the game is a thing. Hardly anyone is human. And for those of them that are human. what becomes of them at the end of the game? We only get to see Blake being rescued by McCready. What about the actual humans!?!?!? A disappointing incomplete ending.

[Anonymous], Jun 29, 2003

It is a very good game and is very creepy and freeky the grapics are awsome but the downside is that the things are almost impossible to kill and i like that you get to control your own team.

Gaz, Oct 27, 2002

The game overall in my opinion is poor. The graphics are ordinary and the whole concept is based around sending wave after wave of monsters and soldiers after you. There is only 2 types of soldier and seemingly 3 types of "Thing", rangin from critters, medium things and "end of level baddie things". What I don't like is how the soldiers fire endlessly at you, never run out of ammo and even drop ammo when they die. How is this possible?? I got bored of this game after around an hour and totally regretted purchasing it. Anyone reading this interested in buying the game should look in as I will be selling it very low cost. Very disappointed.